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Hallotweenys’ Tale Spin

Shelbi sat entranced at the Dragon Fly, as it flew near and far below Destinies ear. Shelbie's eyes were then drawn to the Manor House window. Evening was fast approaching and the sky was brooding; the chill in the air fighting for dominance against the hearth fire, the hearth wasn’t winning.

Shelbie's thoughts once more were drawn to Destinies ear, why did the Dragon Fly stay there as if on a leash? There are just so many places to explore Shelbi reasoned?

If only I can get her attention, over here Shelbi waved, over here, but DF just flew and returned where she once was, as if she was lured by a spell. Over here, oh n-o-o-o, oh no yikes… What is this? Shimmer dust?

Shelbi tumbled and tumbled all at once falling in what? Legs over legs over legs she swirled. What is this? Acho-o, a-a-a-c-h-o- , Oh! What kind of shimmer dust is this? It’s making me sneeze, a-a-a-c-h-o-o as she tumbled into the…dustpan rolling and rolling end for end. This is just not right!

Wait! Where am I going? Shelbis’ teeth chattered, and where did that brisk wind come from, b-r-r-r that b-r-e-e-z-z-e, I’m s-o-o-o chilly b-r-r-r. Shelbi was thrown into the cold October evening, oh the wind was brisk. All Hallows Eve would soon be upon us she knew, but why did she get thrown out into the cold, don’t big spiders come to the door Halloween… so why would they do this to me, this must have been a mistake. Destiny, she tried to scream, but the wind silenced her cries. She hadn’t done anything that she knew of that would warrant being thrown out into the cold so why? Why? Where will I go what will become of me, I’m going to freeze out here, as her teeth began to chatter. Gg-r-r-r- it’s freezing out here. How will I ever make it through the night, let alone winter b-r-r… wait a minute what’s that?                                    

Snap! Followed by another snap, now what? What could possibly be wrong now? Wait a minute is that you Bartholomew you slumber hungry bear. What are you doing fumbling around here, aren’t you supposed to be sleeping? You just about stepped on me, please be careful, though it might have been the most humane thing she thought as her skinny legs shook.

 Sorry Shelbi I didn’t even see you, I can hardly see…my eyelids feel so heavy he spoke within a huge yawn. Aren’t spiders supposed to be stashed away somewhere by now. What are you mumbling about now Shelbi? I thought you had a nice place to live with Destiny at the Manor House, what happened? He yawned again mixed with a low growl, followed by a fur faced smirk. I think I ate too much, burp.

Shelbi fought back the tears that she knew would only end in teeny weeny icicles. Oh Bartholomew, wait, please, let me stay in your fur till spring, I’m so cold. Stop! Wait Bartholomew her words floated off into the descending twilight.

Bartholomew simply shrugged, spotted his nearby cave and he was gone.

Bears have a one track mind she thought, just wait till spring; he can find his own berries. Ok she thought, think positive thoughts. Un huh, yup, positive thoughts…

Shelbi is that you, what are you doing outside? I was visiting with Bartholomew singing him a sleeping melody, and no he didn’t need it. He mumbled something about you out in the cold. Then off he went counting the days till he could gorge himself on blueberries. They’re his favorite berry you know.

Tenley isn’t it way past your slumber, Shelbi said? Aren’t moths supposed to be in a cocoon by now, Shelbi chattered some more.

I could ask you the same thing, said Tenley, I missed my cocoon time, and we’re both going to freeze. Shelbi we both have to find shelter quickly. Can you move your legs Shelbi?

Barely, Shelbi chattered, what do you need me to do?

Speaking of barely, look Bartholomew’s lost some fur on that twig he snapped over here. Can you see it Shelbi, can you make it over here?

I think so; she spoke in nothing more than a whisper.

Just snuggle into Bartholomew's’ fur Shelbi.

I’ll try for you Tenley; you’re the best friend I’ve ever had.

We’ll make it Shelbi; I’ll flap my wings to protect you from the wind.

What will save you from the cold wind Tenley?

Shelbi, I’m starting to feel a warm breeze I think.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  How is that even possible, and thank you s-o-o much Tenley.

You’re so welcome Shelbi, we need to stick together. Didn’t you see him Shelbi?

See who Tenley? I’m shaking so hard everything is a blur.

Coconut just ran past us in frenzied gallop, you know how warm that stag is.

You are right about that Tenley?

When you’re warmer Shelbi do you think you could spin a web?

I’ll try Tenley! Wow this is awesome, I can actually move.

As Shelbi busily worked on the web Tenley dusted her web with the scales from her wings. Tenley I couldn’t make my cocoon earlier but now no problem. It’s like it’s a sign, Shelbi. Shelbi just stared into twilight’s eve, just as a huge snow flake landed over their cocoon.

We now have a roof Tenley spoke in utter amazement.

This is amazing, oh! Look how it glitters Tenley, Shelbi spoke with hope in her words, the most hope she had in a while, and we just might make it.

Hurry up Tenley before the cocoon freezes and you’re locked outside.

I’m coming, don’t worry, I think we’re going to make it. If I must be completely honest I didn’t think this would work, but I’m really glad it did.

We made it Tenley; it’s amazing what can happen when we work together. Everything pointed to us being mortal enemies.

Yes it looked really dark before the light shone. Enemies just haven’t learned to love...Tenley just be careful of some other Spidey's, they aren’t as loving as we are, and that’s the truth!

Don’t worry Shelbi I didn’t live this long to help you by trusting every one, trust is earned.

Tenley, Shelbi yawned, it is so comfy in Bartholomew's fur in this cocoon, I guess Bartholomew was a help after all. Its funny how things work out for the good when all seems bad, I guess it just takes a little faith.

I think we’ve been friends too long you’re starting to sound like me.

Tenley did I ever tell you about DF? That’s a spell if I’ve ever seen one. DF will only fly to and fro from Destinies ear.

It’s probably just an earring Shelbi?

Or an evil witch put a spell on her, Shelbi taunted.

Tell you what Shelbi, if we get a Chinook we’ll check it out before spring ok Shelbi? Ah Shelbi?

Ok sleep my long legged friend we’ll talk in the spring. Miracles still happen right… she mused as she thought about what the future would hold…

Shelbi and Tenley were off in search of new adventure, although only within their dreams. The magical realms, where adventure and creativity speak the same language!

Out of the frosted snowflake they heard Tenley, Shelbi are you in there? As the echo became increasing clear snap…..the Tale Spin begins...

Author Deborah Nielsen

December 13, 2021 19:07

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