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Anna added a touch of lipgloss before she rushed to open the door. As she glanced at the wallclock in her living room, she couldnt help but notice that her date was an hour and a half early.

"Diana, Pepper, Simone what are you guys doing here?"  

"Isn't it obvious we are having a girl's night at your place." They replied in unison

"I brought wine and popcorn" Simone said

"Cookies and bread for tomorrow's breakfast" Diana said

"Here are games, movies on my flash drive and myself. You know you guys would be bored without me" said Pepper. "And I ordered pizza on our way here it should reach in a few" she added.

By now they had settled themselves on the couch in her living room. "Why are you overly dressed anyway?" Diana asked.

"By the way. She's finally putting on my black off shoulder sweater dress I gave her for her birthday. Girl you are looking hot!" Simone added

"You had a date and didn't bother telling us" they gasped in unison

"It is not like that. I wanted it to be a surprise honestly."

So who's the guy anyway?

 Do we know him?

Is he tall?

Is he cute?

How did you guys meet?

How long have you seen each other?

"Enough guys one question at a time. I still have an hour and a quarter before he appears so fine I will tell you."

We met at your birthday party last year. Anna said as she pointed towards Simone. As you guys were on the dancefloor he came and sat with me and we started talking about everything. Introductions, he actually thought I was in first year yet we were finalists then!!! Can you imagine.

"You are so lucky you look young not like us." Diana chimed in.

"I bet it's Morgan", said Pepper

"I think it is Michael," said Simone.

"No way Gerald seems the guy. I didn't see him dance at all" said Diana

"Girls please!!!" exclaimed Anna. "Stop guessing and listen to my story. You are the ones that wanted to know." She said as she shrugged her shoulders 

"Okay!" they sighed

We had been talking on and off till I texted him on his birthday and he called me and invited me to visit him. Which I did like after two weeks because of my anxiety. After my first visit. I remember vowing never to go back. He didn't offer me any food at all yet I was as hungry as a toddler unfed since I hadn't taken lunch. 

"He already has zero points on my side", said Diana

Then he made a move on me as we were watching an animation he chose! I regretted my choice of attire my mini blue dress first of all. And I started over thinking and started to freak inwardly. What if he rapes me? What if he invited me over as another innocent girl to satisfy his needs for the moment. Thank God his friend knocked on the door and that was a get away to go back to my place.

He invited me not long after that but I didn't go. I was still feeling uneasy but this time, there was wine and pork. He texted me a photo of the whole set up. With a caption saying I missed out on his signature hugs. Anna added while she blushed

"Hugs! Anna you must have liked mystery man. I can't believe you allowed him to hug you. You always shake hands with guys since time memorial!" Pepper said

"Girl you missed out on your favorite things in the world! He deserves two points now" added Simone.

Anyway as we continued talking and texting each other. I realized I was starting to fall in love with him. He made me laugh with his endless meme tagging. I liked hearing his voice each and every day! We talk for more than half an hour endlessly. He cared for me. During the riots around the city last month, after my dad, he was the second person to call me and ask if I was okay. I mean none of you guys cared to know if I was. But he did. So add five points if you were keeping score.

Two weeks back he came over to my place. "What!" They exclaimed. "No way. Anna you never allow any boys you are dating inside your apartment." "This is huge news! Right now I just want to know who this guy is" Simone said while Pepper and Diana nodded in agreement.

Yesterday while I was at his place for a sleep over---"Hold on a second" Pepper said. "You've slept over at his place. This is so unlike you and unbelievable." "As a matter of fact I have...twice so far"replied Anna

"What happened to I can never sleep over at a guy's place unless we are engaged" 

"Don't tell us you are engaged. Because at this point everything I mean everything is possible."

"What no! I am not engaged though I wouldn't mind a proposal." They all burst out in laughter.

So anyway he told me he loves me so much. He wants us to connect on a mind, body and soul basis. He has told all his friends about me. Whenever any would call, they'd be like oh Anna is there. Followed by you've whipped our bro's heart. It felt so good for sure. He asked me what kind of ideal date I'd want and its what I was going for before you appeared. After our first meeting my perception of him was the bad boy rich guy that feels entitled to any girl because of his looks and money just like Arnold. And I hated the fact that I was interested in him. I tried going out with other people but I couldn't stop comparing them to him.

"What then changed your mind and made you fall for him?" Simone asked.

He's open minded, social, tall, good looking, he cares for me and I feel at peace whenever and wherever I am around him. He also never takes no for an answer whenever he invites me out. He understands me like we are meant to be. And we make such a cute couple I tell you. He should be here in a minute. He has texted me that he's arrived at the gate

"I cannot believe Anna has finally fallen in love" said Pepper

"We always thought you were going to be a nun with your religiousness" chimed Diana

"He also told me he always prayed to God to get me. Isn't he the best?" said Anna

"And we thought you'd get married last but look at her. I think her days are closer than any of ours. We don't even have dates and it is Saturday night" Simone added grimly

They heard a knock at the door and they watched Anna straighten her dress and hair before she headed for the door. "Hey Anna" he said before he pecked her on the cheek and engulfed her in a tight embrace.

"Awwwww" the three girls sang. "He sounds so romantic" Diana said while the other two agreed.

"Paul meet Diana, Pepper and Simone my girl friends." She said as she pointed to each. "Girls this is Him. You'll interrogate him another time we gotta go bye." Anna said as she pushed Paul outside. "We'll be waiting for you after your date", screamed Diana before the door shut behind the two lovers

"I cannot believe we forgot about Paul being there for your birthday! He was the most eligible there and now that I think of it, they were all over each other as we danced while they stayed behind to drink."added Diana

"It is still a shock to me. I always thought she'd end up with Sam the guy that used to be disturbing her all the time," said Pepper

"I was rooting for Dawit. The foreign exchange student in her class group actually. She liked him and he had a crush on her. Still does I think" added Simone

"Well congratulations to Paul. They do make a perfect couple"

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