Adventure Suspense

"We will have enough time," Sofie said to her crew.

Roxanne raised her hand. "Sof. Are you sure? Because it doesn't sound like it."


Taylor held up her abacus. "Uh, Cap? We actually won't have enough time."

"We actually will." Sofie set the map on the table in front of her.

Zinnia opened her mouth to say something, but closed it again when Sofie stood up.

"Excuse me, girls, but I'm really tired. I'm going to take a nap." Sofie strolled haughtily out the door.

Sofie had no intention of sleeping.

She entered the captain's quarters and sat down at her desk.

After all, a pirate's life wasn't all fun and games. She had business to attend to.

She sighed. I really am tired.

Sofie decided that she would be able to solve her problems better if she slept, so she crossed the room in a few quick strides, and got herself cuddled into bed.

It didn't take as long for her to fall asleep as she had thought, and soon drifted off into peaceful, dreamless sleep.

Sofie woke up suddenly. She looked around, slightly confused over why she was awake.

Then she heard someone knock on the door.

"Who is it?" she called out blearily.

"Taylor!" the answer came back.

"Come in."

Taylor turned the doorknob with a click and floated into the room.

There was no other word for it.

Sometimes it made Sofie think Taylor was a fairy, and from another planet.

If you saw her, you would be on the same mindset.

She closed the door. "Hi, Sof. Did you have a nice nap?"

"Yeah?" It came out as a question. After all, Sofie was still half-asleep.

"Good. I bring a message from Roxy; 'Can you steer while I nap?'"

Sofie rubbed her eyes. "Sure. Let me just..." She gestured to herself.

Bedhead, crusty eyes, and rumpled clothes. In short, she was a walking disaster.

"Yeah. Maybe do that." Taylor winked. "I'll let Roxy know."

And with that, she whisked herself away.

Sofie could hear her pounding footsteps in the passageway as she hurried to answer Roxanne's question.

Turning her attention to her appearance, Sofie's first stop was at her vanity, where she took her hairbrush out of the drawer and began brushing her fair hair quite quickly.

Still brushing, she sauntered over to her closet, from which she took a dark hoodie and leggings.

Sofie decided to braid her hair, just in case it started to annoy her while on deck.

To complete the look, her gun holster was strapped to her waist, and she chose a pair of tall boots for her feet.

Sofie cleaned up so well that when she glanced in the mirror while stowing away her brush, she was satisfied with what she saw.

She wasn't usually satisfied with the way she looked, but today was one of those days where you were happy with everything.

When Sofie reached the surface decks, by way of the hatches and ladders, a windstorm greeted her, making her thankful for her hairstyle choice.

She put her fingers to her lips and whistled to get Roxanne's attention.

Sofie didn't see how Roxy would hear her over the gale, but she turned to face Sofie, one hand still on the wheel.

She gestured to Sofie. You taking the wheel?

Sofie sent a thumbs up to Roxanne, who nodded, then pointed to the steering wheel.

Sofie nodded too. She understood.

Roxy couldn't take both hands off the wheel, the storm being what it was. So Sofie had to go up and take it from her, but quickly.

She walked up to the wheel, the wind whipping the stray hairs from her braid against her face.

"Thanks!" Roxanne shouted.

"No problem!" Sofie yelled back. "Now go have your nap!"

Roxy nodded, then waved as she walked away.

The last thing Sofie saw of her was her bushy hair disappearing down the hatch.

Seeing Roxy safely away, Sofie turned her full attention to steering the ship.

And boy, was it a task and a half.

The ship kept going off course, and Sofie had to fight the wind and waves to bring it back in line.

By the end of two hours, her arms were aching, and all she wanted was a nice warm fire and a cup of hot cocoa.

Zinnia, up in the crow's nest, was freezing, and the nest felt like it might blow off the top of the ship any minute.

She shimmied down the pole, jumped the last couple of meters, and held out her hands.

Appropriately, Sofie laughed. Zinn could see that she couldn't be too distracted for the painful and boring job of steering.

Sofie did notice, however, that Zinnia was shaking like a leaf.

She ordered Zinn to her room, and to get warm.

Zinnia happily obliged, shivering all the way down.

A few minutes later, Taylor came up from below decks. "Hey!" she yelled.

Sofie waved in return and patted the air beside her, inviting Taylor to come and talk to her.

Taylor shouldered into the wind and pushed her way over to Sofie, obviously expecting some questions.

"Have you come to steer?" Sofie asked excitedly, for her arms were really starting to strain now.

Taylor shook her head. "Sadly, no."

Sofie groaned. "Please?"

Tay smiled. "Sorry, but it's to the crow's nest I go! I did tell Zinn in passing to wake Roxy up, though."

"Good! My arms are dying, and I'm cold." Sofie shivered to demonstrate.

Taylor laughed. "Poor thing! Don't worry, I'm sure Roxy will relieve you."

"She'd better!"

"Well, bye!" Taylor jogged over to the rigging, preparing to climb up.

Sofie was used to steering in this weather, and she was good enough that she didn't need to keep her full attention on her surroundings.

So, she turned her mind to more interesting things.

Namely, her ship.

The Queen Jane, Sofie's pride and joy, was the perfect ship for her and her crew's needs.

She had enough rooms for Sofie's crew to have their own space, as well as a map-slash-war room, the galley, and a sweet common area.

And, of course, Sofie's crew.

There is Roxanne, the craziest red-headed she-devil the world has ever seen, and wicked evil with a sword in her hand.

Next up, Zinnia, who on the outside is like her namesake, but inside is where the poison hides. She's the ship's cartographer and seasoned veteran, and she has stories to tell from all over the oceans.

Last, but certainly not least, is Taylor, the smartest person on the whole damn planet. (Also amazingly beautiful and astonishing at archery.)

The best crew a girl could ever ask for. And best friends, too, all four of them.

Known all over the seven seas as 'Queen Jane's Devils', the quartet have certainly made a name for themselves.

After the storm, Sofie woke up early in the morning to a beautiful sunrise outside her large porthole.

The first thing she did was get dressed, but right in line after was checking for storm damage to the Queen Jane.

No one else was up yet, and the passageway outside Sofie's door was eerily quiet.

She wasn't used to this, usually being the last one up.

But no, today the girls were the lazy ones.

Sofie smiled. She would take pleasure in teasing them at breakfast.

However, her smile was soon turned upside-down when she inspected the ship.

The mizzenmast was down, leaving scattered pieces of wood all over the poop and main decks.

One of the sails had an enormous tear down the middle.

Both of which needed to be repaired immediately for the ship to function.

The four girls limped the Queen Jane to the nearest port, where Sofie paid some carpenters and ship's men to fix the sail and mizzen.

As Sofie surveyed the workers, she sighed heavily.

We were never going to make it.

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