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Hi! I’m an aspiring author and I’m in the process of publishing my first book, a YA Dystopian called Drafted. I love reading and giving constructive feedback on others' work. I'm planning on going into mechanical engineering, and I'm a follower of Christ above all. I'm always looking for ways to get constructive criticism on my writing and develop voice and style, since I'm a relatively new author, so any feedback is welcomed with open arms! I'm starting a weekly shout-out on my Insta (well, whenever I get one) to reedsy authors--I love reading other peoples' work and want to bring recognition to more of the amazing writers out there. I'll be sure to ask before I post about anyone on social media. Like I said, I love reading others' work and giving constructive and encouraging feedback, so if you want me to check out one of your stories leave a comment and I'll be sure to pop over. Out of my stories, my current two favorites are "Fifty Broken Voicemails" and "The Sixth Window." If you're looking for a recommendation of what to read, check out one of those!