Crime Fantasy Teens & Young Adult

CW: Violence, blood

I swing my blade. It lands a perfect hit on the target, slicing it in half.

I'm a part of the MNF (Masked Ninja Foundation), and my Class is Dragoncall, the Intermediate class. My best friend is also in Dragoncall, and her name is Maria Ann Bowker (I just call her M.A.)

"Allie, what are you doing up so late?" says Master Gloria from behind me.

"I sensed you coming," I say. "Practicing," I add.

"What did you dream about this time?" asked Master Gloria. I trust Master Gloria like a mother, so whatever she asks me, I give an honest answer.

"I dreamt that I was killing everyone in the MNF, and their ghosts came back to haunt me."

Master Gloria nods. "Everyone is asleep. I suggest you get up early in the morning with Maria Ann or Xena to practice, I'm sure they won't mind."

Xena Marker is another one of my friends. She is one of my classmates, and we sleep in the same room.

I nod. It is a terrible disgrace to disobey the five masters: Masters Gloria, Magina, Ken, Lizz, and Nogo.

I slide my sword into its case. I put my hands together and bow; that is how we say our greetings and salutations. She mimicks me.

I walk to my room and lay down in my hammock.


"Is that really the best you can do?" says Xena, her pink and purple hair in her face.

"Oh, do you want to see my full potential?" I say, slashing my sword at her. I followed Master Gloria's instructions and gotten up Maria Ann and Xena to practice. It's 5:35 AM.

"Xena, your mask's falling down." says M.A. Indeed, her mask is falling down. Xena hurredly pulls it up. It is another disgrace to the MNF to not wear your ninja mask.

The Morning gong rings, and there is a sound of mumbling around the large dojo.

"We should probably head to our room," I say.

M.A. and Xena nod, and we head back to Room 15 to get ready for the morning.

When we exit the room, the Food Room is filled with ninjas from the Flashblade Class to the Magicslash Class.

I put a waffle and some strawberries on my plate and pour myself some milk.

After breakfast, we go to Magic class with Master Magina. She is optimistic and encouraging. "Hi, fellow ninjas," she says, bowing.

"Hi, Master Magina," says the Dragoncall Class.

"Today, we will review the basics of the blade spell, Incharmento Balade."

We use this spell on each other a few times, then Master Magina bids us goodbye.

We have a few minutes before our next class. I gaze out of the window, my jet black ponytail blowing in the wind.

Somebody walks up to me. His name is Ikaro Jikamichu, a Japanese immigrant. "Beautiful, isn't it?"

I roll my eyes. We've been close friends since we were 3 years old, and in the Ninja Daycare.

Every ninja that is part of MNF is raised from the daycare. We are all abandoned orphans, so the Masters take care of us. Here is how I think of the Masters: Master Gloria is the mother, Master Magina is the aunt, Master Lizz is the grandmother, Master Ken is the cousin, and Master Nogo is the great-uncle.

"Yup," I say. Suddenly, I see a silhouette in the distance. It comes closer and closer by the minute. Soon, I see a fully grown woman in a ninja suit, baring a sword. She bursts through the door, and a take out my sword, so does Ikaro. M.A. and Xena come into the room and take out their swords too. The grown woman laughs. I swing my sword, but the grown ninja stops it and pushes me away. She swings her sword at M.A. and hits her on the leg. M.A. shouts and falls. The grown ninja kicks Ikaro in the head, and the ominous cracking noise from Ikaro's nose probably meant his nose is broken.

It's just me and Xena. We shout and swing our swords, but the grown woman just pushes us away and heads towards Master Gloria's room.

I follow her and my sword hits her in the back. She screams in agony.

The Masters come rushing out. They see the ninja and gasp.


"Yes," hisses Merida, the older ninja. "I've come to kill my sister, Gloria."

Master Gloria puts a spell on Merida and makes her wound more painful. Then, she pushes Merida out of the window.

"We shouldn't be hearing from her anymore." says Master Gloria, her scarlet mask reflecting off the sun.

I walk to M.A., Xena, and Ikaro to make sure they are okay. Ikaro has a heavy nosebleed, M.A.'s leg is gushing blood, and Xena is unconcious. I take them to the Healer's Dojo. I lay in a bed as well. I can't stop thinking about this! It was amazing. I stop thinking as I fall asleep to a long, nice, nap.


When I wake up, the Healer's Dojo is filled with ninjas. Cut legs, broken noses, broken arms. I wonder what the problem is, when I see people outside the dojo, baring weapons of all kinds; guns, daggers, swords, axes, and I think garden shears. There's some kind of protest going on.

I get up and out of the Healer's Dojo. There is a fight in the Main Dojo.




A woman with jet-black hair like me looks at me. "Allison? ALLISON!" she rushes towards me, putting down her garden shears. She hugs me. "Um." I say, pushing her away.

"Allie! You're my daughter! I'm Aleschia! These 'Masters' of yours stole you away from me when you were only 1 year old!"

I blink. Is this true? Or is she lying? Something flashed in her head.

The child rolls towards her mother, giggling. "Mama!"

"Oh, my, Allie," says the Mother.

I snap back into reality. "Liar."

"But I'm NOT lying, dear, I'm really not!"


"Allie?" says a voice. It is a blond boy with grey-blue eyes. "It's Danny, remember? Your big brother?"

Another flash.

"Hi, Allie! My name's Danny," says the brother. "Dan-dan!" says the child.

I scream. I'm so confused. I take out my nunchucks and swing blindly. I hit a few people. I punch and kick and swing. "GET OUT!" I scream. Surprisingly, they obey. Aleschia has a tear sliding down her cheek. She walks out.

Everything is back to normal at the dojo. I still can't stop thinking about what they told me. What if they had not been lying? I stop thinking about it in a few months. Now I am a full-trained ninja. My life is back to normal.

December 05, 2021 22:09

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