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Drama Fiction

             I guess I should start by explaining my dreams to you.

             When I turned thirteen, I started having the strange dreams. The first one was the night after my thirteenth birthday. In it my best friend at the time got kidnapped by a man that I could see in detail. I watched as my friend got put into a white van that I was able to get the license plate of. I woke up screaming, and my parents came running to see what was wrong. I told my parents all about it and at the time they told me it was just a bad dream.

 A week later my best friend was kidnapped. I tried to tell the local police about my dream, but they brushed me off since I was just a kid. I thought about giving up, but instead I got to work looking into the guy I had seen in my dream. I started with looking into the van, which was not easy because as a thirteen-year-old girl no one was giving me DMV records and the internet could only get me so far.

I gave up my research of the van, following it with a deep breath. I thought to myself, what would one of my detectives in my book do. I channeled my inner Nancy Drew and it hit me; he was wearing a uniform. I thought hard and realized it was the uniform for janitors at the private school we went to. That allowed me to look at the staff the school’s website listed, and I found him, John Williams.

With the name I tried to talk to the local police again, but this time they wouldn’t even see me. I decided then to give an anonymous tip, which was the first but not the last time for me. To my surprise they took the tip and ran with it, finding my best friend alive.

The next dream I had was half a year later, and in it I saw my father die. He had a heart attack and just collapsed while I was talking to him about my day during dinner. Again, I woke up screaming and again my parents told me it was just a dream, but my dad hesitated. Although he hesitated, he didn’t go to the doctor and a few days later, he passed just like I had seen.

Mom took my dreams seriously after that. I probably wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for mom believing in my dreams or as she liked to call them, visions. As a teenager mom would help me work through my dreams which was hard at time. Some were good things and others were dark.  

             Between my first dream and now I have had dreams of ranging in importance. Some were simple like that I would be getting a cold soon and others were more complicated, such as my mother’s death ten years after my father’s. I even had a dream of my husband, a month before I met him.

             I should add that not once have I been able to stop one of my dreams from coming true. I am only able to prepare myself and those around me for what is to come. Although I have tried on a few occasions to try and stop the dreams, most people never took them seriously enough which always leads to them coming true. I am under the impression that they can be stopped if and only if the people in them try to stop what is to come.

             Now, I guess my latest dream is what brought me the trouble I’m in today.

             People didn’t like hearing me call myself a psychic, so I don’t mention it. Instead, I would say I am a private investigator or so the certificate I earned says. Its not like my dreams ever just gives me the names of people I need to look for anyways. I must do research, just like what I had to do with my first dream.

             So, when Margarete Wellborn walked into my agency I did what I did for every single one of my cases I had before, I asked her what she needed help with. She went on and said how she needed help finding a friend of hers and she left me a picture. She was skeptical, but with the picture and a night’s sleep I was able to have a dream about him.

             He was in Las Vegas, gambling away the money she had loaned him. I was even able to tell her what casino he was staying at. To tell you the truth that part was easy. Since we are so close to Nevada, I tend to get a lot of case of missing people who skipped town to go to Vegas. I have gotten use to knowing what some of these casinos look like and I have never even been in one.

             Like I said, this was a routine case for me up to this point. I verified my information for her, she paid me, and I thought I would never see her again. Of course, right after I had to have a dream of her dying.

             I couldn’t very well tell her about it. Like I said I don’t advertise as a psychic and the person who killed her was wearing a mask which meant I wouldn’t know who it was if I saw them. Anyways would you believe someone you just met if they told you that in a few days you would be shot dead.

             Instead, I took an approach that has worked for me many times in the past, I left an anonymous tip to the cops back home. You know that case last year of the jewelry store robbers in Arizona who were caught with an anonymous tip within days of the robbery, yeah that was me. Also remember the kidnapping of Sandra Marshall two years ago, again that was solved with one of my anonymous tips.

             Well, I didn’t know where Margarete Wellborn’s murder would take place so I had called the local cops thinking they could warn her or at least keep an eye on her. Once I realized she was going to Las Vegas on her own, it was too late.

             When I got to Las Vegas she was already dead, but I did find her killer.

             It was the friend she asked me to find. First clue was when questioned by the police he claimed to not have seen her, but his wallet was found in her room which you somehow missed. Second clue is the security footage shows him entering the hotel and hour before Margarete got there but left not long after she died. You didn’t look back far enough. Third and final clue, a witness saw him leave the room after they heard the gun shot. You just dismissed the witness because she was an elderly woman.  

             So will you please let me out of this interrogation room now. 

October 02, 2021 02:42

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Tommie Michele
19:16 Oct 14, 2021

I like this story, Maddie! The ending that revealed your narrator being in an interrogation was one that I liked. If I had one suggestion, it would be to end your last sentence with a question mark or change it so that it's a statement ("You can let me out of this interrogation room now" or "Will you please let me out of this interrogation room now?") Nice work, Maddie! --Tommie Michele


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