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She walked into the bedroom, he followed closely on her heels. The tears were running down her face, she was blubbering and getting snotty and she took the back of her hand and wiped her face. She stopped suddenly and she turned to face him.

"I can't believe we're arguing over this." the words stumbled out of her mouth.

Stanley stood there looking at his wife now for nearly 25 years. She was still to him the most beautiful woman he knew. Other women he had dated or grew up with had not aged nearly as well. He was lucky she still looked like she did when he first saw her. Yes she was a little bit heavier, her hair that had been all black was now silver in the front and black and gray peppered in the back, but she still had the hourglass shape and the prettiest, sexiest pair of legs on any woman that he had ever seen.

"I don't know why you are crying like this. You know I hate it when you get like this."

He reached for her, but she pulled away and would not be consoled. He saw the hurt and the anger in her eyes and he quickly backed away. For a moment there he thought she might strike out, she had a hell of a temper especially when provoked.

Once he was out of striking range, he started quietly again,

"You know that I love you and always have. After you there could never be another, but why do I have to do that to demonstrate my love for you, especially in front of our friends and family."

She thought to herself, "Oh my goodness, must we go over this again and again. Am I really asking that much?"

It had taken her months to get him to agree to have the event in the first place. He thought the whole thing was an extravagant waste of money and time. Now all the planning and hard work to make it a really special occasion was finally over. She was a bundle of nerves and as happy as a school girl going to her first prom.

"Do you just want me to cancel the whole event? Our friends and family are looking forward to it, the catering, the flowers, decorations all have been bought and we stand to lose a substantial amount of money at this point."

Now it was his turn to get mad,

"Okay, you know what I give up, do whatever you like. It is just like you to get so dramatic, always wanting to throw the baby out with the bath water. I didn't say I wanted to cancel the damn thing, but you can ask but so much of a man."

At that point he had enough. There was no reasoning with her when she was in this state of mind. He stormed out of their bedroom and the next thing you heard was the front door slamming on his way out.

She wanted to go run after him but she knew that was foolish and she was no longer a child bride. In her younger days he thought her little temper tantrums were cute. She would throw things, yell and take her little fists and hit him in his broad chest. He would laugh and make her even madder and once he had enough he would hold both her hands in his and kiss her until she finally calmed down and usually submitted to his charms.

She had to admit that no matter what happened tonight, the last 25 years had been wonderful. He was a good man, a good husband and father, hard working, loving and had tried to make her happy.

When they got married there was no money for a big wedding or a fancy reception. She was barely turning 18 and he was 21. He had been working at the old Ransom auto shop for the past four years and had earned Mr. Ransom's respect and trust. He had just gotten a raise to 100 dollars a week when he asked her to be his wife. A few weeks after he proposed they went to the Justice of the Peace and it was done.

Now look where they were. Twenty five years later they had raised three children and owned their own home. He had let her go on to community college, even though his brothers said it was a bad idea. They warned him that she would meet other boys that were smarter than him and leave him. He was too secure in himself and the love they shared and he didn't try to hold her back. She had earned enough credits to be able to be a substitute teacher for their school district. He had opened his own mechanic shop, specializing in tire repair and towing. They had made a good living for themselves.

She sighed as she looked at the lovely soft pink gown. It was made of lace and a stretchable satin and it had cost a small fortune but tonight was special. It was her twenty fifth wedding anniversary and after considerable debate they had agreed to do it up right.

They had even taken ballroom dancing lessons and although he had said no way at first he had given in. She laughed at how she flattered his male ego by telling him he had always been the best dancer in the family. She had told him that women judged a man's ability in the bedroom by the way he danced. If he was clumsy and awkward on the dance floor he was probably the same way in the boudoir. He had become the best dancer in the class.

His dark gray tuxedo and all the accessories were laid out next to her gown. They were going to really make a statement, she smiled, if only he would cooperate.

She decided it was time to get dressed and ready. She took her time with her bath and got dressed. She had thought of having her makeup professionally done but her oldest daughter had promised to come over and do it. The girl had a natural talent and years of being on the cheerleading squad in high school had taught her a trick or two.

By the time her daughter had finished and had left to get herself ready, her husband, the man of the hour, had still not returned.

She went out into the living room and started pacing up and down. He was not answering his cell phone. He was driving her insane. She finally decided to put on some music and practice her dance steps. Her eyes were closed and she did not see or hear when he came in the side entrance from the garage into the house.

He stood there and watched her. She was absolutely beautiful and his heart was bursting with pride. He was never sure why God had blessed him by sending him an angel but without a doubt he had been truly blessed.

He went into the bedroom and undressed. He took his shower and put on his tuxedo. It took everything he had to put on all the accessories, especially the thing they had argued about.

When he stepped out of their bedroom, the look on her face made it all worthwhile. She almost started to cry and he could see she was struggling to hold back her tears.

She took a deep breath and walked quietly over to his side and reached lady-like for his arm.

"Shall we go, Sir." she said almost in a whisper. He nodded and they headed to the door. He stopped right before the hallway mirror and looked at them together. She had been right; the pink bowtie really did look good with his gray tuxedo. Maybe the guy at the local bar had been right when he said,

"Real men do wear pink".

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