Enlightenment - Ups and Downs

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One job is finished. I get in the car. My eyes look outward, my mind turns within.

Things changed when I became enlightened. My energetic reality shifted, though my physical one did not. I became more aware of the fact that I am not my body or thoughts, I am the observer of my thoughts. And even then, is that me, or is that not me? Who is me? Enlightenment does not answer questions. Enlightenment creates questions for your consciousness to ponder, that is if, you are conscious. Most people in this world, the physical reality, are not conscious. Just because they think they are making decisions doesn’t mean they are making decisions. Most people don’t question the decisions they make, and, as much as it displeases me to say it so loudly, that is a key indicator of unconsciousness.

Enlightenment doesn’t mean you live in your head, you don’t and you do. Enlightenment comes from somewhere else. It is a wonderful experience, though shattering. Enlightenment destroys world views and outdated, faulty, imperfect and downright evil thought processes. This is a wonderful thing, though it can drive you to the edge of insanity. When my enlightenment first began, I thought I was going crazy, and evil people tried to con me into thinking that I was. When the divine steps in, because the energies beyond our human comprehension, feels that you truly want change and you are tired of the third dimension, it will guide you to life.

Enlightenment is a risky process, and not something I suggest for the needy people of the world glued to their social media, whose implied value comes from what other people think. If you believe you are what people say you are, and reality terrifies you, then enlightenment is not for you. When you step on the path to enlightenment, after an invitation from energy far beyond that of the mundane, you have to be prepared to be set apart from the masses. You usually have indicators in your life before enlightenment, that this is your path. You see things different (sometimes, you do), you hear things different, you question what you see and hear, and most importantly, the animal minded masses treat you differently, because your energy is not something that they are familiar with.

Enlightenment is for the person who is about sustainability and the survival of the human species. The way humanity is currently geared and societally programmed, its set up to fail. The next step in humanities evolution is not through physical technology, though the powers that be behind the scenes would prefer that.

The powers that be, though they have labelled themselves illuminated and Illuminati, are not. They are the opposite. Their light is a darkness, and it is evil. The powers that be fear the enlightened mind, because the enlightened mind, and energy, is enough to shift the energetic balance of power. One person’s energy is enough to throw their thoughts of having the masses safely controlled and being their slaves.

The slaves don’t know that they are slaves, which is the funny bit. Once upon a time, my mind was enmeshed in the matrix, and outside triggers, such as colours, numbers, music, used to be able to control me. They don’t anymore. This has upset the masters and the slaves. The masters it upsets because it means they can’t control me, and that I have a powerful will. With a powerful will, a person can accomplish a lot. As for the slaves? Well, I suppose I’m rubbing it in their faces that a person does have a choice on their actions and behaviours. The excuses will not fly.

How does one become enlightened in todays society which is so geared towards making people feel insecure about everything from themselves, to the future? How does one detach and let go of programming? Questioning and observing. Feeling. I can not give advice to the slaves on how to do this, because what I have been through might kill someone who is unprepared and not destined for it in this current lifetime. I do know that if you want enlightenment you have to be agreeing to pay off karmic debt, because with a karmic debt, negative karma, and darkness lingering, the light will not do the job it is meant to. How many slaves are prepared to pay off the karmic debt that they most certainly have in order to achieve mental liberation in this lifetime, or would they rather stall their spiritual progress and be put through a special kind of hell in their next lifetime in order to achieve what is necessary to evolve? I know what my choice would be.

Have I paid my karmic debt? Yes, I believe I started nearing the end of my debt when I became conscious, when I started ending stale patterns and stagnant cycles and began thinking for myself. It is like this was all decided by the cosmos before I was born. Now, the Illuminati saw I had a karmic debt and used it to their advantage. Unfortunately for them, it was not a lifelong karmic debt and I have done many things to balance this debt.

Where do I go from here, now that I am on the path to enlightenment and no longer able to be controlled? I don’t know. God will show me the way and I will always have to consider if something is of God or of the enemy. Usually, the energy of the person doing the asking or the manner of the request (along with their desired outcome) will tell me if the thing will add to positive or negative karma. I am not a helpless woman being tossed to and fro by the waves of energy surrounding this planet. I am capable, articulate, intelligent, free thinking, and most of all, someone who questions everything.

I reach my destination. I am ready to do the job I was sent to do. My mind is focused, switched on, distractions are blocked, and I do what is necessary.

October 08, 2022 03:01

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