Jezebel Spirit Attachment

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Fantasy Fiction Christian

‘You will never be content,’ I say to myself, glancing at the woman in the driveway across from me.

All dressed in red, like a harlot of old, a broad smile, faking friendliness, with a hand raised, just like an Elite pet slave would. I cringe, internally, as I glimpse the darkness behind her. Something long and thin is stretched out behind her. I can see a thick cord of blackness stretching from beneath the back of the woman’s ribs to this spirit.

What kind of spirit is it? I glance again at the woman who either is or is pretending to be a prostitute. The Jezebel spirit, comes the knowing thought. How do I know this? I have been studying the symptoms of the Jezebel spirit in women for a very long time. There are several symptoms. Manipulation, deception, a mocking attitude towards God and the spiritual. The most telling one of all is promiscuity. I was once accused of having said spirit in me, but it turned out, it was only a program, one which I released. It never made sense to me, because I do not manipulate people for personal gain. Never have and never will.

Not all promiscious women have Jezebel attachments to them. Some are simply mind controlled slaves who were programmed through Satanic Ritual Abuse, as children. There is hope for women like this, because they never consciously chose this path. If God ever steps in, like he did for me, they can collapse a false timeline and live to their purpose and potential in this world. It isn’t easy, let me tell you from experience, but it is worth it. As I like to say, when you know your worth, you don’t hoe your worth.

But the women with this Jezebel spirit attachment? Well, that is a different story. To get the attachment in the first place one must have made some sort of agreement with the forces of darkness. Freewill is always at play. The Jezebel spirit lives in many, many women. These are women who use their bodies to snare men, and who use manipulation to try and force other women into bondage.

‘Well, hell no! Not me,’ I say to myself as I lift a hand in a half wave. Can she see, sense or feel my distaste of having to be in the presence of something so putrid? My problem is I judge women inhabited by the Jezebel spirit rather harshly. I do not think that pleases God, either. This is something I have to work on. I must get to the point where I see these red flags and avoid the droid.

What would make a woman agree to a spirit attachment? Money, false authority, fame, people whispering good words about a spiritually ill individual? I guess. In order for that spirit to attach, the woman would have to go through an initiation, willingly, with the Elite and their pet dogs. Who would want to be touched by one of the Elite dogs, I do not know.

This whore is so insistent, see, such a judgement word, I have to rephrase that. This woman infected and infested by the Jezebel spirit, who has a demonic contract with the Elite, is insistent on capturing my attention. I can see the entity behind her, a malicious grin. The entity sends a spear of energy forth. It comes up short against an invisible shield. A shield I am only half aware of its existence. The evil grin sours. I watch the woman standing as if frozen. Does she have any idea of reality? Does she know she is in bondage to an entity? Or does she really think having that deal is because of an ability she has? What if she knew she was only an energy bag to these people whose soul purpose is to drain her energy for them? And she would say I am the crazy one. Nice try. I have been studying this business for many years.

The outfit lines up with words I overheard her say the other day, bragging about showing off her body in skimpy clothes. Again, I judged her at that point. What kind of woman is like that? I was under the impression she was in a relationship with a fella. What kind of fella would allow that? Doesn’t he love and respect her? Are they in a sham relationship? Are they living a lie in bondage to the eye?

Me, I don’t show my legs any longer. The knees is it. God put it on me that to show so much of your legs is a sin and accrues negative Karma because you are enticing others to ruin their own Karma because of impure thoughts and desires. Maybe people think I am extreme or prude. No. I just care about my good Karma. I have spent my entire life paying a Karmic debt. The last few years have been spent balancing it and now I am earning good Karma so I can have a decent life, whether in this body or a future one.

“Hello. How are you?” She shouts. Really, can the woman not read body language? Is she such a muggle that she can not feel my disapproving energy? We are not a vibrational match. In fact, she is so low that it makes me physically ill to look at her. Or maybe that is the Jezebel spirit behind her. My body picks up on bad vibes and yes, it makes me physically ill, only to protect me from spiritual harm. My intuition has never been wrong. Neither have my dreams. My waking mind has been.

Yes, my waking mind has been very wrong. Once upon a time, I thought these stalkers valued me. Once upon a time, I thought they were going to shift my narrative from negative to positive. Especially when I found out that from behind the scenes, my entire life, they had written a negative narrative for me. Spiritual warfare at its prime. Yes, these boys, operatives of the Elite promised me opportunities a few years ago. They promised me I would be another Marshal Mathers, another superstar who went from rags to riches, if I did what they said. They promised to make me a millionaire, if I obeyed them. They promised to restore my entire family to me. They promised to stop stalking me and trying to manipulate me and their cruelties, rapes, beatings and thefts. I believed them with my waking mind, so I did what they said, for a while.

Then, after a few months, nothing happened. In fact, things got worse. So, I stopped doing what they asked. What they did not realise, was that I had deprogrammed and was no longer able to be manipulated. After a while, I did what they asked again, because I thought they were for real, as they were still promising me things. Nope. I stopped doing what they asked. I put my foot down.

And saying no to them was the best thing that ever happened to me.

As for this woman with the Jezebel spirit, I will have to deal with the situation until I learn to not judge. This is Gods commandment to me. Life is not bad. After all, I could be her, with a contract with the Elite, harbouring an evil spirit in my energy field, and being an eye con, for good.

‘You will never be content,’ I say to myself, as I re-enter the house ‘but I will be.’

September 10, 2022 05:34

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