Contemporary Happy Romance

Once was okay. Twice was funny. Thrice was strange. Four times was crazy. But FIVE TIMES! That's too much! Let me explain what I'm talking about and, maybe give you my name. Artemis. Hi. Alright, Let's start on December twenty-third.

I have a lot of friends. A lot of them are boys. I just seem to get along better with them. I'm not the most share-y care-y kind of person so it's not like I tell them everything. Anyways, I was at my bakery and business was booming! I got a text so I paused and checked the message.

"Can we meet tomorrow night?"

It was one of my friends. Ben. He was a nice guy. We hung out occasionally. I didn't really too many plans Christmas Eve. I was meeting my boyfriend at our apartment at around nine at the latest (His words, not mine) to have dinner. 

"What time?" I texted back.

"Does 7:00 work?" 

"Yeah." I could meet him real quick and then head to the apartment. I continued baking only to be texted a few minutes later by another friend. Ethan. He was an interesting guy. Friendly but strange.

"Would you mind meeting me at the local coffee shop at eight tonight?"

"Sure" I could make time. I'm sure that whatever Ben has to say won't take too long. I continued to bake but it only lasted for a few more minutes before I got another text. I took my gloves off and looked at my phone. Ethan. He and I had been close since we were little. Well, Ethan, Finn and I. We were like the three amigos. 

"Do you have time tonight at 7:30 tonight?"

"I might be a little late but I think I can make a little time." What's with all these texts tonight? How strange.

I didn't even get a chance to keep working before I got one last text.

"Hey, Arty. Do you have time to meet me at the park at 8:00 tonight?"

It was Gehrig. What in the world were these boys up to?

"Yeah. I can meet you there." I would have asked them all why but I needed to take care of the bakery for the next hour, first.

* * *

An hour later I had closed the shop early and headed to Ben's place.  It took only a few minutes and then I was there. I knocked and he answered the door. We hugged and then he invited me inside.

"So ... What did you need?"

"I don't really know how else to do this so I'm just gonna say it. I love you. A lot. I want to spend the rest of my life with you." He pulled out a little box and opened it to reveal a shimmering, diamond ring. "Will you marry me?"

I was speechless for a moment before I answered slowly.

"You're a good friend of mine. I would never want to hurt your feelings but, I just ... don't like you in that way. We don't even hang out that often. It would be kind of weird, wouldn't it?" I looked down at my watch and spoke before Ben could say anything. "I've got to go. I'm meeting someone else at 7:30." I jumped up and headed out the door and to the car. It only took a few minutes to get to Finn's house. 

"Come in! Come in!" Finn said as he opened the door. I stepped inside and sat on the couch. Ethan came out of one of the bedrooms with both hands behind his back. It seemed a little odd but I didn't mind it.

"I have something to do in a little bit. I'm sorry that I have to rush you but can you make it quick?" I asked.

"Oh!" Ethan said. "I'm sorry that you have a deadline."

"Okay. This might be an interesting approach but we've really been waiting to do this for a long time." Finn said.

"Okay." I watched as Ethan stepped closer to Finn and handed him something behind both of their backs. They both took a few steps towards me and then knelt down on one knee. Normally I would be smarter but it just didn't seem possible to my mind so I completely ignored the thought they they may be proposing. Two men proposing to the same girl at the same time? No way. Well ... they proved me wrong.

"We wanted to give each other a fair chance. We figured this would be the best way." Ethan said. Finn nodded and then recited the normal proposal that you would expect.

"We've known you for a really long time and we'e come to really love you. We've talked about it together and this was the best solution. I want to live with you and take care of you for the rest of my life. Would you do me the honor of saying yes?" Finn asked. He turned to Ethan and Ethan spoke.

"We've been best friends since we were really young. I've loved just about as long as I've known you and the thought of growing old and raising kids together with you make me so happy. I really love you. Would you give me a chance and marry me?" Ethan said. I stared at the boys for a minute. That was the strangest thing I'd ever seen and heard in my entire life. Two men proposing to the same girl at the same time!?

"I'm so sorry. This-" I laughed nervously "This is so strange. This night is just getting stranger as it gets later. Is it a full moon or something?" The boys looked at me. I glanced at the rings and stifled a laugh. I didn't know whether or not they did it on purpose or they did it together but they had chosen the exact same ring. It was a very pretty ring but I just didn't feel that way about either of them. "Um ... I actually ... I can't marry either of you. This was a very ... unique way of asking and I do love you guys a lot but I just don't think either of you guys are right for me. I'm sorry." I stepped out of the house and got into my car.

I drove to a drive through to get a drink. When it was my turn I drove up to the window to order a coffee. A boy that must've been in his mid-teens opened the window and looks at me seriously.

"Will you marry me?" The boy said. I stared at him for a moment.

"What?" I said. The boy pulled out a ring box and opened it to reveal a ring pop. We both stayed frozen like that for a moment before the boy burst out laughing. A girl brought a camera up to the window and revealed that it was a joke. The boy handed me my coffee and an unopened ring pop. I thanked him and went on my way to the apartment.

When I got home, I went to find Jaemin immediately. I couldn't find him for a while and I finally went into the bedroom to find that the floor was scattered with white flower petals. Jaemin was kneeling at the foot of the bed. He already had a ring box open as he stared at me. Before he could even speak I started to cry and knocked him over with a hug.

"Yes!! YES!!" I heard him laughing under me. He rolled me onto my back and then spoke.

"Do you know what kind of flower I chose?" He asked. I looked around. I had an obsession with the meanings of flowers.

"White Lilies?" I said. Jaemin laughed and I blushed.

"I love you Artemis."

"I love you too."

December 26, 2020 04:57

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Candela B
21:27 Dec 30, 2020

Hi Emma--your writing style here was really fun to read! The casual narration felt like the character's own upbeat attitude jumping off the page. I think it was really creative to have one of the proposals be a prank (with a ring pop!), and to have two of the proposals happen at the same time. The only feedback I have is to add a few more inner thoughts or details to embellish each scene, so it feels a little less like a list of events. Try using some similes, or maybe some more detailed imagery. (Side note: I love the name Artemis!)


Emma Harris
04:44 Jan 02, 2021

Thank you! I figured I should work on my imagery! I'm always grateful for feedback so I know what I can work on next time!


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