Year 1: Hospital

I looked down at my daughter playing with her woodblocks. Crashing them together.

"Oh, Moon just don't let the blocks hit you ok? Mommy's going to go use the bathroom." I said sighing.

"Ok, mommy!" She said happily humming to herself.

I stood there watching her for 5 more minutes just in case anything happens to her but nothing did so I went to the bathroom and threw up. Then I fainted. I could hear a faint sound of my daughter shouting "mommy! mommy!"

Then I couldn't hear it anymore. Am I dying? I thought to myself. I woke up in the hospital and saw my daughter crying.

"Hey honey it's alright I'm fine." I croaked.

"Mommy!" she said hugging me.

Then the doctors came in and said, Ms. Robin?

"Yes?" I said.

"We had done some tests here and there and it seems that you are sick and might have to stay in the hospital for a few days." He said looking at her.

"Thank you, doctor," I said weakly.

" But for now you must rest." He said smiling.

"Wait! What's your name doctor. I said quickly.

"My name?" He asked.

"Yes, your name please I want to know," I said.

"My name is Aaron." He said hesitantly.

"My name is Melody," I said smiling.

He nodded then smiled. "Make sure to take plenty of rest." He said.

I watched my daughter trying to water the flower with her cup of water.

"Honey, what are you doing?" I asked.

"I'm watering the flower so I can use the color blue when I'm drawing it." She replied happily.

I nodded. "I'm sure you will be a great artist.

Year 2: Boyfriend

It's been a year from the time where I ended up in the hospital. I told Aaron how I was a single mom and etc. Then he ended up asking me on a date! He was a 23-year-old doctor! And I'm an 18-year-old single mom, I thought darkly and bitterly. Aaron had light blue eyes with light brown hair. It matches him perfectly.

"Moon!" I said to my daughter.

She came to me and said, "yes mommy?"

I felt her blonde silky hair and looked into her green-blue eyes.

"We are going to the beach with Aaron," I said smiling.

"Yay! We are seeing Aaron again!" She said holding Felix.

"Can Felix the puppy husky come?" She asked pleading.

"Yes," I said looking at her with love.

Felix barked and started chasing his tail. Felix was a gift from Aaron to Moon. Aaron heard that she loves huskies and gifted her Felix.

"Moon," I said gently.

"I want to know that Aaron and I might get married," I said calmly smiling.

"Really? Then he will be my da-da!" She said cheerfully.

I nodded. "Let's get packed and ready to go," I said.

Year 5: Kindergarten

"Come on honey we'll be late," I said.

"Daddy will drive you to school!" Aaron said.

"No no no no no, I'm not going to school and that's official!" She shouted.

"Why don't you want to go to school?" I asked.

"Because it means no seeing mommy and daddy!" She said sadly.

"You will see us after school ok?" I said gently.

I picked her up and put her in my husband's car.

"See you after school honey! I'll pick you up in my car. Goodbye Aaron honey, have a good day at work." I said waving them goodbye.

I could see Moon crying not wanting to go to school. I love her but she can't stay home forever, I reminded myself. I washed my hand and made breakfast for myself. I ate my scrambled egg and looked at the empty house. Then I sighed and mumbled to myself. That's when I heard the door open. "Melody?" Said, someone.

I walked to the door and I saw Aaron. "Aaron why back so early from work?" I asked confused.

"The hospital is getting taken down but doesn't worry they are upgrading it, they will still pay my monthly payment." He said smiling.

"Oh, how long is it going to take to rebuild it?" I asked.

"A year or 8 months." He replied.

He gave me a romantic kiss. We held each other hand's and our lips pressed on each other's lips.

"Shh," I said suddenly before Aaron starts stripping my clothes off.

"I think someones in the house did you heard that?" I said in a hushed voice.

"Yes I heard it," said Aaron.

Then Felix came down and barked.

"Oh it's just you Felix," I said calming down.

Felix licked all over my face.

"Oh no Felix that lady is mine." Aaron chuckled.

I got up and said, "Well what do you want for lunch?"

"Can you make noodles mixed with peanut butter?" He asked.

"You sure have a weird craving," I said laughing

Year 10: Injury

I was watching Moon playing soccer with her soccer practice teammates. She was a goalie. All of a sudden she tripped and didn't move. I couldn't bend down because I was 8 months into pregnancy. I grabbed my phone and called Aaron.

"Aaron I think Moon got a head injury!" I said frantically and worried.

Aaron came hurriedly with an ambulance. He put Moon on a rescue stretcher. "Moon has a concussion she will be ok," Aaron said mumbling.

Year 15: Moon finds love

"Mom, I won't be back till 11 Ok?" She said already with makeups on her and clothes all fancy.

"Ok. Have a good time honey!" I said trying to be cheerful for her.

Why am I not happy for her why? Then a voice broke in and said "That's teenagers these days." Said Aaron.

"At least our 5-year-old Luna still loves us," I said sighing.

"Of course I still love you!" She piped up.

Year 60: Dying

I lied in my bed. Each and every single one of my breath is getting shallow and harder to breathe. Aaron died and now it's my time to go. "Mother." Said, Moon, and Luna. "Please don't leave us, we don't want you to die please." Moon and Luna begged. "It's all part of life, my child." I croaked. "Why?" They asked painfully. "Life is never fair, life gave you what you needed and what you wanted," I said weakly. Soon I will be in the heavens meeting up with your dad. Then I closed my eyes and see the darkness then took my last breath and met the heavens.

May 26, 2020 17:56

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21:13 May 26, 2020

Wow! Awesome story:)


Emily Li
17:01 May 28, 2020



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A. Y. R
20:23 May 26, 2020

This was such a bittersweet story! I feel as if you could be more descriptive in your story instead of telling it mostly through dialogue


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Roshna Rusiniya
03:21 Jun 01, 2020

This is beautiful. The last paragraph was heartbreaking, but very real. Life isn’t fair. True.


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