Adventure Black Drama

Tuesday evening, February 2016, around 16:00pm, birds chipping and the smell of the town was starting to get inside of our homes, the sunset was blossomed and everything just looked beautiful as if it was the end of the world, the phone rang and Marcia picked it up with a jolly face as her cousin was calling, she was always his favorite and he used to call her everyday just to check up on her, but this time the call was different he wanted to see her as it's been so long since they saw each other; cousin Chris told her to prepare as he was on his way back from work' she loved his cousin's and every moment with him seemed to be precious and meaningful, her feelings grew everyday and she made sure to protect her feelings because she didn't want to ruin what they already have.

As she was getting ready to go meet up with Chris, her phone ran precisely 40 minutes after the first call...ooh lord "she whispered I just can't wait to see him" hello, she answered with a sweet voice that no one else is familiar with, but she then recognized that she's not really talking to her cousin, and she stood up and waited to hear what the call was all about-the caller started with "how do you know this person"? The confusion in her eyes and the shock hid her so hard that she thought she was talking with his girlfriend,softly and with a calm voice she said 'ahhh he's my brother, why are you asking and who are you? The lady said' I'm Sarah from the emergency house at Prasa, I just want to let you know that your brother just fell. What? I mean I just talked to him just now, what are you talking about? She repeatedly said the same line and added with 'can you kindly arrange close family members so they can come and collect him'.

No this can't be true, knowing Chris with all his jokes she just didn't take it seriously and just continued with what she was doing. A few minutes later the phone rang again and she started to laugh thinking that maybe Chris will just erase the whole thing and laugh, but unfortunately the caller was not joking and the situation was very bad. Marcia stood up with tears filled in her eyes, shakingly went to her older sister and told her what she just heard and this was the end of the world for her because God had taken away the only thing she trusted, her shelter and her teacher when life was a bit difficult for her. The emptiness and the sorrow just filled her heart and all she could ever think of was, how will I survive this challenge.

As they were walking toward Chris house that is not far from where Marcia stayed, her sense of mind was doomed, she was scared and hoping to hear that he's breathing, she was walking very slow, stretching her head, rubbing her eyes, looking out for his cousin in the streets; it was incomprehensible,the message was delivered and his mother's reaction and her comment was 'they killed my child' that was then, when the relationship between Marcia and her family started to have challenges, her statement was heartbreaking...

Long after the funeral, in a very quiet evening when Marcia was walking around, she saw Chris mother, who she last saw at the Funeral, the eager of missing and wanting to talk to her forced her to be the first to reach out and say a word, 'Antie how are you keeping up' I haven't seen u in a long time'? She just passed her like she didn't even say a word. Ooh she wondered... Was i speaking in a lower voice? Maybe she didn't hear me? But why didn't she say anything as an adult? Did I say something wrong? Marcia never rested until she got all the answers, the unfortunate part was, the mother insisted that Marcia was involved in the death of her son...

Referencing on the calls and being the last person to talk to him, she took the evidence and concluded her own story.

Years went by, life went on, winter went by, summer was a bit more stressful for Marcia as she was learning to be alone and with all the pain she carried around, not only losing her cousin but the whole family turning against her, she was hopelessly living in the lost world, but as evidence was pulled out, and everything cleared for the mother, she came to apologize for all the challenges and pain she's caused, and they lived happily ever after, talking and telling about how Chris was, laughing out loud and also sharing crazy stories...

It was then a new chapter to life, learning to forgive and giving out love, making sure that everything else doesn't matter as long as a family is bound to be one and the rest will follow.

One evening, the family decided to go out to Chris grave, just to remember and to celebrate his life,she was filled with love and joy, anger and bitterness, remorse and heartbreak, it was the first time going to his grave after so long, she haven't been to the grave ever since his passing, and the only words that mummed from her mouth were 'How could you leave me so soon while I needed you everyday' learning to leave without you seems to be the hardest thing I could ever do, cone back to me "she shouted with a disappearing voice, seeking for answers she can't even get, accepting his death its a bit challenge for Marcia, as she was used to having him around, but learning to change her mind is working as she learned a lot about life's lessons.

He left me so soon, I can't relate to anyone the way I used to be with him, he was my best friend, my fairytale, and the only person I saw...

November 21, 2020 01:21

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