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Ms. Silvia’s Place

“Hey mom, when’s the last time you heard anything from Ms. Silvia?” said Millicent.

“It’s been a while now Millicent, why do you ask?” said her mom, Carrie Ann. “No reason, I was just thinking about her,” Millicent said.

“I have been thinking of her too, I miss her, I think I will go and see her or give her a call one of these days.” Carrie Ann said.

There’s a woman named Ms. Silvia who use to live in a small village named Heddle Creek Village, in Greenwich, Canada until she moved away a year ago. Ms. Silvia is a very spiritual person, and she often makes prophetic predictions that are very accurate. Carrie Ann and Silvia have been good friends for many years, they both have a lot in common. They both are widows and are very spiritual, but Carrie Ann doesn’t have Ms. Silvia’s prophetic gift. Ms. Silvia is very fond of Millicent; Ms. Silvia is Millicent’s Godmother. Ms. Silvia spoke a prophetic message to Carrie Ann about Millicent when she only a month old, Millicent is now 17; she also predicted something about her deceased husband, Dan, a few years before he took ill and died.

Ms. Silvia is 68 years old and Carrie Ann is 43. Ms. Silvia lost her husband in a boating accident 16 years ago when she was still relatively a young woman. Carrie Ann lost her husband to Degenerative Heart Disease 6 years ago, when Millicent was only 11 and Carrie was 37; Carrie Ann’s Faith in God was her strength during the most difficult time of her and Millicent’s life. Ms. Silvia was their unconditional friend that did everything she could for them when Dan passed away. Ms. Silvia felt so bad for them both when Dan died, she would often think, Carrie Ann was younger than I was when I lost my Ralph. 

Carrie Ann and Millicent reside in Heddle Creek Village, which is near the mountains and everything around it is a sight to behold. The village is beautiful, and nature is at its finest here. Everything is very green and there are lots of streams and hilltops, the air is fresh and clean. The salmon is top quality and almost everyone that lives here has a garden. The first language here is English, but some people here do speak French as their second language. Carrie Ann knows some French and Millicent can speak French somewhat fluently, she took French during her first 3 years in high school and she is now a senior and honors student.

Ms. Silvia moved about twenty-five miles west of Heddle Creek, to a village called Fairfax Village in Greenwich, Canada where her grandchild, daughter, and son-in-law lived. Ms. Silvia didn’t care for living alone anymore, and besides, her daughter had been bugging her for years to come and live with them; now she could be closer to her family and not live alone.

People that know Ms. Silvia come from all over to see her, especially those who know her from Heddle Creek. To some people, she’s considered as a fortune teller, but she just considers herself a woman with a gift from God. Ms. Silvia doesn’t know or understand how she knows things, she just knows.    

The call:                Ring! Ring! “Hello,” Carrie Ann said.  

Ms. Silvia:         “Hello Carrie Ann this is Silvia, you and Millicent have been on my mind, and I thought I would give you a call.” 

Carrie Ann:       “Wow! What a coincidence; I kid you not Millicent and I was just talking and I told her I was going to call you or visit you soon.” “Now that I have you on the phone maybe we can set-up a date that works for both of us for me to pay you a visit.”

 Ms. Silvia:        “Well actually, I miss everyone and everything so much in Heddle Creek, how about me visiting you? You know I still drive, just not often; besides I need a day trip and some time for myself.”

 Carrie Ann:      “Oh, Millicent and I would love that Saturdays are good for us, if that works for you, you just pick a Saturday.”

Ms. Silvia:        “How about next Saturday at noon?”

Carrie Ann:      “Okay, next Saturday at noon.”

Carrie Anne let Millicent know that her Godmother Ms. Silvia was coming to see them next Saturday; Millicent was overjoyed about the news of her coming to visit and she was planning something special for her. So, Millicent decided to make Silvia’s favorite dish Fish Pie, and for dessert Mixed Berry Cobbler; Millicent was quite the little cook. One of Millicent’s favorite things to do was bake, and cook dishes like one-pot meals like stews, chili, and soups.

Saturday the visit

Carrie Ann opened the door hugged and kissed Ms. Silvia, Millicent ran to the living room and knocked Ms. Silvia over she grabbed and hugged her so tight. Ms. Silvia could do nothing but blush she was so happy and felt so much love from both of them. 

Carrie Ann:      “Come in, come in, I am so happy to see you.”

Ms. Silvia:        “I am happy to see you too my dear.”

Millicent:         “I love you; I love you godmother; I have something special for you. I hope you are hungry.”

Ms. Silvia:        “Something sure smells good, and yes I could eat, you know I love your cooking sweetie pie.”

Millicent:         “Well come with me into the kitchen, I want you to sit down and I am going to unveil the pans.”

Ms. Silvia:        “Wow! You know I love Fish Pie and you made it for me and Mixed Berry Cobbler; I love you so my dear, thank you, you just made my stomach smile ha-ha.”

Carrie Ann:      “I’m so glad you are hungry; I’m starving let’s eat.”

Ms. Silvia, Carrie Ann, and Millicent ate had dessert and coffee; they laughed and talked for hours. So now, Ms. Silvia thought it was time to get a bit more serious, she wondered if Millicent knew she was on the path she had predicted. Ms. Silvia knew Carrie Ann wondered if these things she had predicted about Millicent would ever come true.

Ms. Silvia:        “So Millicent, what are your career plans and college plans?”

Millicent:         “Well godmother I plan to stay right here with my mom and go to Bakersville College, get a degree in Business, and open up a little bakery right here that sells gourmet and French Style baked goods. I am already working on several of my baking recipes for business and have a full scholarship to college.”

Ms. Silvia:        “Beautiful, what did I tell you, Carrie Ann? I told you she would be a business owner and even market several of her recipes and a college scholarship.”

Carrie Ann:      “You sure did say that Ms. Silvia, you made a believer out of me; this is like a déjà vu. We’ll all I can do now is making sure Millicent goes to college and get her business degree.

Millicent:         “What do you guys mean, I don’t understand.”

Carrie Ann:      “Well honey I never told you, but Ms. Silvia predicted when you were just a month old that you would be a business owner; even market several of your recipes, and you would get a full scholarship to a local college. Honey, I am so proud of you.”

Millicent:         “Oh mon Dieu, oh my God, you two have me speaking French and English right now. What! Tu te fous de moi, are you kidding me? This is spooky. Why didn’t you ever tell me, mom? I have watched things that Ms. Silvia has told other people over the years and how accurate they were, I would not have doubted anything she said.”

Carrie Ann:      “I guess I just wanted to see because I knew that it was a long time away. I didn’t want to spook you or jinx anything so I just waited to see before I said anything, but now you know so just keep on the path you are on so far-so-good.”

Ms. Silvia:        “Well it looks like the cat is out of the bag now. My little Millicent you keep up the good work and keep baking, that lunch was just wonderful. Now, I have a gift for you, I thought I would bring you something for good luck. I know how much you love French, so I thought as a graduation present, I would present to you a ticket to Paris for a week to cook with some of the top pastry chefs in the world all expenses paid lodging and all. Le Cordon Bleu Cooking School in Paris offering 5 days of study to those interested in pastry baking and 2 days of pleasure one full week, enjoy.”

Millicent:         “I don’t have words; how can you afford this godmother.”

Ms. Silvia:        “Now don’t you worry your little head about that, all you need to know is, it's done. I have been saving a little bit ever since you were born for a special moment in your life; I think this one is it; your mom can pay for the wedding ha-ha.”

Carrie Ann:      “Wow! Ms. Silvia, you are too kind. You have been such a good friend to us and I love for it, you know if there is ever anything and I mean anything you need never hesitate to call.

Ms. Silvia:        “Well my loves, it’s getting late and I have to be heading back home now, I have a bit of a drive being twenty-five miles out from you now. You know I love you guys too.”

Millicent:         “Wait! Wait!  I packed you some cobbler and Fish Pie, I am going to start calling you at least once every other week godmother and the next visit is on me and mom. 

Ms. Silvia:        “Okay, I’m going to hold you to that now.”

They all gave each other hugs and kisses and Carrie Ann and Millicent walked Ms. Silvia to her car and watched her as she drove away. After she left, they both just sat in the living room quietly in awe of what they both just experienced. Carrie Ann was thinking of the day Ms. Silvia made the prediction about Millicent and how long she would have to wait to see if it was true; now it seems just like it was yesterday Carrie Ann thought. Millicent seemed to be resettling with not knowing anything about this prediction until today, and being on the path straight towards the prediction; unbelievable she thought.

After that visit, they continued calling and visiting each other for many years. Millicent opened her bakery and got her degree in business. Carrie Ann is the operating manager at Silvia’s Place; Millicent named the bakery Silvia’s place, and Ms. Silvia visit’s at least four or 5 times a year.   

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