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Once upon a time there lived an evil sorceress who had an interesting power. When she killed someone, she earned all their abilities, strengths, and memories. Little did she know that she also received all their bad qualities as well. Every little bit of evil grew and grew until she was too obsessed with killing to stop. And that was not a good thing.Β 

The sorceress, whose name was Katerina Semenova, after her Russian background, was not born evil, though. She was just a little girl who grew up with only a mother and accidentally killed her while cooking dinner. She set the house on fire and only little Katerina was able to get out in time. That was the day she realized her power.Β 

Then her bad luck also grew, and she ended up killing more people. At first they were just accidents, but then she started killing purposefully, using only the most powerful and intelligent humans to make sure she wouldn’t gain too many disadvantages. Katerina used to be sweet, but she soon became the most evil and powerful witch to ever live.Β 

When she heard of a little girl with magic, she soon set out to find her. With all the information and intelligence being stored in her brain, Katerina started to forget what she was doing. And even when she reached the girl’s town, she turned around out of confusion.Β 

What was I doing? She thought. As she’d forgotten the girl not very long after she’d begun her journey. Even when she remembered later, she decided not to go back to the town until the girl was older. After all, she’d be more useful then.Β 

The day of the girl, Leyna, meaning bright and shining light, was born to defeat Katerina. Not to kill her, but to turn her heart good. And of course, we know, a sweet little girl would be the best person to do that.Β 

The day of the girl’s sixteenth birthday the sorceress travelled back to her town, but Leyna was prepared. The intelligent little girl had a plan to trap the witch. And as she’d grown up learning, an emerald reflects the past of someone evil and makes them regret.Β 

When the witch came to the town she trapped her in an emerald prison. Memories flooded back to her. So many things she’d forgotten through her power. She saw herself. Her true self, before she started hiding behind the evil inside of her.Β 

Katerina as a little girl, watching her house burn with her mother in it and sitting there, crying. Not knowing what to do.Β 

Her as a teenager, working an unfair job off the knowledge of someone she’d killed to get the job.

Using an ax to chop wood and create herself a small cabin to sleep in.Β 

Then herself hunting down Leyna for power.Β 

Now that was not her true self. That was after she grew hungry for power. Why had she been so cruel? So… evil?Β 

At the time she’d been telling herself she was doing it to survive. Now she just realized that it was really just the evil inside her. Katerina had a few more memories, too.Β 

A man. Perhaps a husband. And a child. Was it hers? Yes, it was.Β 

A daughter. She’d had a daughter, but she couldn’t remember. How heartless was that? The little girl would have grown up without a mother.Β 

If only she could find the little girl. Then a face flashed in her mind. No… it couldn’t be.Β 

The little girl she was searching for was the one who’d imprisoned her. Brown hair, blue eyes, that smile. Yes, this was the girl.Β 

How could she have done that? And why? Who knows, as her secrets would soon die with her when she used the knife she carried on herself, stabbing her own heart. If only you could re-write the story. You can't, but you can create the end.

Once upon a time there was a witch who found out she had a daughter she'd forgotten about her whole life. When they reunited, the witch became good and she and her daughter were together from then on. Now they will always be together, even in heaven.

January 28, 2022 20:47

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Graham Kinross
22:52 Mar 26, 2022

This is one of the strangest happy endings I’ve read in a while. Definitely not a kids story despite the once upon a time start.


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Unknown User
00:16 Feb 15, 2022

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Unknown User
18:38 Feb 15, 2022

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