Fantasy Fiction Drama

(This story is set on earth’s twin GAIA2, 800 years younger and is evolving.)

Satyr was wandering around in human form in the woods of Rubi Isle when he sighted Magma of pretty face and form coming that way and asked her “Where’re you going?”

“I’m going to Cito’s studio. I want him to make a statue of me. I suppose you know he has become famous: He made a statue of our king who rewarded him with a big sum.”

“What has he done with the money?”

“He has deposited it with my husband Zeq. You know Zeq owns sailing ships and is rich. He has promised to pay interest and return the money to Cito when needed.”

“Where’s Zeq now?”

“He is at sea on one of his ships.”

Satyr asked “How will you pay Cito for his trouble?”

“Of course I can pay cash, but you’re Satyr and can guess alternate payment methods!”

Satyr said “I know Cito is interested in Grishma who lives next door to where his parents live. She is only 16 but is very beautiful. He may not accept any payment from you except cash and it won’t be easy for you to seduce Cito since he is very virtuous.”

“I’m a married woman. So leave it to me to get Cito interested in me. And Cito may be disappointed that Grishma has not taken note of the recognition he has received and is still indifferent towards him. I’ve heard this from certain reliable sources. Can you help me to get Cito?”

Satyr thought a moment and said “You and Grishma are of similar build. I’ll give you a ring which will fit your finger. Wear it and wish and you’ll get Grishma’s face. Remove the ring and you’ll be yourself again. Here take the ring.”

Magma thanked Satyr and went her way. She became Grishma because of the ring and soon reached Cito’s studio where he was standing outside.

Cito was astonished to see Grishma come to him. He said “My prayers have been answered since I had been longing for you but you had remained indifferent. Now what can I do for you?”

“Make my statue. I’ll pose for it.”

“Okay. I’ll start immediately.”

He readied his hammer and chisel and chose the granite slab to work on. He said “You can sit on that log as I work on this rock.”

“I want my statue to be done like a goddess. You know dressed in flowers and nothing else and concealing very little. I’m proud of my body.”

He thought a bit and said “Grishma, I’m an ordinary male. This place is lonely and if you strip totally I might......you know...”

“So what? I know.”

He thought a little and then said “I’ll have you covered in leaves around your middle for a start.”

“Make the statue showing me nude. You could cover it up with real leaves or flowers or perhaps both.”

“No Grishma. You pose for me covered in leaves around the middle.”

He brought leaves and strung them round her as she disrobed and then said “Let me start.”

She said “The leaves are tickling me.”

“I’ll snip off the points of the leaves.” which he did.

He tried to start work again when she said “Probably there were insects in the leaves. The whole concealed area has started itching.”

He gently brushed the affected area with a duster.. She said “The affliction is much higher up” To investigate they went inside the studio and one thing led to another as happens between a man and a woman. Making the sculpture was postponed.

At the end she said “You’ve taken me above cloud nine. I want to sleep peacefully. I’ll come back tomorrow,” She went home saying within herself “Zeq you’re nowhere compared to that sculptor!”

The same routine continued for a week after which Zeq returned. Then it happened that she had to sleep alone. And the sculpture was forgotten.

A few days later, Zeq said “Magma, I feel I’m growing weak and would prefer to give up seagoing. I’ve decided to let my assistant take over. Hereafter I’ll stay home.”

Magma cursed her luck. The next day she met Satyr in the park nearby. He asked if work on the sculpture was continuing.

She said “It’s a shame! The work hasn’t started for obvious reasons and this fellow Zeq has retired.” She explained her situation due to which she was unable to continue her visits to Cito’s studio. She returned the ring.

Satyr said cryptically “The situation will change.”

Meanwhile Cito was unhappy as Grishma had discontinued visiting him. He grew restless, and unable to contain himself, went to see his parents who were Grishma’s neighbours. Luckily for him, he saw Grishma standing outside. He greeted her and said “I’m disappointed as you’ve stopped coming to my studio.” He whispered with a wink “I do hope the itch has subsided. We had given up use of leaves!”

She shouted in anger “What itch are you referring to? And why do you think I was visiting your studio?” She continued her harangue. Hearing loud noises Grishma’s father and brothers came to investigate. Grishma said “This man Cito made some indecent remarks to me. He may be a famous sculptor but he deserves a severe reprimand.”

The male members at once armed themselves with sticks and belaboured Cito who howled in pain. Cito’s parents made peace saying “Cito must’ve been confused about the person he was talking to as he has never spoken indecently to anyone before.”

Taking Cito into the house his mother said “These kinds of uncharacteristic remarks spout from men who have been bachelors too long. Your dad and I have been urging you to get married. Now I’ll try to make peace with Grishma and get her to marry you.”

He said “I’ll marry Grishma if she agrees.”

The mother later said “Don’t speak to her about indecent remarks you may have made. I’ve convinced her that what was said may have been due to confusion and long continence and shouldn’t be misunderstood.” He followed her instruction.

 Cito’s wedding with Grishma took place soon after. It took a few days for the couple to adjust themselves to marital routines though he had become a past master at the activity. Cito was used to fondling a certain part in the nether region of his wife’s anatomy during their activity in bed and suddenly discovered by feel that a familiar depression was absent. He confirmed it by visual inspection when he had the chance. This led to his having a doubt about the woman who had come to him as Grishma. He sat wondering if the woman who had come to him in the studio wasn’t Grishma but someone else. He felt perhaps that someone had taken him for a ride.

Now that he was married and settled in life Cito went to Zeq and asked for return of money he had deposited. Zeq said “I’ve no deposit from you.”

Cito approached an arbitrator who studied the case. The arbitrator said “Mr.Cito a grave mistake has been committed while depositing the money. Zeq’s wife Magma has been the witness to the deposit. It should’ve been done by a disinterested third party. You can’t claim the deposit.”

Grishma was happy that Cito and Magma had been denied the money.

 A few days later, a party hired one of Zeq’s ships and Zeq himself volunteered to pilot it. It went to the chosen destination and Zeq started returning. The boat then developed problems and also had to face a tempest. Zeq was reported missing. Magma waited one month as per rules and then announced that Zeq was presumed dead. She contacted Cito with a proposal: He would get his deposit back if he married her also. Cito consulted Grishma and she approved of the move. Magma moved in. It was now that Cito while caressing Magma rediscovered the familiar depression in his new bride and felt it was she who had impersonated Grishma. He questioned her and learnt of Satyr’s ring and the past events. And it was she who was the first to go into the family way causing Magma to become jealous.

She said “I shouldn’t have allowed that..... that..... woman into my family. I’ve decided he should keep off her and concentrate on me. I know she will object but I’ll give her a fight on that count!”

Satyr, a side character, had been watching the developments unseen was really amused and happy at the turn of events.


NOTE: Satyr is a male woodland deity in human form. The term is also used to indicate a lustful or beastly minded person.


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