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Adventure Fiction

We went back to the entrance we came through. But no visible sign that shows that the rebellious group came through here. 

The officers left behind to watch in this spot didn't see them come out, nor report any strange movement from near that haunted room.

"But there is only one way that leads out from this place." my assistant said with confusion printed all over her face. “How could they possibly pass through here without being instantly noticed?”

"A couple of you stay in here, and two more at the entrance of the room," I ordered. "The rest head back to the office and escort this lady to a cell."

Looking at her right in those deep eyes covered with a mischievous look, then back at the group taking her, "And don't talk to her .. just get her there and wait for us to return."

"Yes, sir," they replied.

"You and I are heading back to that room." Turning to my assistant.

"What are you expecting to find in there? The fanatics are already out, and the lady is getting escorted to our office?"

She poses for a second trying to catch up with me.

"We should extract the information we desire from that lady fast. They are planning something for this night, and you know that."

“Did you see the look on her face? Do you really think, you can get anything from that lady?”

She kept silent after that and followed all the way back to the room.

The moment we entered the room, I started desperately looking through the odd things they left there.

"Help me and look there," pointing at the center of the room where the lady stood.

Rushing through the tents, the boxes, and the books they had there I went, looking for anything that can give us a lead to what this group is doing in here, and the reasons they have to do what they have been doing lately.

All over the walls and chairs, they had some strange signs and some weird writings.

“This group is some sort of cult, with that lady as a leader or more of an ideal to them,” I pointed.

"Sir," my assistant shouted! "Come, take a look at this circle over here,"

The place where the strange lady stood was a circle drawn in blood with remarkably odd signs all over it.

The details in that circle left me astonished.


I was occupied trying to figure at least one of these characters when one officer came in screeching "They cut off the group who escorted that lady. Sir, we need you to head out there right now!"


We left the room and went to the location as fast as humanly possible, for the attackers didn't allow the convoy to move that far from us.

They badly beat the officers and damage the vehicles in a short amount of time.


The local who reported the incident, said that he was looking through his window when the convoy was passing by and suddenly, the air thickened and fog covered the area, a group of masked teenagers spawned out of thin air and attacked them, and in a matter of seconds, they managed to beat the officers and leave. 

"The officers were like zombies inside that fog, and they couldn't even defend themselves," the local added. 


“I knew it, we shouldn't have let her go, at least until we interrogate her and get what we need.” My assistant said walking in circles with her hands on her head.

“Calm down!” I said to her with my eyes looking straight at hers.

Acting confident in front of my men when I’m actually scared and confused. Trying my best to collect my thoughts.


“Look after the injured,” I ordered, “And gather the rest of the force.”   

“We need to find out where are they heading,” asking while glaring at the vehicles, wondering what kind of power do they possess to get it wrecked like this. 


“You don't have to,” said one of the injured officers.

“She invited us to witness the awakening ceremony she is planning, saying that time has come for the true leader of this land to rise once more from his deep sleep, to lead his faithful followers and bring back the glory and prestige they had once before.” 


“Witchcraft,” screamed one of the officers. “We should use all the force we have to stop them, our families are in danger.”

“The devils were once more between us, and we didn’t notice them.”

“How could they pass the barrier that kept them away for years?”

Random shouts and screams filled the air with life-draining vibes. 

Fear struck the men deep, their faces turned pale in an instant. My assistant’s eyes were wide open looking at me waiting for orders to do anything.

Lost and scared, all it took is one word to turn the brave men of this city into a pack of sheep.


With the city’s sage on the far opposite side of our location, dealing with the most random problem in the most convenient time.

And the city guard slacking with maintaining the barrier.

This vast city is used to riots and uproar situations, but no one expected a group of random rioters to be a cover for a cult, preparing for the return of the mythical age of mages.


People know the horror and terror the mages can bring with their leader, the infamous Irk’an Torrath, and ever since his banishment ten years ago when the city’s sages managed to oust his soul from his body, after a long atrocious war against him.


The people of this city managed to build this place again, hoping to live a peaceful life under the protection of the sages and the barrier surrounding them.

So much for that peaceful life!


A half an hour has passed since the attack on the convoy. The entire city was on alert. All forces are out on the streets, looking for any strange movement, trying the best we can to prevent this terrorist from rising once more. The calls reached the city’s sage and any other sages nearby this city, hoping they reach us before it’s too late.

In these moments of shock, and when all the living beings in this city were shaking in their clothes. A light glowed in the darkest of the night, near an open space in the woods, where the farm of the Featherbrew family is located.

The light was rising slowly to the clouded sky and before our very eyes, the infamous blood lord was awakened once more.


March 27, 2021 03:33

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Anes Nia
09:52 Mar 29, 2021

This is a follow-up to the story "Terror from deep within." It's a series I'm working on based on shorts connected through different points of view to create a bigger story. I hope I can deliver a decent one!


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