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 New Years 

I really hated going to parties but my best friend Grace  told me I had to go to this one since nobody wanted to spend New Year’s eve alone. Little did she realize I preferred my own company, it was so much easier to say “I’m going to bed” when I was alone.

Nobody cared if I sat on the couch and ate a bag of potato chips while watching earthquakes ruin someone’s plan. Going to a party meant I had to get dressed up and act as if I wanted to talk to people but I owed her since I was able to sneak out of her big Christmas party.  If I thought about it I would have stayed since less people would be getting drunk at a Christmas party, she already told me how much alcohol she bought.  I told her she better have coffee and soda or I wasn’t going to be there. 

She assured me the food and drinks were plenty what bothered me was she told me everyone had a date. I told her I sure didn’t but she told me by the end of the party she would be sure there was someone for me to kiss. I hated to tell her I would rather kiss a dog than a man so I didn’t. I had been hurt so many times by men that I had given up. In fact my New Years Resolution to never date again. 

She told me to wear a sexy dress and heels, instead I wore a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt, I knew I would stand out but I didn’t care. I was hoping to find a quiet room to hide in where nobody else was. She had a small reading room in her house so there was a good chance I could hide there unless she locked it.

I made sure to arrive late, figuring she would be so caught up in her hostess duties that I could sneak in because I knew when she saw my outfit she was going to throw a fit. All the other females were dressed to kill, the hair perfect, the makeup just so but it was fine with me. 

“Oh look, she brushed her hair that is perfect” I heard the voice of Mandy say, she was one of the ones I was hoping wouldn’t be there. 

“Gee Mandy, of all the people I wanted to see you are the last one” She didn’t care just laughed as if I was nothing.

“I guess we don’t have to worry about you finding a man tonight” she walked off laughing towards a group of people who were now staring at me.

“What are you wearing?”  Grace came storming up to me, as fast as one can storm in 3 inch heels. 

“If I were to hazard a guess I would say clothes” she hated when I was sarcastic and snide but really what did she expect.

“Fine, as long as I see a man by your side I will leave you alone.” she gestured around the room, most of the women seemed to be throwing themselves at any available man. I told her fine I would find a man before the end of the night.

As she walked away I said to myself “Damn too bad she doesn’t own a dog” I didn’t realize someone was standing near until a heard a male voice say “I agree and a female cat” 

Turning around I saw a guy standing close to me, his outfit matched mine right down to the sweatshirt which had a quote from Harry Potter on it.  “Nice sweatshirt” we said at the same time and laughed.

I saw Grace glance at us and smile which gave me am idea. I had no idea if he would go for it or not but any man who was willing to wear to a Harry Potter sweatshirt was willing to take a risk. The issue was going to be pulling it off after all even though we were adults there were times she hadn’t grown up. By the end of the evening she would expect us to be in each other’s arm professing our love for each other even though we never met before.

“How do you know Grace?” I asked him trying to figure how to put it.

“We worked together a few months ago. She called me the other day and told me I had to be here or she was going to hunt me down. I figured she was being serious so I came. When I got here she told me by the end of the night I was going to meet my soulmate” he sounded as if he was torn between laughing or crying.

“There is no such thing as soulmates. Grace is cracked” I said it quietly but he heard me.

“I really have no idea why she thinks I’m waiting for love.” He told me he had planned on not dating at all for the new year so to spend an entire party with a woman who might want a tomorrow wasn’t high on his list.

“I agree, the thought of spending the whole evening with anyone makes me shiver and not in joy. I simply wanted to stay home and read a book”  I glanced at him wondering if he knew about the reading room.

As soon as the thought crossed my mind, I heard Grace come up behind me. “The reading room is locked and the key is not here. You need to mingle and meet people. Both of you. So forget sitting here reading, there is no reading tonight.” she wandered off, I noticed her shoes were already taken off.

“She seems pretty drunk already. Bet she wouldn’t notice if we left” he said indicating the back door with his head. 

“She would notice or have one of her goons blocking the doors”. I had seen several of her brothers and knew they were bouncers and it would be just like her to get them to watch the doors as I said she took parties very serious.

“I propose an idea” he cocked his head to side as if judging my reaction. 

“Go for it” I wondered for a moment if we both had the same idea. It would be shocking since most people  wouldn’t think like me.

“Why don’t we spend the evening together. Getting to know each other then never see each other again” he was matter of fact which was surprising since most people wouldn’t be so bold.

“I think that is the perfect idea” we shook hands on it and spent the rest of the evening getting to know each other.  It was great knowing after this party I would never have to see him again.

 As it got closer to midnight I wondered how the party was going to end. I wanted to leave as the clock stuck 12. People began to head outside, since the city put on a fireworks display to celebrate. I knew if I timed it right I could leave just as the clock struck 12.

The countdown began...10...9….8...7….6….5...4….3…...2...1   

The End

December 28, 2019 02:49

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