Adventure Contemporary Western

Trying to get out of this muck nightmare was like stepping through the sludge of destiny. Except this was the dregs of current day society. Food slop, plastic cups filled with cigarette butts and confetti topped the so-called carpet we walked on, aka mud, grass and hay scraps. There was so much stuff everywhere. Castoffs of everything from dirty clothes, filthy blankets, baskets of rotted food and more. But this is what we signed up for and that was as extras in this movie. It was a remake of a classic time in history. I mean who wouldn't want to make this moment happen again and be part of it? It was over the top in how we had to prepare for our roles. My girlfriend and I had been getting into more movies, albeit, smaller ones than we had hoped being the new kids on the block. But this one, man! The time warp was so cool! Not being there when it really went down and not knowing enough about the days leading up to the scene, we had to really do our homework. Since we were 'in' and chosen to be a part of this epic entertainment venue, we found a group to challenge our acting ability. A group of these hippies were still alive and singing praise. They were there, at the WOODSTOCK Festival. They kept together by remaining solid in the friendships of the times, and still had strong, vivid memories. We just stepped in and fell into their time machine.

It started off as the best place to be on the planet. 3 DAYS OF PEACE AND MUSIC. With the country deep into the controversial Vietnam War many young people saw civil rights protests and unrest happening across the country. Others took this time to bring some of their own peace and harmony into the scene. It became the show of the year and it was the most sought after event, in like forever. I mean who wouldn't want to be where we were right now? We had the front row, man, and stood face to face with THE WHO and JIMI HENDRIX! JANIS JOPLIN rocked the house! The musicians who auditioned for these roles were exceptional in replicating the real performers. We began our adventure in this paradise and it was standing room only, up close and personal. First dibs to get in at the venue were up for grabs at an asking price of up to a buck fifty. Not everyone one had that kind of cash so the betting game became another roll of the dice to make it happen for the ones who gave it all up. The guys and gals who sent us into the clouds of music for an epic three days, brought us to a place one only dreamed about, and we were, like, so far up in hippy heaven. The weed was drifting all over the place reaching well into the stratosphere 24 hours a day. Living the dream was where it all came together, remembered not just then, but always and forever. 

Fast forward to today and the remake of an epic time in history that would forever be a pivotal moment. It was like the real WOODSTOCK all over again, but this time it was in a venue that was the epic showcase of all high event centers for this remake and a once in a lifetime moment taking place this time in the fields and mountains out west in the US of A; the DUTTON RANCH in Yellowstone. The clever new event name was LIVESTOCK and here we were to blend today with the past. It was a way different farm than yesterday but it provided the same vibe as the original WOODSTOCK. We were, like, in the middle of nowhere on a farm in a huge 500 acre field just like back in the day. The only difference this time is that the camera crew had their best game on to see the details, sense the moments, work the theme with the goal to replicate the real deal. Up close and personal was the way they were able to get more of the vibe with capturing random conversations and to highlight the action of hipsters getting into the music. It was free love in a new era. 

The chosen music reenactors were the best ones to replicate the music of the best of the best in those times. The only change in the venue plan was that cattle were part of the scene and had their own unique image to add a dynamic twist to the theme. It was a unique part of the entertainment venue and as actors, this was what each of us had signed up for. Knowing that, we also worked with the cowboys as they needed to keep control of the herd and were on each scene as part of the real deal. When the time came, the cattle were kept under watch in fenced pasture areas while the entire shooting of the venue happened day and night. The animals provided the background all around the perimeter and became a necessary part of the entertainment venue. What the viewer would see after all was said and done were these big boys just grazing away. There was no way that any of us reenactors would be happy if we were to open up areas of the venue and share days with these huge roaming beasts randomly strolling through where people lounged, danced to the music, camped out, and gathered in their own circles. Who knows if they would suddenly stampede through it all blasting and kicking up a huge load of cow patties all over the place mowing people down left and right?

We had to stay for a full two weeks replaying, redoing and acting in the best way to have this venue believable for the new generation. No cell phones at every moment were allowed on scene. The musicians had to speak before they performed to get into the mood of the moment. New music was introduced and the guitars took over the entire venue. It started in a spectacular way where everyone knew their role and played it up big time! 

The cows were becoming the center of attention when the cowboys riled them up to make their way into the venue. The act was all planned out as each musician worked to add a rodeo roping event to their stage time. The doors to the stadium opened and everyone was encouraged to take a seat. "It's happening. Better watch out!" The crowd was crazy as each competition began to happen. Before we knew it Sly and the Family Stone had their guys dressed as cowboys and ready to take on the beasts. The Grateful Dead blasted a new theme of music to make this a moment in time. It kept getting better as more musicians fell into the vibe following the cowboys lead. The crowd roared and everyone knew that LIVESTOCK would put a whole different twist in the matrix!   

June 09, 2023 20:36

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