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"I feel like this is Heaven," Tokyo Goldwell, emerged from the Hawaiian water, her tan skin glowing golden as it reflected on the sunlight. Her long brown hair was slicked back with the cool water, covering her bare back.

"This is the dream of my life," Hazel, Tokyo's best friend, said as she laid her head onto the cushion of the beach chair. They have been friends since 15 and this was their 10th year anniversary of being best friends.

"Let's go get lunch at the famous Hawaiian sandwich and pineapple dole whip place," Tokyo said as she dried her body with a towel.

"Let's go, I'm so hungry," Hazel put on her green sheer dress, looking gorgeous with her blonde hair and glowing blue eyes.

They walked along the coast for about five minutes until they walked onto the streets to the sandwich shop, full of people.

Right as Tokyo and Hazel walked in, people started whispering very excitedly, taking their cameras out.

"OH MY GOSH! ARE YOU ACTUALLY TOKYO GOLDWELL?" A lady with a giant flower behind her ear came up to Tokyo and yelled.

"Uh... yes, I am," Tokyo laughed nervously, "I just wanted to say that I really wish I could enjoy my week off in peace if that is okay. I'll take quick pictures but please let me enjoy my time with my best friend," she put on her gorgeous smile and everyone nodded.

"I totally forgot you are a celebrity," Hazel laughed as they walked out of the shop, now crowded by people trying to see the famous Tokyo Goldwell.

"I forgot too," Tokyo laughed. Usually, she would get frightened if there were so many people but today, she wasn't because she was with her best friend.

They enjoyed their lunch at their private cabana right in front of the beach. Tokyo had so much fun that she felt as if her heart was as light as a feather and as if she had no troubles in her life. Hazel felt as if she was living in her dreams, in front of the Hawaiian beach, in a private cabana, with her best friend who was a celebrity!


The night came so quickly and it was already time for the sunset.

"Today was just the first day and it was just so amazing," Hazel said as she looked at the gorgeous sun setting into the red water.

"I don't even know how long it had been since I went on a trip, not worrying about paparazzis or people following me around," Tokyo sighed.

"Aloha ladies! I'm Deven Joy, your personal guide during your stay," suddenly, a tall man, stood in front of them, offering them a lei.

Tokyo instantly thought he was a very handsome man. He had slightly curly hair, tan skin, and kind green eyes. He looked straight into her eyes and he was the first man who looked into her eye without blushing or looking away. Tokyo's cheeks got blushed as she looked away before he did. As they shook hands to greet, his hands were very warm and soft. Tokyo wished he didn't let go of her hand.

"Follow me to your condo," he led them the way with a smile and after just a short walk, they arrived at a modern looking condo that was facing the ocean.

"Thank you so much," Hazel had a polite smile on her face as she thanked him.

"If you need anything, just call me," Deven had a charming smile and sparkling eyes that could make any girl blush.

"Do you think you can stay in one of the rooms in the condo? I mean, I have to say I am a bit afraid some crazy psychopath might break in, you know? With Tokyo being a celebrity and everything?" Hazel quickly said as she turned and gave Tokyo a wink as a sign.

"Y-yes, that is true. And if someone breaks in, we won't be able to do anything," Tokyo stammered as she said, not even looking at Deven in the eye.

"U-um, let me ask," Deven grabbed his phone and called his boss, who was also his dad. He stepped outside and right as he did that, Tokyo hugged Hazel, laughing.

"What did I do to deserve a friend like you?" Her face was red and it reminded Hazel of a teenager who just told a boy that she liked him.

Hazel just laughed as she whispered, "you better not blow this chance!"

Deven returned with a bright smile, "he said yes but he is also sending some private police officers to guard the place."

The girls nodded and Deven left to get some of his stuff from his house.


By the time they finished washing, Deven ringed the doorbell. It was just 9 pm and also time for dinner.

"Let's order some sushi for the night. Is everyone good with that?" Hazel asked.

"I love sushi!" Deven and Tokyo exclaimed at the same time, this time both of them blushing.

It was very awkward but soon, they were laughing and joking around with each other as if they knew each other for more than a year.

The night went smoothly, all of them enjoying the night and they all went to sleep happier than ever.


Beep! Beep! Beep!

"What is that?" Tokyo and Hazel got up as they looked around, confused.

"HURRY! GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! FOLLOW ME. JUST PUT ON COMFORTABLE SHOES AND A JACKET!" Deven yelled as he opened their room door. He was in such a hurry.

Without saying anything, the girls ran after Deven, confused.

They got led into the basement of the house while the alarm was still beeping, getting louder and louder. In the corner of the basement, Deven lifted an opening on the ground for them to go into.

Tokyo and Hazel were so scared that they were shaking. They entered without questioning.

The underground base was cozier and cleaner than they thought. Without a chance to look around, the ground started shaking violently and they heard glasses crashing onto the ground for about 20 seconds. Tokyo and Hazel held tight onto each other.

"I think the earthquake is over but the tsunami is coming soon. We will have to stay in here for a while. I can tell by the earthquake that the tsunami is going to be pretty big," Deven sighed as if this was nothing.

Deven led the girls to a couch as he started looking around the base, looking for food supplies.

Crash! Boom!

"Oh no! That's the tsunami coming. Hold onto something. There is going to be some shaking and a bit of water is going to seep in here," Deven said as he kneeled down and held onto a table.

Tokyo and Hazel kneeled on the ground and cuddled next to Deven under the table.

Just after about a minute, loud crashes and bombing noises filled their ears as some stuff in the base started falling, scaring all of them. Water started filling an inch or two of the floor. Tokyo leaned onto Hazel and squeezed her eyes shut.

"It'll be okay," Hazel hugged Tokyo with a shaky voice.

"I think we are going to have to spend a day or two here until the rescue team starts looking for underground bases like ours. Since this condo is a VIP condo, they'll come here soon," Deven tried calming them down.

"Okay," Tokyo looked up at Deven with watery eyes. While living in New York, nothing like this ever happened.


Tokyo was left alone with Deven after Hazel went to the restroom.

"Deven, aren't you scared?" Tokyo asked.

"I am but you must be even more scared. If I act as if I am scared, I won't be able to lead you and Hazel," Deven leaned onto Tokyo.

After a couple minutes, Deven lifted himself, eyes red but still smiling. Tokyo smiled back at him, so thankful to have someone like him with her. And this time, she felt sure that she would tell him how she felt about him when they got out.


Three more days passed, now all of them starting to grow more anxious than ever. They didn't take a shower and the food supplies were starting to run out although they ate one meal per day for the past three days.

On their fifth day, more water started seeping into the room. Now the cold water was filling up to their knees. Now it was freezing cold and no rescue teams were showing up. None of them had any energy to move but Deven forced them to keep moving in order to keep their temperatures up.


Knock! Knock!

"OH MY GOSH! THE RESCUE TEAM!" Deven ran to the door on the ceiling as he lowered the steps.

"WE ARE HERE! PLEASE HELP!" Tokyo and Hazel were crying in happiness, knowing everything would be fine now.

"The rescue team is here but there is a lot of water. You must hold onto something!" They faintly heard the voice and frantically held onto some heavy furniture.

"One! Two! Three!" The rescue team shouted and at three, the door opened, a rush of water flooding the room. Two men came in, searching for them.

Tokyo lost strength in her arm as she felt her body floating away in the freezing water. Suddenly, a warm body caught her, attaching her onto the wall. It was Deven. He caught her and pressed her stomach onto the wall and stood behind her, preventing her from flooding away.

A beam of flashlights shined onto them with the water filling up to their necks. Suddenly, more water started bursting out of the pipe in the restroom. It burst out an enormous amount of water. Soon, Tokyo struggled to breath.

"Hold onto me," one of the rescue men came and tried to take Tokyo, who was starting to faint away.

"Tokyo! Go with him, I'll go hold the pipe underwater so that water doesn't flood the whole place," Deven shouted his last words as he disappeared into the polluted water.

"NO! DEVEN! COME OUT WITH US," Tokyo screamed as she was forced to go underwater for about 30 seconds until she was escorted out of the water onto a medial bed.


When she woke up a minute later, she was screaming for Hazel, just to find her next to her.

"WHERE IS DEVEN? DID HE MAKE IT?" Tokyo was crying.

Suddenly, Deven's body was carried out of the flooded room.

She rushed over to him. His face was white and his hands bleeding from holding the pipe.

"Deven, Deven," she cried as she touched his cold face.

The medical team performed CPR on him, trying to squirt all the water out of his mouth.

Suddenly, Deven slowly opened his eyes. He motioned for Tokyo to come closer to him.

Tokyo rushed over to him.

"You probably heard it a thousand times but I loved you ever since I saw you a year ago and I still do. I am happy to go now because I got to meet you. Tell my parents that I love them so much," Deven faintly whispered. It was hard to hear but Tokyo heard everything.

Suddenly, he closed his eyes before she could say anything else.

Hazel turned around, hiding her tears that were rushing down her face like a waterfall.

Tokyo fell to the ground, not believing what had happened. She lifted herself and went to Deven.

"I loved you too Deven," she whispered into his ear.

His body was carried into the ambulance and Tokyo and Hazel got escorted to a car.


They returned home with the worst trip memory ever. Tokyo stopped all her schedule for a month. She needed some time to rest. She attended Deven's funeral a month later and met his parents, telling them what Deven had said to them as his last words.


3 months later....

Tokyo met with Hazel for the first time in a week. They went up to Tokyo's rooftop for a glass of wine.

They sat on the lounge chair on the gorgeously decorated rooftop. Tokyo leaned back and stared up at the stars, glowing dimly.

"It's been so long since I stargazed," Hazel said as she leaned back as well.

"Look at how brightly that one star is shining!" Tokyo found a star, shining brightly out of all the stars.

Suddenly, she got tears in her eyes, she knew that was Deven. She usually didn't believe in those kinds of theories but she wanted to believe the brightest star was Deven. He was telling her that he was well, up in the sky, still protecting her. She knew that had to be true. She closed her eyes as the night's breeze tingled her arm and it felt just like the time Deven protected her from dying.

"Good night Deven," Tokyo said under her breath as she looked up at the star one more time before going back into the house.

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Claudia Morgan
06:33 Apr 15, 2021

Great story! I do have a few suggestions though. The first is that maybe you could explain a bit more about Tokyo’s fame. Is she a social media influencer, model, actor? It seemed a bit it was like only a device for her wealth. Secondly, as Zach Young pointed out, you could try to show more as opposed to tell. Eg. “ Tokyo and Hazel were so scared that they were shaking” could just be “Tokyo and Hazel were shaking”. Other than that it was a great story! I loved the ending, it was very bittersweet. Well done!


Angelina Jeong
01:14 Apr 16, 2021

Thank you for the kind comment. I will definitely consider that next time I write :))


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Angelina Jeong
01:14 Apr 16, 2021

Thank you for the kind comment. I will definitely consider that next time I write :))


Claudia Morgan
05:53 Apr 16, 2021

No problem!


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Zach Young
17:59 Mar 13, 2021

Hi Angelina! I really enjoyed your story and I like how you used the writing prompt. It had a nice balance of action and emotion. When Tokyo saw Deven right after the craziness, I thought “Oh no!” And then when he came back to life I thought “Oh yes!” And then when I found out he died I though “Aww no.” I like the ending with Tokyo and Hazel looking up at the stars and Tokyo imagining Deven to be up there, it was very poetic and sweet! Overall, great story. I think the only things to work on is showing more than telling so for example: “H...


Angelina Jeong
18:06 Mar 13, 2021

Thank you so much Zach. All of your recommendations/suggestions are really helpful :) I will make sure to focus more on that when I write in the future!!


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Angelina Jeong
18:06 Mar 13, 2021

Thank you so much Zach. All of your recommendations/suggestions are really helpful :) I will make sure to focus more on that when I write in the future!!


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Angelina Jeong
18:08 Mar 13, 2021

Thank you so much Zach! All of your suggestions and recommendations are really helpful! I will make sure to focus more on those points when writing in the future :))


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Asumi Pringle
21:25 Mar 11, 2021

This story is amazing, sad, but it was amazing!!


Angelina Jeong
03:57 Mar 12, 2021

Thank you!


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