The Game of Existing

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Book 1

This is the game of existing. This is a game where only heroes learn how to exist and stay existing. If you fail you will return to a normal life with no powers and will forget everything you did during training. Playing the game of existence is: Grace, Devon, Maya, And Kyle.

Grace, please enter the room. I'm Grace. And I'm a royal. But please don't treat me like a royal. Treat me like I'm a normal kid. Next we have Devon! Hi i'm Devon. I hope we can be friends. My power is Strength. I have stopped a car from hitting a public school.

By the way, while we're on this subject, what's your power Grace? Um… I Don't have one yet. Oh that's ok. That's very rare. It makes you unique! Thank you Devon. Ok next is Maya! Hi, I'm Maya and I think animals are really cute and cool! That's my power, it's the ability to communicate with animals. Cleo come here little birdie. Hi Cleo, could you tell my mother I'm not going to be back home for a while. Thank you Cleo! And lastly Kyle! Hi, I'm Kyle and I have the ability to ShapeShift into objects and people. I have caught many burglars by transforming into their partners.

Ok so today is gonna be kinda laid back. I'm going to let you get settled in. We have a big day tomorrow. Get some sleep, talk with the others, and eat dinner together. Hey Kyle Grace said. Hi grace. How was your day? It was… interesting. I mean finding out that you may or may not be chosen to fight as a hero on my 16th birthday! What are the odds? Wait.. It's my 16th day too. I wonder if it's Maya and Devon's birthday too! Lets go call our first meeting and ask them! H Meeting! Ok Devon, Maya. Me and Kyle just found out that it's both our 16th birthday today. So- Wait Maya interrupted my 16th birthday today too! Yes Maya, I was getting to that. Devon, is it your birthday too? Yep. I wonder why Mike(The game maker) did that. 

Maybe something special is coming. Whatever it is, we better get some sleep so we can prepare. H Meeting Dismissed! Wait! I have who you are bunking with. Mike said. Maya And Grace Since you are girls you will be bunking  together. Kyle And Devon you too are going to be together. Girls go to room 3-B Boys go to room 6-A. I have people that work for me there. They are now your servants and treat them with respect. Also they still listen to me. So don't think you can make them do something other than serving you. They are instructed to call you ma'am or sir. If they call you anything else let me know immediately. Grace! Maya said out of breath. Sooooo. Do you play any instruments? I play the flute and the guitar. Can I hear you play? Maybe some other time, Maya, we should get some sleep. We have a long day tomorrow. What about dinner? I'm not hungry, Grace said.

Graces Pov

I was tired and lonely. I'm the only one without powers, I said to myself. I'm never going to be picked. I picked up my guitar and began to play a song my mother once taught me. I sang along to it. Da-Da-Da We can be free to follow my lead just you and me. We're out of the crowd, time to get loud! Then I stopped. And saw Kyle standing at the door smiling. Hey for having no power. You're pretty good at guitar he said. T-Thanks i said blushing. I've been practicing, do you play? I know a thing or two. He said. Then he picked up my guitar and began playing a beautiful melody. I was about to say something and started crying. My mom showed me that song. I started to sing while he played. When I started to sing he smiled and stopped. I-I where did you learn that song? I said. I went to a concert a while ago. I think the girl's name was Chloe. She looks just like you. Any relation? Y-yes she's my mom my parents divorced and my dad took me. I wast sure my mom was alive.

You see, my mom had extreme cancer before my dad took me and left. We couldn't pay for her treatment. So we did the only thing we could, we left and tried to look for a job. When We didn't find any. We told my mom. A-and she told me to leave and never come back. I was confused then, I was 5. But now I understand she wanted to save us money. So we wouldn't have to pay for her treatment. Someone must have helped her or she would've been dead already.

This lady seemed as alive as ever and her voice was great. Well my mom used to be an amazing singer before she got cancer. Me and her would go live. We used to go on stage and perform. And since we were royals we had protection. But I'm not sure she just got cancer. I think she was poisoned. Or someone intentionally gave it to her. She was fine the day of our concert. But when we went home she couldn't breathe. We called the doctor and she told us she has cancer. She was talking to relatives. She was only near relatives! One of my relatives must have done it! I'm going to get help from someone. 

Hey! I haven't seen you in forever. Bro I need your help, Grace said. So you know how mom was completely fine before the concert? “Ya so what” Grace's brother said on the other end of the phone. Well I think a family member gave her cancer somehow! “Sis You've gone bonkers! Why would someone do that?” I don't know but…. I want you to help me find out. “Fine, what do I need to do? Wait, I know what I can do! I will go to the family members mom was around that night and say why did you give mom cancer. Then they will think I know! They will either say What are you talking about? Or they will run and I will know it's them!” Thanks bro I will be waiting outside of each member's house just in case they run. “Ok pick me up on saturday at 7:00.”

I hung up the phone and jumped into my bed. Finally I fell asleep. The next morning I got up and met with Kyle, Devon and Maya. We walked out to see Mike. And  behind him are four rooms. Ah Hello he said. He gestured for us to go into the room that had our name on it. I walked into the room. I saw a human sized machine. Mike followed me into the room shortly after. Grace since you don't have your power yet step into the machine it will automatically tell us your power. I stepped into the machine and Mike looked at the TV connected to it. I watched as it said my power was Super Senses. Just as it told us the alarm went off. A mysterious man ran into the room with a cloak then said “Fafnir (from Scandinavia) is coming! I jumped up and ran to the door to see a dragon flying around the place. I fainted and woke up in a black space. Almost like I wasn't existing anymore.

April 02, 2022 20:12

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1 comment

Megan Phillips
21:10 Apr 02, 2022

This story was so fun to write. Its pretty childish and brings things back to childhood for me. That's why I wrote it.


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