A heroine, born billions of years ago from the elements of space coalescing to form one of the most efficient, revolutionary, protectors life could have ever hoped for is at war with an enemy of epic proportions. The war has been raging for a few millennia. The enemies numbers have grown in magnitude to nearly double the age of our heroine. She has never faced an opponent quite like this with such advanced technology, greed, and malice. Her nemesis will stop at nothing to achieve their evil goals even if it means the destruction of everything as we know it, including the enemy itself. She has battled extraterrestrial beings and has the power to wreak havoc by inducing horrible natural disasters across vast distances. But, she does not wish to destroy her enemy because she was their creator. For a time there was a harmonious peace between the two. In the beginning the two parties existed symbiotically. The enemy utilized the heroine’s gifts and powers to evolve, create, and make amazing discoveries. She had plenty to give and she didn’t mind sharing her powers with her children just as a mother cares for her own offspring. However, as time went on, some of her creatures became greedy and driven by a power thirst that was unmatchable to any of her other creations. They began taking more than was needed, draining our heroine of her power. She pleaded, begged, and screamed at them to stop for she was hurting on an incomprehensible level. She has tried to retaliate but is losing this war. Some of the enemies have seen the error in their ways and are joining in the fight for life. However, it may be too late to undo the repercussions caused by the war.

4.53 billions years ago this heroine was born from nothing more than coalescing interstellar elements. Her initial creation and adolescence were spent in solitude. How lonely it must have been circling the cosmos with not a soul for lightyears. She was Left alone in space with nothing but herself and the condensing elements around her. For almost half a billion years she faced constant attacks from various planetoid bodies bombarding her like a never ending warzone. She persisted, fought, and grew in these lonely times. Time persisted and eventually she used her power to acquire resources and building blocks from the interstellar attacks to create her greatest ally, and also her fiercest enemy today, life.

The initial vision of her greatest creation had the intent of symbiosis. A beautiful crafted harmonious cycle of acquisition, utilization, and recyclization. Early life was efficient, smart, and generous. It took only what it needed and gave back more than our heroin could have ever imagined. Early life utilized the basic elements that our heroine gave so willingly to do incomprehensible things. It took the simplest building blocks of the universe and evolved creating more building blocks to further their growth. These elements that were created nourished our heroine allowing her to flourish. She selflessly gave resources and through this symbiotic harmony an amazing upward trend began in a powerful feedback loop of give, take, and create. These earlier microbial life forms created and utilized with no malicious intent. Yet, sadly, the cycle was already in motion to eventually derail in the eventual creation of our heroine's greatest enemy almost four billion years later.

For almost four billion years life evolved and grew harmoniously with their selfless heroine. How far she had come from a lonely desolate, hostile being. Where there was once rivers of fire, raging seas, and hospitable lands emerged an oasis for her powers to grow and her creations along with it. New elements were formed, molecules were created all to further the evolution of these simple microbial beings she initially created. Through these powers a protective bubble was able to form around our heroine allowing for the growth of her children into unfathomable biological creations. These simple, single celled organisms began evolving; molecule by molecule, cell by cell, until enormous, unquantifiably celled organisms emerged. Even with this initial evolution there still remained a peace between our heroine and her continuously adapting offspring. 

The status quo had changed. No longer was there the simple, direct give and take between a microscopic life form and our heroine. A hierarchy had formed. A various chain of reactions from different types of creatures. Some of her children needed to survive by consuming others. This new status quo was still in an equilibrium. The Carnivores, those children that survive by consuming the flesh of other creatures, were still in balance with our heroine and her diverse creations. The Carnivores never took more than they needed to survive just as the herbivores( those who survive by consuming plants). There was a balance. A give and take cycle that kept every child of our heroin in check. Our heroine never expected her children to grow and flourish as they did after her initial creation of a microscopic single celled organism. She was both proud, happy, and baffled by the evolutionary steps her initial children had taken. She was not afraid, she still had all the power in the world to keep all of them in check if it ever came to those drastic measures. She was far more powerful than any of her creations could ever fathom. Within an instant she could wipe out everything she had made in one fell swoop. She controls everything around her children. Our heroine could plummet the temperatures to uninhabitable levels, raise the temperatures to blazing heats, go barren with her generous resources starving them to the point of extinction. She held all the cards and she felt no fear, not yet.

Billions of years flew by with peace and harmony between our heroine and her children. Some ups and downs occurred through various interstellar attacks and self initiated natural disasters to keep her creations in check. Our heroine made sure the strongest survived and survive they did. She never anticipated the creature's evolution to adapt and evolve to the harsh environments she created and she was proud. Since the time of our heroine’s birth to approximately four billion years later there was peace, order, and harmony in the symbiotic ecosystems and relationships she created. However, seven million years ago marked the day of her downfall whether she realized it or not. Seven million years ago she crafted her greatest creation. Her smartest, most evolutionary advanced, children yet. After millions, potentially billions of years of evolutionary development it had finally all manifested into the final product, the human being. This creature was a unique new breed that would plunder our heroine of all her generously given resources rendering her powerless to stop them.

The human being was an interesting specimen that emerged out of the evolutionary pool. It also went through iterations of evolutionary steps to reach the modern day homosapien that emerged as our heroine’s arch nemesis. The human being was unique in the sense that it was quite helpless to the elements and power of our heroine without the abuse of her other children to survive. The human being was weak and exposed with just its natural body. They had no scales, heavy fur coats, or physical adaptations to protect them against our heroine’s power. However, the human’s most powerful evolutionary aspect that made them so dangerous was their minds. Human’s were thus far the smartest species to emerge from our heroine. They utilized all aspects of our heroine; from her other children to the natural oasis she provided. When their numbers were smaller there was still a symbiotic balance between all entities. The humans took what they needed to survive and thus began this utilization and recycling process. Yet this balance was a short but sweet period of bliss as the human being became larger in number, greedier, and smarter.

The balance of taking only what you need to survive and in doing so allowing a proper replenishment and symbiotic growth of the ecosystem as a whole wasn’t enough for the humans. They were shifting the balance out of the beautiful world our heroine had created. They kept taking and taking and taking with no intention of ever giving back. Simple survival was viewed as demeaning to humans and they demanded lives of comfort and luxury at any cost. The humans murdered our heroine’s other children to extinction. They invaded their homes, took their resources, and left them with nothing but poisons and devastation. Slowly but surely this beautiful oasis, the home of our heroine and her children, was being taken over by the ever growing human army. Soon enough there were only a handful of untouched, pristine, safe havens for other creatures besides the human race. The years went on, the human army grew to unfathomable numbers, their thirst for power was unquenchable, and our heroine was powerless to stop their reign of terror. 

Here we are today in the present, the war still rages on between our heroine and the human race. Sadly, the humans have become too strong and it is only a matter of time before our heroine is left with nothing. She will be drained of all power, left to nothing but an empty shell of her once prior beauty. The humans had ravaged her resources and other children to the point of oblivion. They stopped at nothing to progress to lives of comfort and luxury. Yet the humans, in their united cause against our heroine, were having internal conflicts. Everyone wanted to have that power, that access to resources, and that life of luxury. But, their numbers had grown too vast and they had already extracted too much. It seemed one of the only hopes left for our heroine was for the human’s internal struggle to ultimately end in the result of the realignment of power and balance. The humans in power had just become far too untouchable. The power they had harnessed was running out and they were in no desire to give up what they had fought so hard to steal. Our heroine everything she had created, including humans are speeding towards oblivion and the saddest part is the humans can’t even see their own demise on the horizon.

Tides are changing on the sides of the war. More and more humans have begun to realize the error of their past ravages and plunders but it may be too late. Humans are rising up against the corruption of their species and begging for change before we drive ourselves to extinction. They realize the balance that needs to be in place so everything can survive and prosper. This greed that had fueled our species for so long was not sustainable. We have to do better to save our heroine. She has been hurt and shown the signs of defeat and anguish. Her once clear waters have been polluted by our technologies and waste. Her vast forests and vegetation have been diminished to nothing and replaced with hideous industrial grey prisons of confinement for humans. Her immense sheets of ice and snow have all but disappeared and have no intention of returning. Our heroine is hurt, sick, and running a fever to eradicate the disease. This disease is us and this is our heroine’s last resort to survive.

Our heroine has been known by many names throughout history: she has been considered a god, a mother, a planet. The list goes on for the names of lore and science given to our heroine but the one that she is most synonymous with is home. We have gone to war with our own home. We have destroyed our own home. Our tenure is up whether we win this war or not. The only question is what side will you choose to fight for?

July 04, 2020 02:39

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