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The Magical tree


Samantha Summers was a beautiful 12 year old girl. She lived on a farm in Texas. She had blond hair, brown eyes, and perfect teeth. She lived with her mother, father, brother, and dog Molly. Samantha loved to play outdoors and would have had many friends except for the fact that they lived in the middle of nowhere. Her only friends were the only people she knew. Her parents, brother, dog, and the neighbors, an old couple who did nothing all day but sit on their porch talking. They had a grandson but Samantha never saw him.

One day Samantha was running outside with her brother Jake. Jake was older than Samantha by 2 years. They were playing tag and Jake was it. Samantha was fast for her age because she played tag a lot with Jake and she helped out on the farm making her stronger. She ran around the fields of corn and back towards the house. Jake chased her. They ran back towards the house for lunch. 

“If I get there first game over I win!”I called back to him.”

“It’s on.”He called back.

So they began the final stretch. Samantha won but Jake was not far behind. They sat down together for a picnic lunch that their mother had prepared. After lunch Samantha went down to her favorite tree by the lake on her farm. She sat down and leaned her head against the tree. The cool breeze whipped her hair behind her ears and she set her hands down on the roots of the tree. She felt a zing through her body. That was weird. She thought. That night as she was getting in the shower she reached up to turn on the water and it turned on without her having to touch the nozzle. 

“That was weird.”She murmured to herself.

She had read enough books about magic to know something was up so she tried something. She extended her hand again to the nozzle and the water turned off.

“Cool!”She exclaimed.


John Ignee was a 13 year old boy who lived on the far next to Samantha. John knew Samantha lived there and he often saw her but he never had actually met her. John did not like the outdoors. He had strawberry blond hair, Periwinkle eyes, and dimples. He loved to knit. He knew it was odd but he didn’t care. He still liked to do it. He lived with his grandparents so he often knitted with his grandma. But one day she told him he had to go outside and play.

John had seen Samantha outside the day before at a nice looking tree. He decided that he would bring his yarn to the tree. Technically he was still going outside. He thought as he gathered his yarn. He snuck outside so as to avoid his grandmother who would not let him take his yarn with him. He settled himself under the tree. As he set his things down and as he did his hand touched the roots of the tree. He felt a zing through him. That was weird he thought just as Samantha had thought the day before. That night when he came home his grandpa suggested that they roast s'mores together. He asked that John get the fire started while his grandfather got the marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate, and his grandmother. John went outside and when he reached the firepit he moved his hand to reach for the matches they kept on the rim and instantly the pit was lit. 

“What the!”He exclaimed.

 Just as Samantha John had also read lots of fairy tales where people got powers. He waved his hands and the fire disappeared. Nice he thought.


Sarah Brookland lived in the big city. She lived with her 2 parents and dog. Sarah was going on vacation. Sarah was very popular and rich but she was always on her phone and her parents thought a different type of vacation would do her good. So they told her to set down her phone and pack a bag. Sarah was confused but she did as she was told. When she tried to bring her phone with her her parents told her she had to leave it so she told all her friends she was leaving and left it at her mansion. 

The family traveled for a few hours and finally parked in the middle of nowhere. All that was there was 2 farms. 

“Where are we?”She asked.

“For vacation we are going camping!”Her mother explained. “So go and find something to do while we set up here.”

Sarah did as she was told, grabbing a small bag she had brought and beginning to walk around. She saw a beautiful tree and decided to sit there and write. Sarah loved to write and aside from texting and school it was her main hobby. She sat down and began tapping her pencil against her chin. 

Sarah set the notebook that had been in her lap on the ground and leaned back against the tree thinking about things to write about. When she finally had a good idea she picked back up her notebook by accidently touching the roots of the tree. She felt a zing go through her. Just as the 2 people before her had Sarah thought in the exact words that was weird.

That night Sarah and her family made hotdogs over a fire. After dinner and s’mores Sarah’s dad asked her to get the water and put out the fire. She grabbed the bucket and brought it over. She reached one hand out to steady herself as she wobbled and then brought it back when she regained her balance. A strong wind blew through and the fire was snuffed out. Sarah had always wished she had powers so she took the chance she had. She waved her hands and a wind blew so strong it almost knocked her over. When she bawled her open palms into fists the wind snuffed out. Sweet she thought.


Tyler had just moved into the farm next to Samantha and Jake. He finally got up the courage to go and finally introduce himself. He walked up to the front door of the stout house and knocked on the door. Jake answered it.

“Hello.”Tyler said. “I just moved in and I wanted to say hi.”

“Oh hi.” Jake said.”I’m Jake and this is my sister Samantha.”He said gesturing to the girl beside him.

“Hi.”Samantha said.

Tyler offered a small wave.

“So you want to come play?”Jake asked.

“Sure!”Tyler responded.

Jake and Tyler played for so long and they were running around so much that they grew very tired. Tyler suggested they play hide and seek because that is kind of a relaxing game. Jake agreed and began counting. Tyler searched for a place to hide. He saw a beautiful tree. He ran over to it and hid behind it. He sat down to catch his breath and when he did his hands touched the roots. He felt the zing. Just as everyone had before him he thought that was weird.

Later that day Tyler had to go home to help his dad start digging to plant things like corn and vegetables on the farm. Tyler bent to get the shovel and when he got up the dirt began coming up in neat rows. Tyler had watched movies about magic so he decided to try to see if he had any. He waved his hands and the dirt began coming up again. Soon he had multiple rows to plant things. Great! He thought.

The Tree

Samantha, John, Sarah, and Tyler each got a power. Somehow each of their lives ended up at the same tree. Each time the tree gave a power it was because the person was doing something they loved. Samantha loved relaxing, John loved knitting, Sarah loved writing, and Tyler loved playing with friends. The tree gave each person a unique power. 

The end

April 18, 2021 23:30

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23:11 Apr 27, 2021

I love how you connected the different characters through the tree. One thing I would change is maybe making the ending longer. It ended so suddenly and I think you could've done something with the powers. It's so good!


Caroline Fonteno
23:21 Apr 27, 2021

Thank you


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Ashley Mello
17:00 Apr 29, 2021

So good!


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23:56 Aug 26, 2021

Good job


Caroline Fonteno
00:03 Aug 27, 2021



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