"Hello, Whitney!"

"Good morning, Gregor." Whitney nodded her head in a hello, to her friendly neighborly across from her. Gregor, or Greg, as he always corrected her, was waving from his sweet little front porch, made of beech wood.

Whitney looked at hers- mostly stone, elegant. She wished she could change it, at least, she approved of the divineness, yet it wasn't very homey. She hoped her positive friend across the road that separated them wouldn't see her jealously, which felt like it was glowing across her face.

"How are you today? I ate bacon, for the second time, it felt like it tasted better today, though!" Whitney sat down in one of the plush white chairs propped on the porch. Greg could keep talking. She honestly just wanted to sleep.

"Did you hear about Henry?"

"Huh...? What happened to him?" Whitney yawned, softly. Honest, she didn't want to hurt poor Gregor's feelings, yet she enjoyed napping while he was talking. It was like a soothing background tone, like ocean waves embarking on their journeys in the sea. In this suburban town, they were nowhere near the sea. Greg was really her only option for a morning nap.

"He fell in the bird pond, again! That stupid fellow can't seem to steady himself walking near that thing." Greg laughed, then stopped. "Oh. Hello, Henry."

An annoyed face greeted Greg. "I heard my name in there." His honey yellow eyes flashed, and Whitney saw Greg shiver. Henry wasn't very friendly anyways, he was worse when frustrated or angry.

"Henry, how are you?" Whitney asked Henry quickly. He was straight in the middle of the road, glaring still at her petrified neighbor.

Henry straightened himself. "Not very well, now that I realize I am the top subject in gossip."

Greg blubbered something like an apology, which Henry, being such a grump, did not accept. They got into an argument, sort of, more of a lawsuit. Henry was the accuser, and Greg was his very own defendant.

They got so into it, that they didn't hear the bright red Chevy speeding down the road.

Whitney saw it just in time, though. "Henry! Car!" She screeched, and Henry turned just in time to see the red blur race down the road. He sprinted to the side, narrowly avoiding it.

After a few seconds of silence, there was a noise. "Henry?" Greg called from the other side of the lane. "Are you okay??"

Henry grunted. "I am completely alright. But once I get my sight on that car again..." His eyes were narrowed completely. Whitney sighed. He was good.

"What are you doing out here, anyway?" Whitney asked. It would usually just be her and Greg to chat. Henry stalked over to her yard, sitting down on the cold steps that led to what Whitney called her porch.

"Greg here invited me to this... thing. To talk. Or get me killed." Henry shot another glare to Greg, who was looking nervous and ashamed.

"I wasn't getting you killed! I just didn't expect you to stay in the road, of course." Greg made a 'humph' noise, and looked away from the other side of the street they were all now at least a bit wary of.

Henry abruptly stood, and stepped over to the road, walking back to the middle. "Hm... First, you were talking about me, next, I come, then you stall me by arguing, and then..."

Whitney couldn't listen anymore. Another tirade was stirring like a tornado between the two, and honestly, it was just annoying.

She fidgeted in her seat. Soon she would have to break them up, but not now. The door to her gorgeous home seemed almost appetizing, calling her in. If she went now, she could escape this senseless shouting and have no fault.

"Well, I don't see what your-"

"You should be more-"

"Back off, if you don't want-"

"Why do you even-"

Whitney groaned. "Can you two please just shut up? This is supposed to be a friendly morning conversation, but if you both continue to be childish and immature I shall go. Now."

Henry stamped a foot angrily, but backed off, still in the road.

Greg looked down, obviously embarrassed. "Please excuse us, Whitney. Just a terrible disagreement."

"I might still go," Whitney warned, her head held high. "You two are seriously out of hand with each other. What specifically did you plan to talk about, anyways, Greg?"

Greg tilted his own head. "Well... I really just wanted to have a friendly conversation. Talk about the weather, business, lives, maybe even bacon..." He looked embarrassed. "Too cliche?"

"No, it's alright..." Whitney settled herself in the chair she felt now numb in.

Henry sat down on the side of the cobbled street. The sun shone on him, giving the illusion of him glowing. "Obviously the weather is nice." The sun was full, straight in the middle of the sky like the world's brightest lightbulb.

"The bacon was too," Greg offered.

"...What bacon?"

"Oh, yes, you missed the entire conversation from earlier!" Greg proceeded to fill Henry in. Whitney stared at him, trying to suppress a laugh. He looked as bored as she was.

As Greg chattered like a record on repeat, Henry strutted around in a circle, mocking the neighbor. He did such a good impression, though, it was hard to keep from bursting out in giggles. Greg did not see this at all, for it was a habit with him to keep his eyes closed while talking.

Then, suddenly, there was a shout.

"Henry, get out of the road!"

A human with brown fuzz atop her head opened the door to Whitney's home and ran out, scooping the orange cat up out of danger. A yowl of surprise came from Henry, and Whitney couldn't help but bark a laugh. Greg from his porch wagged his tail. He quite liked Whitney and Herny's owner.

The human noticed him and waved. She turned back to Herny in her arms, he was twisting and turning, trying to escape her grip. "Silly cat... Come, Whitney, inside."

Whitney grinned. The dog shook her white fur and hopped off the seat. "Goodbye, Gregor!"

The pug across the street smiled back, and watched her leave.

He would look forward to tomorrow, when the bright sun would slowly rise into the sky bringing beautiful light and morning with it, and when the three creatures could meet again.

And he could have more bacon, of course.

April 19, 2020 15:45

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Katy S.
02:54 May 04, 2020

Wow, the twist at the end! ;). I love your profile picture!


Katy S.
02:57 May 04, 2020

Plus, I love how you foreshadowed it, with the eyes, and 'stalk' etc. I feel like Whitney is a cat rather than a dog don't you think? With her sleepy demeanor, and elegant way? Any way great job!


Quinton Love
13:46 May 05, 2020

Thank you! Yes, maybe Whitney should have been a cat, but with Henry and Greg arguing like cats and dogs, I thought maybe Whitney should have been a dog, not really to 'side' with Greg but to show a fierce bark at the two to get them to shut up or apologize ;)


Katy S.
14:31 May 05, 2020

Your welcome! :) Oh yeah, that makes sense.


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Name Name
02:16 May 01, 2020

Great story! The dialogue was really clever and entertaining!


Quinton Love
22:07 May 02, 2020

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it :) It's not my best work, but I'm happy that you have enjoyed it anyway! :D


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