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I was seated on a chair, on the left side of a big hallway, my legs were shaking, so were my hands. Trembling with fear of losing the confidence that I mustered up. The technical and makeup staff was moving in hustle and bustle continuously, but I was feeling if the time was slow for me. I bit my lips and rubbed my hands. I have always felt nervous before a huge conference. As this was going to be a special one and in a stadium with thousands of spectators, this time I was more nuerotic than ever. As today what I will be saying and presenting will not be only about me, but it will be for all. Everyone will come and sit, listen to me, I have to be a great influencer. Obviously, I had to be anxious. So, I closed my eyes to calm down my senses, my heart and mind. I never dreamed of such big heights, I always let the moments in my world be simple and small, never really emphasizing on the fact that were they will take me . I was a worry-free bird, never really giving a damn about a thing. I always kept high hopes.

I remembered when I used to write in the past just for my own enjoyment, I knew but at some point, every story which I wrote were a piece of my emotion. Doesn't matter how happy, doesn't matter how sad. My stories were me, it expressed my inner thoughts. I would say it was just a matter of experience of this great life, that made me reflect myself to all my readers. I always while writing stories reminisced on memories. I just used to twist them from my personal point of view, maybe those memories could have been so good or worse, if I created them. But in reality you never get to accomplish your utopian vision, but a page and pen can maybe help in that. Write down your anger, your pain, your happiness or even your lust, and they might turn into your biography. But achievement doesn't happen in a blink of an eye, you have to put yourself in all those years of hard work, so that you can make these things happen.

Someone abruptly gave me a jerk, it was my manager "Ma'am the stage is ready for you and the audience is ready for you." I just nodded to her in excitement. Stood up with a coldness in my body. My situation was very much laughable.

What a sweet feeling it is right? When someone especially organizes a stage for you. You feel on cloud 9, you feel proud of whatever you have done in your life. I moved on to this big dais, where people eyes were laid on me and every step I took. My audience was so focused on me, that it made me I felt weird, but in fact I felt it was there compassion towards me. There was a mic with a stand which was kept for me. I took out the mic, made a thud sound to break the silence and said with the most elegant, intriguing and genuine voice I could have ever spoken with,

"Today, I am here to create a history. Not a serious one of science or war, taking years to give a fruitful outcome. But the one we call literature. I am SK, ihm (coughs).....I am quite afraid, that my speech might not be up to your expectations. But a person has to give his best. As I never planned or intended such a beautiful thing will happen to me someday. I have gone many interviews, where I meet so many reporters and hosts, asking me about my books and even about personal life, making me dizzy with a variety of questions. But never have I felt so honored before as in front of my audience which is in millions today. Oh, there is another conference after this, I don't how I am gonna meet million of my readers today and see their love for my books. I started writing stories for people, telling stories to people, because I loved that. I never knew that I had this talent in me, but a aspiring author only becomes inspiring author when he leaves his ego of writing amazing stories behind. I started from small poems and narratives. The only people who used to review my story were few in the start, the best part was none of my family members were really interested in listening to my stories, I felt somewhat bad. These little things were what which affected me. I used to and I still do involve myself in my tales, as if I am the character going through the hard or blissed life in my imaginative story, but that was and is still the awesome part for me while writing a heartfelt story. I'll tell you all and especially young writers, Feeling your own story is another sentiment. Then after sometime new readers came into life, they were strangers at the start but soon they became family, even the haters and critics too, they are so important for you to publish a bestseller. I love you all:). So, I kept on writing, as if I was unstoppable, neither did I thought for a second, that if this will gain me anything good in future. The environment where I was trying to give something good was not always so encouraging. But now you can see where I am standing. So dear readers, when somebody says do what you love, you might think he is foolish because in life you have to work hard to enjoy it, but believe me he is the wisest person you could have ever met."

As soon I as ended up, the stadium was filled with claps and standing ovation, but my heart was filled with satisfaction of my passion. I was overwhelmed with my belief that I trusted in.

February 06, 2021 12:32

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Palak Shah
12:15 Feb 16, 2021

Great story Shreya. I love the imagery used and your vocabulary is phenomenal. Well done for writing this story !!! Can you please read my story and share some feedback on it. It would be appreciated a lot. Thanks :))


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Mango Chutney
07:21 Feb 15, 2021

Good one Shreya 👍


Shreya Kandari
07:32 Feb 16, 2021

Thank you so much, means a lot:)


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