Thriller Mystery

We had just moved and it was a rather eerie night. It was around five o'clock in the evening and I was watching the news when the reported froze, terrified I turned up the television. the reporter said three sentences that I thought would never be said in the history of the world, "There is a zombie outbreak. It all started with the dead and the severely injured. The outbreak happened in New Zeland." My boyfriend walked in and I screamed since he frightened me, and I told him the story. I remembered my father had prepared three seventy two hour packs and I knew I still had them but they were still in storage. We used to live in California, but we moved to Washington and all of our stuff was in boxes in our basement and scattered around our living room. So I jumped up immediately, ran towards the kitchen for the scissors, and started opening as many boxes as I could. I told my boyfriend to help, and he ran out the door hopped in his car, and drove to the store, which he told me was a madhouse. We were probably the most prepared out of everyone because even though we just moved in, I had been preparing for this. I still had the television on and turned up so when she said it I froze, "It is happening in the USA as well. Another outbreak just happened in Maine and is spreading quickly." I called my boyfriend and told him to hurry up and get back home. He was back in an instant with enough supplies to last us probably two weeks. we had a pretty large house so within the hour we had to people show up with their own supplies but their house was broken into so they came here. they came with enough supplies for each of them to survive a week so in total, we had enough supplies to last the four of us four weeks, but one of them was pregnant, 37 weeks to be exact. I was a midwife in California but we feared that we wouldn't have enough rations for a child. But she came prepared with everything a baby would need.

After two weeks the whole eastern half of the US was infected with what doctors and scientists are calling a disease. And two weeks after that the west coast had been hit too. Within the week the baby came out, a happy, healthy little boy. I had been the one to deliver the child, she named him Henry, and a few days later we had to go to the store, but three of us had to stay with the supplies at the house, But I suggested that we take my boyfriends work van, which was in back, full of the supplies and take everyone with us and we all go in, take all of the necessary supplies and leave. we all agreed that we should do that. the trip made everyone uneasy, even Henry, and I doubt he knew what was going on. Everbody but my boyfriend went inside, he stayed with the van, and each of us grabbed a cart filled it with bottled water, canned food, baby supplies, and anything else that might come in handy. We chose the indoor mall so we had plenty of options. I stumbled across an old Chinese restaurant, which had tons upon tons of rice. And then a Mexican place, which had a lot of unopened beans. I figured out I was in the food court. So I fumbled around until I found the greek restaurant, it had plenty of lentils and wheat. so I heaved all of the things into my cart and rushed back to the van and loaded it up quickly and quietly. Not far after was Alan, the other person who showed up at our door with Mya, with lots of water. Then came Mya and Henry with lots of baby supplies and canned food. we all proceeded to hop in the van, but Alan spotted about fifty zombies heading straight towards us, Mya told us that Henry had a terrible fit in the baby store which we all assumed was why they were after us. Alan jumped out with a battle ax and sacrificed himself for us. Mya was devastated and when we got back she started blaming herself, but I was felt like it was a double-edged sword; we had lost one of the few survivors(that we knew of) but we also only had to feed three others not four.

After the store incident, I called out on ane of the emergency walkie-talkies, and someone responded talking about like fifty survivors in California, ten in colorado, and like fifteen all along the eastern seaboard! We were all rejoicing and we radioed out saying that we should meet up in Colorado, for it is in the middle of the USA, and they agreed. We first intersected with the People from California, they were traveling in two school buses. and then we finally arrived at the marge of Colorado. we then arrived at our meeting spot and we had a group of seventy-nine, three doctors and midwives, two scientists, two school bus drivers, four architects, about six children, one on the way, thirteen teens, twenty-five people in their twenties, and thirties, maybe twelve elders, four martial artists, five teachers, and two authors. We also had enough supplies for ten years for all of us! we could make it out of this thing alive. We found a hotel that was pretty big and we stayed there. All of the doctors and scientists started working on a cure, the teachers and the authors taught the kids and teens, the architects and school bus drivers worked on improving the hotel, the pregnant to-be mother, Mya, Henry and I stayed in one room waiting for the baby, the elders focused on relaxing, the martial artists taught everyone self-defense and fighting abilities, and the twenty-five people that were prime for rebuilding the population got to work on that. All of us scrounged up some seeds and started a farm. The doctors and scientists found a cure. So together we rebuilt the country, first and then the world. And after six and a half tough years it was like nothing ever happened, but to those of us who survived, we knew that it did happen and that in the toughest times we will work together.

September 21, 2020 17:35

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