Just like every morning, I woke up 5 minutes before my alarm is set. Why can’t I just sleep in for 5 more minutes..??

As I got up, like every other morning, I saw the sun rising from the Santa Cruz Mountain range, just out my window..

I did the usual, brushed my teeth, freshened up, checked my girlfriend’s message reminding me of our dinner reservation, had my coffee. Also, like usual, I reminded my friend Charlie of our dinner reservation. This is how the cycle goes: I make the reservation for 4 at the same restaurant every Thursday at 8 pm, I tell babe, she tells Charlie’s girlfriend Sarah, and Sarah tells Charlie; and like always, my girlfriend reminds me of the reservation I, myself, have made, the day of the reservation.. Ironic, isn’t it?

Like every other morning, I left my house on my way to work. I work at a marketing company. I’m part of the team that makes some of the current greatest tv commercials. My dream job!

As I’m driving out of the parking lot next to my apartment building, I see a new poster ad built right in front of me, it has a big sentence that says ‘Everything’s about to change’. I’m sort of curious how that gigantic thing got there since yesterday night, at 1am, I got home and that was not there..

Like every other morning, I drive through Route 17, looking at the ocean turning more blue as the sun spreads its light over it. 

Today was definitely an unusual day.. the feeling I’d had since the moment I woke up, then the new poster ad in front of my apartment that appears out of nowhere, and now, as I’m walking inside the building I work, I see the a big new project release with the title ‘The New One’. It just feels like today it’s everything about that weird feeling I woke up with..

When I arrive at my office, I grab my phone to text my ‘gf’ I’ve arrived, and I see a funny GIF of her making fun of a plate of pasta. She hates pasta but knows it’s my favorite dish -she think she funny or what? haha-. Nobody can mess with my DE-licious pasta. 

As a worked through several emails and advertisement proposals for commercials, it felt like a sign from destiny, it felt like fate. Tenths of proposals for jewelry stores, some necklaces, and bracelets and earrings, but specially rings, and not just any type of rings, WEDDING rings. 

I don’t think I ever felt so sure in my entire life. I knew just then I had to propose to my girlfriend at dinner with our two best friends. 

What best way to ask the girl of my dreams to stick around with me then to do it during one of our traditions! 

Luckily, it was only ten minutes until lunch break so that I could rush to the jewelry store to get my future fiancé her perfect engagement ring! 

Of course, due to all this excitement, I could not work for the ten minutes I had left to work before the break. 

By 12PM, I left the office for the nearest Promenade I had. 

My friend Charlie might not be the best at remembering things, but he sure is the best at knowing what girls like and what to choose, and obviously, because he is my best friend, I called him right away. 

As we were walking to the store to buy by girlfriend a ring, she called, I didn’t want to be suspicious, but Charlie made me take it. The first that came to my mind was to say Charlie and I were at Chipotle. Luckily, she bought it. 

Finally we got with the ring, it was perfect —that's what Charlie said—! 

But we still had to go get something to eat, and since we had spent the whole lunch break shopping for the engagement ring, we ended up being late to work, which meant getting out later than mine and Charlie’s girlfriend expected… DID NOT PLAN THAT OUT. 

On the way back to work, I realized I needed to call Sarah, to get her on board with my plan, so she could make sure everything went well regarding my girlfriend’s ‘actions’ for the rest of the day. 

Sarah got so excited she added Charlie to our phone call to tell him the big news, only to realize I had already told him.. Kinda obvious since he is my best friend…

I told Sarah how I was planning to propose to my girl at the restaurant we were going for dinner because that was one of our traditions as a couple, and since I wanted our lives to remain the same, I thought there would be no better way than that. 

Sarah started tearing up out of happiness while Charlie and I started laughing at her cheesy reaction, haha.

Anyway, I finished talking to them and got back to the office to start working on all these jewelry and maritally like adverts; great mood for such occasion!

Normally, I would be telling my girlfriend all about my projects as I went through them. But because I wanted to be very discreet, I lied to her and said I had to go into a very important meeting of about 3 hours. I remember saying ‘Hey babe, I gotta go into this killer 3 hour long meeting… If I’m not very responsive, that’s the reason..! Sorry.. I’ll see you later on, love ya!’

Charlie might be great at knowing what girls want, but when it comes to texting back and knowing what to answer, I’m the go-to man!

After the long three hours my girlfriend thought I was in a meeting, I grabbed my phone to see all the messages from Sarah and a few GIF’s from my girlfriend. Sarah was actually freaking out about the whole thing. I’m pretty sure she was even more nervous than I was, haha. 

I left the office to go back to my apartment to get ready. Luckily, Sarah had managed to get my girlfriend to go to her place and then straight to dinner to meet us there. Charlie came to my place to help me finish planning out and get ready. 

About an hour later, Charlie and I left the place to go to the restaurant. 

When we got there everything seemed perfect, our girlfriends were already waiting for us at the table, they gave us one table with incredible ocean views!

We had a blast, like always, laughing about stuff that happened during the week and then when desserts arrived, I decided to get up and kneel down next to my girlfriend. I had told our waiter to play our song just after bringing our desserts. Nothing could have been better, I gave a great speech about not imagining my life without her and she cried of happiness most of the time. 

Finally, after a few minutes of great speech, I dropped the big question and as I was hoping, she said yes. 

Right after that we started talking about all the details and how Charlie would be my best man and Sarah would be my girlfriend’s maid of honor. 

After, I went inside to pay the check, and just as I was walking toward the exit, I couldn’t believe what I saw through my eyes. She saw me as well. Every inch of my body became full of energy and I ran to her at the same time she ran to me, and passionately, we kissed. I had once again, after 15 years, run into the actual love of my life, my high school sweetheart, Jessica Davis. 

-And that’s the whole story of how fate led me back to you-. 

I guess I will probably lose an instagram follower I care about… my ex-girlfriend. 

August 13, 2020 14:48

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