Latte Gate - 15 Hours of Shame

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Contemporary Funny Drama


3:00 pm – 9.12.2022       

In line at Starbucks on Rodeo today and spy Senator Suzanne Myers hugging a young Latin man. Could the front-runner for Senate Major leader be “spicing up her latte”? An October surprise in September? #lattegate #coffeetalk


Who could blame Suzanne after years of her ex-NFL hubby, Ben’s, affairs and scandals. You go girl! #goodforthegander #goodforthegender


6:00 pm – 09.12.22

Is Suzanne Myers using your tax dollars for her personal ‘affairs’? There are only two reasons to be in Los Angeles with a young man. Is she sneaking him in the country, or sneaking around on her husband? #voteforfamilyvalues #voteAmerican


9:00 pm – 09.12.22

Last time I checked, it’s still legal for women to have coffee with a friend. Let’s make sure McDonald the misogynist doesn’t take that away too. #voteforchoice #votemyers


9:10 pm – 09.12.22

McDonald, my friend Dante is Italian and French. His family has been in this country for generations. But thanks for letting your bigotry flag fly high. #votefordiversity #votemyers 


Men in politics have been having affairs for centuries with no repercussions. Sen. Myers, make them own up to their double standard. Why men great till they gotta be great?

#doublestandard #equalpay


10:00 pm – 9.12.22

Are American values being eroded even more? Now it’s okay for a high-ranking female senator to publicly shame her family? Is this the message we want to send our daughters? Why do women only want “choice” when it’s immoral? #focusonmarriage #focusonthefamily    


9:00 am – 9.13.22

Sometimes a latte is just a latte. #voteforwomen #voteforSenSuzanne                                   


9:05 am – 9.13.22

Is this some kind of “woke” feminism where a wife and mother of three openly dates some Hollywood gigolo? Do you want your daughter looking up to a woman with this morale compass?   #protectourchildren #protectourfamilies                                               


10:00 am – 9.13.22

The double standard is still very real. How many male politicians have had affairs with women half their age and just call it a ‘mistake’? It’s amazing to see a mature, beautiful, powerful woman have sexy and vibrant life. #50isthenewthirty #suzannegetsflirty

Anderson @CNN

10:30 am – 9.13.22

Join us tonight as we replay our special on politicians and infidelity—Politics, Sex and Power in Washington. Our panel will discuss how this plays out from a female viewpoint. This truly is “breaking news”. #womenandpolitics #thegander


11:00 am – 9.13.22

Her coffee. Her latte. Her body. Her choice. #voteforchoice


F*ck yeah!


11:20 am – 9.13.22

If she can’t handle her home, she can’t handle the House…or the Senate. If she doesn’t value marriage vows, will she value the constitution? #seventhcommandment #secondammendment


All these feminazis are the same. Guess she’ll want us to pay for her abortion. No wonder her husband cheated. #traditionalmarriage #traditionalwives


I admire Sen. Myers for sticking with her marriage through her husband’s infidelities. It takes a strong woman to stand up next to her man. #forgiveness #womenforJesus                       


11:25 am – 9.13.22

“My beautiful and intelligent wife is an amazing mother and women, as well as a public servant. We would appreciate respect for our family’s personal time right now.” #myersfamily #partyof5


Myers was one of the best QBs to ever play the game.


Myers sucked on the field and in life. Loser all round.


12:00 pm – 9.13.22

Looks like our secret coffee date is Dante Naveraux, an LA fitness and beauty guru.


12:05 pm – 9.13.22

Who is Dante Naveraux, the secret friend of Senator Myers? Are they sharing more than lattes? More after our special segment on Politics, Sex and Power in Washington.


12:15 pm – 9.13.22

Is there still a double standard for women in marriage, fidelity, and public opinion? Tell me what you think…        


Are you kidding? A woman can’t come on TV without talking about her make-up and hair. Women are judged on looks, men on merit. #equalpay #equalstandards


We never hear “girls will be girls” or “that was just ladies room talk”. Looking forward to participating in your panel tonight, Anderson.


There’s no “Virgin Joseph.” #standwithSuzanne


1:00 pm – 9.13.22

I know white guys like me aren’t allowed to talk anymore, but is there no cancel culture for women? Shouldn’t Sen. Myers be “cancelled” by women like other presidents who were accused (but never proven in a court of law) to have extra-marital affairs? #reversediscrimination


White men get blamed for everything. She has a rich, good looking former NFL player as a husband. Why is she wasting her time in politics? 


1:10 pm -9.13.22

We don’t condone infidelity by either sex, but young women must see marriage in its purest form, given to her husband on her wedding day and promise herself to him for life. #marriageisforever #whatGodhas joined


1:30 pm – 09.13.22

A reminder to the so-called Christian right attacking me, you may want to brush your Bible off. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” – John 8:7. It’s about sinful men judging women. #doublestandard #doubletalk


2:00 pm – 09.13.22

If Suzanne Myers is a Christian, she would forgive her husband for straying, not seek revenge or “get back” at him. True Christian marriages can overcome fidelity. #twowrongsmaketheleft


Dave – focus on your own family.


2:15 pm – 9.13.2022

If you look closely at the photo of Sen. Myers and Dante, you will see that I’m the third person in the frame. I have been in a romantic relationship with Dante for seven years. I guarantee there was no inappropriate behavior between Dante and Sen. Myers. #standwithSuzanne #outwithDante


2:30 pm – 09.13.22

It is difficult for me to write this. My business specializes in very private treatments for health, beauty and anti-aging. I am proud to bring my clients treatments that may not yet be available in the United States. Because of my clientele (many who are actresses and models), and nature of my product, complete discretion is the utmost importance to me. Please don’t assume that any person I appear with in public is a client of mine. Senator Suzanne Myers or any other woman. #righttoprivacy #beauty


Dante is magic! I’m not afraid to admit I’m one of his clients. His treatments make me look and feel my best. #imoutwithDante


Dante has worked on the biggest names in the business. He’s always kept his work discrete, but it looks like he’s on the down-low no more. #outwithDante


2:45 pm – 9.13.22

Really? She’s claiming “Dante” was giving her bootleg Botox?


3:00 pm – 9.13.22

Are you tax dollars going to beauty treatments? Only a liberal elite would fly across country for some make-up. #realtaxpayers #realface


3:30 pm – 9.13.22

Yesterday, I had coffee with two friends of mine. It was a personal trip, paid for with my own money. There were ZERO funds from my campaign finances or travel budget applied to this visit, nor any government business involved. #privatelife #privatematter


4:00 pm – 9.13.22

Since yesterday, my sisters and I have been inundated with media, reporters, and on-lookers in front of our homes and dorm rooms. My wife and young children cannot go outside. Please respect our family and their privacy during this time. #itwasjustcoffee #privacyplease


4:30 pm – 9.13.22

Within the past 24 hours, Dante has lost many clients who fear being associated with his treatments. His sexuality (hidden from his family until now) has been exposed to the world. I regret to inform the world that he has checked himself into a long-term treatment facility to deal with recurring depression issues that have been worsened since being hounded by the media and this public “outing”. #respectourprivacy #gaypride


Be strong, Dante and Tristan – the whole LGBTQ community is behind you


I’m so sorry this happening to you two. Prayers for continued strength.


5:00 pm – 9.13.22

It’s with great heartache that I report that my twin sisters were chased by paparazzi yesterday on their college campus. Their car crashed at a very high speed. Ellie sustained minor injuries but is obviously shaken by the experience. Sadly, Emma is critical condition with multiple injuries and broken bones. Please respect our family as we take care of one another and bring the responsible parties to justice. #cancelpaparazzi #lockthemup


5:30 pm – 9.13.22

Thank you to my constituents for your prayers and good wishes. Ella is going into surgery shortly. I shouldn’t hide getting beauty treatments. I am a woman in the public eye – and therefore, sadly, judged on my looks.


6:00 pm – 9.13.22

To those who created this Twitterstorm over an innocent cup of coffee, I hope you are proud of your 15 minutes of fame. I mean blame. Actually, I mean shame. #prayforElla


6:05 pm – 9.13.22

I love a good twist! Turns out, during the coffee klatch heard around the world, Tristan (Dante’s lover for those of you not following closely), shared his history of a long-term affair with Jack McDonald – yes, the son of Myers' super-conservative, gay-bashing opponent Jimmy McDonald--on and off during college.


6:15 pm – 9.13.22

Is it possible that Suzanne Myers flew to L.A. and paid Tristan for his story about Jack McDonald? Rumors of a large payment to Tristan's “non-profit" are swirling. Continue to follow me as this story unfolds…

September 30, 2022 22:07

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Tricia Shulist
22:25 Oct 03, 2022

Wow. Good job on showing the problems with social media and the escalating sh*t storm that happens when a story becomes full of innuendo and accusations. Thanks for this.


Jennifer Bowers
16:11 Oct 04, 2022

Thanks Tricia. S*** storm may have been a better name. Easy to highlight how overreacting s the new norm! But harder to tell a story in tweets than I expected


Tricia Shulist
22:11 Oct 04, 2022

It worked well. And presenting a story in a different format is always interesting.


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