Somebody please dial Mrs McCarthy's heart 911- Marry's second tear

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..."but wait, this' the mother of your can't just abandon her like she was some girl at a better swallow your pride that'll cause you your life and go fix things with your wife for the sake of Junior.. trust me, she might have been driven by wrath, pain, tears and pregnancy cramps to take the decision she took.. I might be wrong but I'm willing to bet with my life I'm not.. you always wanted a girl in your life, but unfortunately your parents only welcomed boys.. so here's the golden opportunity to be Princess' father and play a role in a girl's life .. you broke the heart of a woman that really loved you Terrance, so now it's time you put your pride aside and go rectify all the wrongs you ever did to Marry.. starting by playing a role in your twins' life..."

It is said that there's nothing and nobody that knows you more than your subconscious does, and Terrance's subconscious knew him more than all men and women in the world. For every time he did something wrong and stupid, it told him, and even went as far as advising and convincing him like it just did.

A few minutes after listening to his subconsciousnes' voices, he sat straight up like a street pole, and thug of war with his pride commenced in his head. Yes! I just said it like his subconsciousnes laid it, pride was the only thing that stood like a hindrance and a barricade in Terrance's way. His fraternal twins were even born now. Junior McCarthy and Princess McCarthy.

Despite all the advices Terrance got from his friends, his uncles, his colleagues and his subconsciousnes too, he went to marry Aneliz Stones, even though he knew deep down in his conscious and subconscious mind that he still loves Marry. He seldomly went to check up on his twins. They were 7 years now, and they could count how many times their dad has checked up on them since they were born. Mrs Marry Priscilla McCarthy was all they ever grew to love. She was approaching her 50s now, but was still good looking and more beautiful than most 16 year olds. But one thing that still had not properly exactly healed perfectly even after almost 8 years of divorce was her heart. Remember, the first scar's the deepest. For her, forgetting the past was like trying to tell a 6 year old child that just witnessed her parents getting bludgeoned to move on.

It's eather she always gets interrupted every time she says goodbye to her past, or she still loves Terrance. I think all woman can agree with me that in a woman's life, there's no man they can easily forget like the first guy (or man) that took away their crown under sheets. Maybe that's why almost 8 years divorced Junior's mother found it so difficult to let go. Perhaps that's how deep she loved Terrance.

Marry's parents were approaching their 90s now. Mr Retnick Dawson Davids was in and out of Tiger Bag Hospital. While his lonely and sad hoping-for-the-best wife Judith Davids and the Lovedale neighbourhood went down on their knees for Mr Retnick Davids to recover.

Like soldiers often do in the battlefield, Terrance kept on appearing and disappearing in his kids' lifes. But Mrs McCarthy could care less, because her twins never slept with their stomach empty, or went to bed crying like their mother once did when she was carrying them. Everybody loved Mrs McCarthy's beautiful twins. Her collegues, her neighbours, her admitted father, and their grandmother who never ceased praying for her husband. Everytime they visited the Lovedale neighbourhood, they never wanted to leave, because of the love the street welcomed them with. Junior's joy and Princess' smile were all that perfectly seemed to be the nurse Mrs McCarthy's heart has been needing. Seeing her kids happy gave her heart more happiness than her ex-husband tried after Mrs McCarthy's pregnancy.

All this, slowly made her say goodbye to her past, as she remembered her uncle's words, that "goodbyes come with acceptance." Once you say goodbye to something, you accepting it's absence. Hence why she finally let go of all that she couldn't change.

...but what would you say if I'd tell you that in the mist of all the goodbyes she said to her past and her ex-husband, something disturbed and rudely interrupted her peace of mind. She felt like Jack the reeper has been reincarnated and he has just left a knife's footprint on the heart that finally just healed in few minutes ago.

"Hi, it's Terrance McCarthy calling from Tiger Bag Hospital where Mr Retnick Davids was admitted a few months ago." As soon as Marry heard Terrance's voice on the phone, she wanted to hang up, because she saw nothing that connected them, but hearing her father's name, made her change her mind.

..."I'm actually calling to inform you about the passing of Mr Davids.. we tried everything until we ran out of efforts, and while we were trying all we could to placate Mrs Davids who just witnessed her husband dying, she collapsed dead a few minutes after she felt his breath resigning from his body for good." If there's ever been a difficult task Terrance ever had to do in his career, was having to call the woman he once rolled on the floor, and tell her that both her parents are no more. Just when Mrs McCarthy was beginning to celebrate her goodbyes from the things she couldn't change, something bad interrupted her. The heart that had just healed not so long ago, felt like a helpless ant that was about to be stumbled by 40 disabled men with more legs that an octopus has. Could it be a coincidence that the same man that broke her heart into something like cremated ashes, is the same person that informs her about the death of her parents.

How am I going to tell Junior and Princess that the same man that broke my heart just delivered heart breaking-apart news. Condolences from all lanes of streets of Lovedale flew in like pigeons going to their nests in the afternoon. Kim did all to be there for her friend, while she kept on calling her younger sister Angel.

Terrance showed up with his new wife. Junior wanted to run to him, but the sound of his mom's tear drop landing on the floor made him react to run back to console his mom, than run to a man who never even dared to run a mile to console his own kids from the punches he used to hurl at his wife's belly. Princess didn't even show any care. She would have given a street kid a more beautiful smile than the frown she gave her father. Someone would think that Mr Davids had predicted that he was going, because on his very last day to his house, a few days before he passed away in Hospital, he called Princess and Junior to tell them how much he loves them. He even gave Princess a watch he had bought a few years ago for Angel who didn't like the colour. Then gave Junior his phone without changing cell numbers.

Marry ended up consoling her grieving-self with the realistic fact that her parents were old enough to go rest and they had done a lot on Earth already. So in a way, she managed to finally say goodbye to all her sad pasts, but there's something that didn't sit her well; even if it were to be given a king sized sofa, it would still not sit well. Her sister's sudden disappearance and voicemails, interrupted her everytime she tried looking forward to a brighter day. She later thought to herself maybe she lost her phone, but still, that wasn't even enough off a pill she could swallow, even with an ocean big cup full of water. Her sister wasn't someone who could be silent from her family, 24 hours is enough.

All this showcase of tragic happenings, from her first scar to the pain of losing both parents within a short space of time, left her heart with more scars than the previous day. Some nights she went to bed feeling more like Job in the Bible, who's wife Mrs Job was far more better than Mr McCarthy, because she atleast gave Job comfort through it all, unlike Mr McCarthy who gave her pregnant wife punches.

5 days and a few hours after Mr and Mrs Davids' burial, Mrs McCarthy was left mourning and consoling her kids as she watched herself saying another goodbye I even lost count off. But through it all too like Job, she had never felt like she could throw herself in the ocean until a lady from her sister's office called thinking it's (the late) Mr Davids.

"Hi, is this Mr Davids' number?

"Yes! But it's my son's now. "Mr Davids pas.... before she could even finish her sentence, the lady on the phone interjected and said

"...Mam my name's Portia and I'm calling from the Liberty SQ neighbourhood offices to inform you about the car accident that left Mrs Angel Thandeka Davids in a comma... we've been trying get hold of anyone close to her, until after a long search, we found a notpad that has numbers written Mr Davids..."

Remember Angel Thandeka Davids, from "Tear drops and closed caskets"? She was the late Mr and Mrs Davids' last born, but she never got married

To be continued with "...Can somebody please just dial Mrs McCarthy's heart 911... - Marry's last tear

April 16, 2021 07:27

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