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“I don’t want to do it anymore…,” Ahmed implored at his wife, hoping she would let go of the random thing he mentioned in the middle of nowhere. 

“Just get on it! The bike won’t bite you,” Safiya laughed at her husband a little, she couldn’t help it. This man was tall and usually incredibly fearless but was scared by the idea of riding her motorbike. 

He still looked scared, so she said, “Okay, how about we take a break. I’ll ride it, you just sit on the back.” They got on together, and she stopped at a quiet field somewhere.

 “You know, this is why you don’t tell your friends you can do something just to seem cool… you’re 25… you should know this,” she said and giggled a little at him. 

“Hey, it was the heat of the moment, okay? It slipped out” he said, and grinned back at her. Safiya threw her head back as she laughed sweetly and looked into the stars, her eyes sparkling with joy…

*a few months ago*

“Happy birthday Sweetie!”, Safiya exclaimed with glee as Ahmed tore apart his huge present. The wrapping paper fluttered to the floor without a sound and was swept into the air as they danced with the air out of the couple’s garden. Ahmed’s hand flew to his mouth in silent shock as he stared at the beauty that stood before him. A motorcycle. The one he had been wanting for years now. Still paralyzed with pure astonishment, Safiya went over to her husband and wrapped her arms around his neck, giving him a small affectionate peck on the head. “Do you like it Darling?”, she asked in a quiet soothing voice, as if soothing a lost child.

“I- Safiya, do i like it? I love it, come here you beautiful woman,” Ahmed said in a slightly trembling voice as he scooped her into his arms and showered her with loving kisses, shocking Safiya and making her giggle at the ticklish feeling as his beard tickled her face. After the young couple were inside their house and were cuddling in each other’s arms on the couch, Ahmed said, “Safiya, again I want to thank you for that amazing gift, it was amazing I-”, but was cut off by Safiya placing her finger onto her husband’s lips, silencing him. He looked up at her in silent confusion. 

“Tell me the truth Ahmed.”

“I-I am telling you the truth my Safiya.”

“Yes, yes I know, you love the motorcycle but there’s something else you’re not telling me.”

“I- what could that possibly be Darling?”. Safiya crossed her arms and looked him challengingly in the eye until Ahmed gave in, “fine, fine, yes there’s something else.”

Safiya looked at him innocently and said, “oh there is? I never knew,” and smiled at him.

Ahmed rolled his eyes and said, “well Safiya, I’m very grateful but… I don’t know how to ride a motorcycle…”. At that, Safiya jumped from the couch as her mouth fell open, “you don’t know how to ride a motorcycle Ahmed? But I thought you said you wanted one for ages… doesn’t that mean you know how to ride one?”, Safiya asked, making a confused face that made Ahmed’s heart melt for his wife. 

He smiled up at her, “yes Safiya, I’ve wanted a motorcycle since I could remember but that doesn’t mean I know how to ride one,” he chuckled as Safiya sat down.

“Huh” was her only reply as she fell into deep thinking, her face scrunched up with concentration and if disturbed Ahmed knew too well the consequences.

After what had seemed like forever, Safiya broke the silence with a shrug and leaned back into her husband’s arms and looked up at him with a sleep smile, “I’ll teach you one day Ahmed, one day,” and with that she fell asleep onto a very happy Ahmed…

*present day*

“Hey, hey Ahmed calm down,” Safiya said as she grabbed his face forcing him to look at her, “breathe in and out, you can do it,” Safiya rubbed Ahmed’s tense shoulders, instantly calming him. Ahmed nodded at his wife and smiled gratefully towards her. After draining a whole bottle of water, Ahmed clasped the grip with sweaty hands and Safiya placed his helmet onto his head, ensuring his safety. 

“You can do it Darling,” Safiya whispered encouragingly as Ahmed sped off into the tranquil and gorgeous, brilliantly red and orange sky… 

It was night by the time Safiya cheered for her husband triumphantly, feeling tears as they threatened to spill onto her cheeks. When Ahmed got off his motorcycle, Safiya ran over to him and wrapped her arms tenderly around him, despite him being sweaty and would need to shower in a river before all the gunk was washed off him. Ahmed smiled down at his wife with love in his eyes and took her small hands into his and kissed them gently, whispering “thank you” against them. 

But the moment was interrupted when Safiya spotted a nasty bruise on her husband’s face and gasped, “oh Ahmed, you silly man, you hurt yourself, are you okay? Can I get you anything?. Ahmed chuckled at this and picked her up, placing her onto his motorcycle and putting an extra helmet on her head. 

“I’m okay Darling, just a small bruise”, he said climbing onto the motorcycle, and Safiya wrapped her arms tightly around his waist and rested her chin on his shoulders. 

“Now m’lady, let me take you on a little journey around,” Ahmed looked around them awkwardly and coughed, “Manchester, it’s not much but just imagine us being like Jasmine and Aladdin on the flying carpet as they flew around,” and both feeling giddy, Ahmed sped off into the night, their laughter's fading away in the distance…

*past midnight*

“Agh, Ahmed I feel like I’ve broken every bone in my body,” Safiya said in a tired voice as the both of them sat on a cliff as they overlooked their city, the both of them sipping their milkshakes trying to get back some energy to get back home. 

“Oh no, my beautiful strong wife, I’ll massage your back when we get back home,” Ahmed said, buzzing with an unknown energy. 

Safiya giggled slightly and slapped Ahmed playfully on the arm, “oh Ahmed, I love you.”

Ahmed smiled at this and looked into the distance as Safiya laid her sleepy head on his shoulders, “I love you too Safiya,” he whispered into the night air… 

January 29, 2021 21:56

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Debbie Curtin
17:26 Feb 04, 2021

I can see how the story was unfolding as you could put yourself in each of their shoes with fear and pressure, happy and sad moments. The story needed an unsuspecting ending....


Minnie Malfoy
21:28 Feb 04, 2021

oh okay, thank you :) i'll keep that in mind for next time.


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