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A Centre was located at the dead-end of the street. Right after lunch, staffs were working in a Centre. It was during the peak of the Summer.

There was an abrupt heavy noise outside. Staffs rushed & stood noiseless. There it was - Grey in colour, Big eyes, Fat, Weak, With Large Stomach & Long Tail. Yes! It was none other than the Monkey. It had thumped down the Water Can & Water was leaking all-around. It was drinking rapidly to quench its thirst. It almost drank half of the Water Can. Some of the Staffs were looking at it with awe while others were admiring. Some were taking pictures & videos of it. They dint have any idea as to how it could have appeared there. But one thing was obvious that it was very hungry. Even after drinking, it didn't leave. It was resting right next to the Water Can & was still staring at them with pity look. From its size & appearance, people came to recognise that it was pregnant. So it was suffering in pain. It was unable to walk & was also breathing heavily. Somehow it had managed to come so far. It could have arrived from the nearby rustic village.

One of the Staffs asked the others to give monkey something to eat. One guy opened the biscuit packet, went near it, then walked a few feet away to bring it there. Gave one biscuit in its hand. It took it quickly, some crumbles fell. He kept the packet nearby. It started eating on its own. People went inside to continue their works. They hoped that after some till it would go away. After eating the biscuits, it started walking & went to the staircase. Laid down. The dusk came. Staffs were fleeing home to their houses. They noticed that the monkey was still sleeping in the staircase.

A watchman looked at the whole thing that occurred there. He was a very generous person. He felt sympathy for the monkey. He got some bananas & gave to it. It took & ate furiously. Then the monkey drove away gradually.

The succeeding day people came & looked for the monkey whether it was still strolling there. But it had gone. They searched for it in nearby places. It was nowhere found. People talked about it.

To their surprise, the monkey had come in the afternoon. It was standing outside & dint mock the Can. So, one of the staffs went & poured water in a tub. He kept near it for it to drink. It drank & again went to the staircase for sleeping.

That night when the guard started walking to his house, it followed him. It reached the house with him & stood outside. The watchman called his wife & son (named Muna) to show them. Also explained what had happened in the office. They watched the monkey playfully & gave some food to it. It slept outside their house.

Morning the monkey wandered outside whereas in the night came to the Guard's house & sleeps in front of it. Marcel gave fruits for it. It continued for nearly 15 to 20 days. When a banana is given to it, it peels off the skin, eats as a human does. These sights make Muna happy. It was like a pet to them. Muna was very attached to it. He named it Marcel. It also helped them by getting things to them such as Newspaper, Flower basket. It made funny facial expressions when it was in a playful mood. Muna was crying for some reason. Marcel came near him & caressed his back to console him. He was touched by this little creature which showed affection towards him.

In the consequent days, the monkey dint visited the Centre. The staffs had kept water for it in a container. It dint go waste. It gave immense happiness to the birds which we were in that way. Not only birds, even animals like Dog, Cow also came to sip water as the heat was very scorching. Everyone was satisfied with this approach. They also continued to follow this habit throughout the year exclusively in Summer. The monkey which had come unwittingly brought a significant change in the minds of the people.

Circumstances changed in Muna's house. We all know that it was not safe to keep a monkey as Pet. It is not easy to train the monkey as other pets. It may harm us any time as we can't predict what is going on in its mind. Also, people get affected by Rabies when in contact with those. As neighbours insisted the family to keep away from monkey, they decided to inform the Forest Guard. Muna first refused to do so. He dint want Marcel to go away & wanted to see it every single day. But it went in vain. His dad told the Forest Guard to send this to someplace. The forest guard took it to the Jungle. When the guard took it away, Markey started to cry. He dint eat for few days. As days passed, he knew he couldn't do anything about it. So changed his mind not to think & be depressed of it. It sure is going to be safe.

Many years passed, one day Muna went to a Circus with his friends. He watched several performances of various animals. He watched the Monkey's Show too. All of a sudden, he remembered Marcel. He lost his mind in the show & was daydreaming about something. When the show was about to over, his friends called him. Muna came to the instant from his imaginary world. They went to have dinner in a Restaurant. His friends asked him what was the matter with him. He then recalled the story of Marcel which he was fond of. At first, his friends giggled & made fun of him with the monkey. Later they understood it was sensitive to him. Then they winded up.

May 13, 2020 12:36

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11:32 May 21, 2020

I loved this story! You were very descriptive, and I enjoyed it! Keep writing, and stay safe and healthy! -Avery


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