Dave Kellen wasn’t having the best day of his life. Today at his school there the sports day will be taking

place and he was one of the participant. He was like those juicy athletic boys with huge muscles like they

are made of rock. He had a series of quarrels with his parents this morning first was his mom who had

sentenced him to be grounded for two months because he had been not doing his chores for a week.

They both quarreled where Dave presented his point of view in a rather angry manner that she was

punishing him for no reason. Mrs. Johnson equally annoyed said that Dave needs to have discipline

without it he would never flourish in his life. Dave was so irate that the glass of orange juice he was

holding he squeezed it so angrily that he might have shattered it. Before long Mr. Johnson came who

was holding the brown envelope in his hand which he deliberately threw at Dave’s face. And then

furiously begined with his lecture that Dave had spended about one thousand dollars going to a third

class pub and being drunkard. Dave didn’t heard the end of it as he was already out from the house. He

was unable to identify his emotion was he ashamed, angry or sad? He had to again take a Subway to

school. He was a tract rugby player and he had every intention of winning the sports day so he could get

the prize money with which he could pay for the credit card and escape from his parents hostile

behavior. He waited for the train to come and threw a glance at his watch. The subway was due five

minutes meanwhile he decided to Pace back and forth. His eyes darted towards a gray cement bench

which was occupied by a man. There was something, obscure something cryptic about him, Dave’s gaze

rested on him for a few seconds before he began to feel a wave of fatigue being washed over him. He

was feeling drowsy and his eye lids felt so heavy, he had to break his gaze. His head all of a sudden

began to throb Vigorously. He took his head in his hands his brown silly hairs falling beside his head, still

the pain was reluctant to leave. A shrill screeching sound of the train was coming his way and he decided

he had to pull himself together. When the train halted he gathered up his strength and hurried to the

nearest pharmacy store where he bought the required medicine and briskly ran back to secure his seat

in the subway. He ate the tablet and then felt a little relaxed. The whole journey he looked outside the

window endeavoring to be oblivious of his problems. Outside the day was young with chirping birds

playfully fluttering in the sky and they were leaving behind the trees. The day was balmy the sun was

shining and just the perfect weather for rugby. A speck of hope rose in his heart. He turned his head and

beside him was the same men he had seen on the bench. The man physique told that he was in the

middle age who was wearing a beige overcoat and his mouth was covered with a crimson muffler and

eyes with black, dark sunglasses. As for his head which was covered with a beret. It was the month of

October but the presence Of winter. There was something peculiar about him, maybe Dave was familiar

with him or belonged to Dave’s blood.



The subway finally came to a halt and Dave realized that it was his exit. A couple of more people were

leaving the subway. He felt so frantic so energetic as he stepped out of the subway as if everything had

happened was totally okay, which I wish I could tell him that it wasn’t. He walked two blocks until ja

came to Franklins high school. As he entered his locker room he could hear the cheerful cheers of pupils

which lingered in the school. The playground was filled with people some chatting whilst others

rearshing. Dave spotted his teammates and hurriedly ran up to them. Their face expressions told that

they were anxious, while Dave tried to cheer them. “Don’t worry guys we will make it”. But Dave was

entirely wrong. Dave tried to spread optimism but his attempts were in vain. The playground was beginning to relinquish with audience and the air was filled with the scents of delectable popcorns. He

growled for money in his pocket and when he turned to see who was at the popcorn stall, it was him.

But he was not wearing his sunglasses his eyes were bare. Before Dave could buy it the queue was long

and popcorns were in abundant. As people were again and again joining the queue. Well let’s just say

that Dave was excited about this new vendor. When the queue was diminishing he could see that beside

that cryptic man was a black sleek suitcase standing straight, there was something obscure about it. Two

more people were left until it was Dave’s turn but all of a sudden he felt as if it was all wrong, he wanted

to step out of this line but his feet wouldn’t allow him. “ One more down” he thought to himself.

Eventually it was his turn, be was again confronted with that heavy-headedness and again that fatigue

returned which he experienced at the station today. Something was surely suspicious about this man

means nobody has ever seen him. While the man was busy !along the popcorns, Dave did an

unfathomable thing. He toppled the whole popcorn stall, grabbed the suitcase and ran. In his

assumption there was a really strong justification for this act. He could see the suitcase was shaking and

believed that this guy was some kind of a thug who was drugging everyone. Dave was running with all

his strength but before he was breathless that no one was coming after him up until no one even paid

any attention, it was as if everyone were Oblivion. Someone shoved Dave so hard on the ground that he

was too petrified, he looked up it was him. The overcoat man jerked him on the ground and was coming

closer to him, with a major effort set on of his arm free and unveiled his identity until he knew it was a

she! She looked as angelic as the beauty of goddess. Her beauty was her disguise her heart was made of

a venom of the most deadliest snake. She angrily punched Dave into the face and in return Dave bought

his experienced leg and aimed for her face. He grabbed the suitcase and headed inside the school. He

headed for the most obscure place in the entire school which was the gyms closet, after all he had been

playing hide and seek here since he was in preschool. Once he had a temporary certainty that he was

safe, he endeavored to open the suitcase but it wasn’t that easy. He indulged all his strength but it was a

tough challenge. He could hear footsteps coming closer, all his senses stood up alarmingly. He peeked

through the closet, it was John Trevor’s captain of the rugby team. *Hey Trevors….” But before he could

finish Trevor’s fell straight on the floor and behind him was Dave’s adversity.

Her eyes were watching Dave as a predator tracks down it’s prey. Fire was ignited into her eyes which

showed malice she had in her eyes. She took out a gun with some purpelry substance as the main

venom and defeat of death. Now Dave was surrounded like he was on a battlefield as in a game of

chess. Dave was on the verge of being receiving a check mate, right know he still had a pawn which

could help to turn this battle around. Fellon 123 will slay you or in other words I will slay you I said with

a menacing laugh. Dave groped in his pocket and his hand seemed to come across something sharp and

pierce, could it open the suitcase he interrogated himself. Maybe a reluctant answer came to him.

Meanwhile Fellon 123 was approaching towards him slowly but surely proudly and threathingly

brandishing her gun. Dave took out the can opener from his pocket and turned to the suitcase lock. His

luck did run this time a deafening roar came from inside the suitcase, for a moment, Dave thought that

he might turn deaf. He rolled on the floor as far as possible from the suitcase, he darted here and there

to look for the Fellon 123 but she disappeared. The suitcase was in a man forms or maybe it wasn't a

suitcase at all but a robot its voice was electronically synstezined and heavily modulated. It was a

nuisance to the ears. Finally the protagonist of the scene stepped and as Dave turned around to see

that what he knew two minutes ago was his school gymnasium but now in a fictional place. The Harbor

Felons town one of the best criminal and sci-fi classics of all time which lived to be hundred. Its author

was anonymous and was never known. The story was followed by a Kellers lost daughter abandoned by Mr. Keller himself as he threw her on the edge of the Volcano. By miracle every provision was given to

her the rivers never drowned her instead they treated her parched throat, a cow used to come there

and feed her milk by paranormal means like she turned nine. She was always busy in her life and never

worried about her origin. She considered the lava her friend the place was remote which had three

elements a cow, a girl and a river. She used to play with lava and roam around it and tried to climb it.

One day she had got this insane idea but she decided to take the cow along the steep lava and

surprisingly they made it to the top. Keller was so inquisitive as she was naive and unaware of what lied

in the lava, she peeked inside the lava and was unable to contain her surprise as she saw a whole new

town inside the lava.


Without a delay she allowed herself to slide inside the lava and before long she was inside the felons

town and it was filled with every bounty imaginable. Rivers of honey were flowing leaving behind a

unresistable tempting scent. There was a waterfall of rich dark chocolate. The Keller was astounded than

with an abstract idea that there might be someone else of her existence someone like her and then she

searched the whole town but she had no luck in finding anyone like her, a living being a human. She also

lost hope and there was the last house to look into. But decided against it. A feeling crept over her, one

she had never felt in her whole life, loneliness. She sat down on the edge of the house her head buried

in her lap. Out of the blue, she began to hear sounds from inside the house, a melodious voice of a girl

singing. She checked inside the house and there was a girl singing she was so alluring with long blond

hair and creamy pale skin. Dave was remembering the story which his mom used to tell him everyday

when he was seven years old mainly to tell him that the moral of the story is that you could find your

heart's desire in the unexpected places. If it can be in unexpected place then maybe a solution to this can be found in unexpected. "Master I have completed my mission, there is the felons town stored our existence which is ought to rule the entire world. "Give me the key to open it" the male robot said in his modulated voice. The felons instantly obeyed but couldn't able to carry her task as she couldn't find the key. Dave was struggling to resolve this situation on his own but couldn't.

The shrill voice of the alarm clock went off and Dave woke up startled and giddy at the same time as he found a magnificent idea for the prompts writing contest.

January 17, 2020 15:34

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