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Crime Drama Mystery

The “Noisy but silent” case was one of my hardest cases since I got my job as a detective. I was a new detective, and this case hit me harder than a train with no brakes. I was 25 years old when I became a detective. My boss didn’t like me from the start and he gave me one of the most complicated cases he had, even if, before that, I had two easy cases.  

The case seemed not to be complicated when me and my five work colleagues started but it got harder and harder when we tried to discover who was the victim and who was the one who abused the victim. 

Friends and family members are always hiding things from other people because they don’t want to be judged. Family and friends think that they can solve all the problems and hide everything from everybody but sometimes, these problems are even bigger than they are. 

The case starts with Mirel Jolee, a young woman who was a nurse, and was liked my everybody around her. She was 27, and she wanted to become a doctor someday. She had all the support from everybody, her parents, her friends and especially her boyfriend. Mirel was in a relationship with Liam Backer, he was 30 years old and he wanted to marry her. Liam was a lawyer; him and her mother were the ones who kept Mirel in college. Liam’s parents were divorced. His dad left him with his mother when he was 5 years old, that’s when his mother started doing drugs and alcohol. He had two jobs to keep both him and his girlfriend in college. Mirel had two jobs too when she was in college too. Mirel’s parents were divorced too, her father was working in another country and her mother, Anna, was one of her best friends. 

Anna told us that Mirel and Liam’s relationship was a beautiful one. They were always together, and they seemed like they were soulmates. Everything was okay until Liam started his job as a lawyer. He started to be cold with her daughter, and Anna wanted to talk to him. When she got to their apartment, Liam opened the door really slow, and that gave Anna the impression that he was cheating on Mirel. His face was red like a tomato, he seemed afraid but in the same time calm. Anna talked to him for about twenty minutes when Mirel came home. She told us that Liam took her to the bedroom to talk to her. After Mirel came back from their bedroom, she looked like she cried a whole night, even if they stayed only ten minutes in that bedroom talking. Anna asked her what happened but she responds with- “Nothing.”. Anna didn’t listen to Mirel, and she decided to spend that night at their apartment. She told the us that she heard different things that night, there were sounds like they were talking about somethings, even if, Liam was talking way more than Mirel did. 

In the morning, Mirel explained to us that she asked her daughter why they talked all night, and she just told us that he told her about one of his law suits, but again, Anna didn’t believe her. After two weeks, Anna said that her house was full of mice and she wanted to spend three days at their house. While Liam was at work, Anna talked to Mirel and she told her that she was jealous, and he was very jealous and he used to send her texts with- “I know you are cheating on me, you are a slut!”. After she told us, we had all our attention on Liam because jealousy makes people crazy and even aggressive. Anna was shocked when Mirel explained why they talked and how Liam was really like. The next day, while Liam and Mirel were at work, Anna decided to clean the house. She was in their bedroom when she opened a small closet and under some sheets of paper, she found a small wallet with some white powder. She was shocked. That white powder looked like cocaine.  

“Who was consuming cocaine?!”- Anna asked herself. 

But in that moment, she thought that, it doesn’t matter who was doing those drugs but she had to go to the police station, that is when we met her. 

Me and my team decided to put some hidden cameras in their apartment, but we needed Anna’s help. In that day, we gave Anna the cameras and she put them in their room, in the living room and in the kitchen. We told Anna that we could see what is happening in that moment from the police station because of our cameras. 

The next person we wanted to talk to was Kelia. Kelia was Mirel’s best friend. Our first impression of her was that she wasn’t a really good friend and me and my team came to the conclusion that something was wrong with Kelia. She wasn’t trying to discover the truth and even more, she wanted to disassemble the cameras because Anna was lying, she said. Kelia even told us that everything was in Anna’s mind because she didn’t like Liam. After we talked to Kelia and Anna, we wanted to talk to Mirel but sadly, she didn’t want to, and this was a sign that something was wrong. 

We wanted to keep the cameras two weeks but in two days so many things happened. One night, Liam overdosed and started beating up Mirel and then Liam left the apartment, after Liam left, Mirel started saying a lot of things, including- drugs and why he was beating her up for more than 5 months. After she said that we knew who was the aggressor and who was the victim but we still had some problems. Somebody took the cameras after those two days and deleted what she said, and the other problem we had was who gave Liam drugs and who introduced them to him. 

Two months passed, and we didn’t find the cameras but a good thing was that we put other cameras again, and this time, we placed them better and put some cameras in Kelia’s apartment too. In less than five days, we discovered a lot of things. Actually, Kelia was the one who did all these things, when we heard a conversation with a friend of hers- 

“Hey Lily! How are you? I am good! I am so angry right now! Anna, Mirel’s mother, put cameras in Liam’s apartment, and guess what- SHE BLAMED ME! Not to say that I gave Liam more cocaine than I should have gave him and maybe, while Mirel’s doing her night shift, I visit him. I can say that he is now mine, all the effort to seduce him with cocaine really did the job. I know he is Mirel’s boyfriend but I am better than her, and he should have chosen me but don’t worry, he is now a drug addict and Mirel won’t tell anything because she is too scared of Liam. I have to go! Bye!!”. Now, we knew who was the one who started all these things. 

After two weeks when we found out we got Kelia, Liam and Mirel. First, we discussed with Kelia. Kelia told us that she had a crush on Liam but Liam was in love with Mirel, and she decided to put different things in his water with the excuse that they were “vitamins”, and after a couple times she did that, Liam started to be a drug addict and after some time, Kelia slept with Liam. After she told us that, we arrested her and, in her apartment, we found more than 20 kilograms of cocaine. And she was arrested immediately. 

After we talked to Kelia we decided to talk to Liam too. He told us that he liked both Kelia and Mirel but after she started doing drugs, he started to have eyes more from Kelia than Mirel. He usually abused Mirel when he was drugged and when she didn’t want to do drugs too. He even started selling drugs when he lost his job, but nobody knew that. Liam explained that while his girlfriend was doing her night shifts, he was meeting with Kelia, and when Mirel came home when she used to finish her night shift, he would beat her up because he thought she was actually cheating on him. 

Mirel was the last one. She was silent, the only thing she said that his boyfriend consumed drugs because he was stressed and he was so jealous that he would have beat her up.  

We were left in shock after she told us because there was a small part of the whole case. She told anything before the cameras became dysfunctional, and now, when she finally got the chance, she told very little... 

After 10 months the case was finally solved. Kelia and Liam are in jail. Liam has a sentence of 6 years and Kelia has a sentence of 13 years. Mirel finally went to rehab and now, everything is solved, but remember- After somebody cuts you, that cut will leave a scar neither you try to take the scar off.... 


January 11, 2021 09:30

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