Bedtime High School Romance

   Love grows.

Scaling through the hurdles of life wasn’t easy for Roland, he is just a little boy when he both parent died in a ghastly motor accident, after his parent were buried he went back to live with his uncle, uncle Ben, uncle Ben was a police officer, he has two kids Mack and Rose, Roland has to relocate to live with uncle Ben since he alone can’t live in the house because he was still very young, Roland was two years older than mark an four years older than Rose, the whole family love Roland a lot, he was like a brother to them not only a cousin and a son to uncle Ben, when he relocated to Mr. bens house he has to change school, Mr. Ben took him to the school where Mack and rose attends, he became their brother in the school, before he arrive the school, Mack and rose used to be bullied, but ever since Roland came to the school he became their savior, for this reason they love him so much.

  He loved Mrs. Ben a lot because she treat him like his son also, his new home is even better than his real home, he began to grow, he was so handsome, huge and hairy, his smile alone can attract the attention of pretty girls of his age, but he was never interested in women, all he wanted was to study hard and make his dead parent proud even though they where dead, when he has finish his high school he was admitted into higher institution to study medicine, he was so happy about the offer, even Mr. and Mrs. Ben were very happy for him also, Mack and rose were not happy, not because they don’t want him to become a doctor, they were never envious of him neither were they jealous if him, but they were angry because they were going to miss his company, for this reason they were both not happy, Roland persuade and beg them to keep calm that he will always come and pay them a visit every weekend, so they agreed and he arrange his bag and set of for school, Mack was having a car and rose also, but Roland was not having a car, out of the abundance of love Mack has for Roland, he gave him his car, that he will be sharing rose car with rose when ever they are going out, Mack was so happy because the car was new, uncle Ben newly bought the car for him, because he did well in his school final examination that will secure him admission to the university to study law, He was so happy when uncle Ben bought the car, so having giving it to Roland, he was so happy, he went back and huge Mack, he left for school that day.

 Roland started to pursue his academic with seriousness, he was so sound academically, in due time he graduated from school and he began to work, he was able to gather wealth in few year of working but he was still single while Mack and rose also has graduated from school, the three of them where still single.

 Roland doesn’t know what is love neither did he have feeling for anybody, he said he was going to be an eunuch, right from the day his father died and has made the decision to remain eunuch, Mr. Ben has already notice this while he was growing up, it’s part of the reason while he registered him in a unisex school, because initially he wanted to register him in a bordering school, during his course of study, he took a course in philosophy that really talked him out of females, so he made the conclusion never to marry and to remain eunuch, he was very reach then.

 One day he was interviewed on the TV and he was questioned why has he decided never to marry, he said he has no genuine reason for his action, but that’s how he want to live his life, the interviewer went further and ask him, who will inherited the wealth he is already building? He said before he died he will willed them to the orphanages, so the interview was over he left, while driving home, he though he was going to buy his dinner on his way back because his freezer was almost empty, but during the course of the interview their was a peaceful protest on the street, it later escalated that the government has to restrict movement and every where was shut, driving down to the super store, the doors were shut already, so he went home direct, getting home he was so hungry, he went to the kitchen but the food their was still raw, now he has to make something to eat, he got some Noddle’s from his cupboard, that was the last pack of Noddle’s, he set up his burner and he started to prepare the Noddle’s, while he went to the siting room to rest as he prepare the Noddle’s, when he was resting he fell asleep, 50 minute later the whole house was filled will smoke, his fire indicator has blown but couldn’t wake him up, his neighbor where already bagging his door before he was able to get to his feet, immediately he got to his feet he remembered that he has pot of Noddle’s on the fire he ran their but they where already burnt, he came to the door and thanked his neighbors that wake him up, he went back to the kitchen, he was still very hungry, their was nothing to eat so he slept back.

 The following morning he came by to Mr. Ben’s house to say hello, he ask this two cousin rose and Mack to come and live with him, that his house is so massive, so they both agreed and they were all living together with him, before he returns from work rose would have prepare his meal, Roland was so pleased having them around, his idea of being an eunuch was still strong in him.

 On day in his place of work promotion came, they wanted to promote the best medical doctor to the Presidential hospital because the former doctor has just died, so every one was seeking for that position because that’s where there is enough wealth, Roland too was interested in that position. So the government randomly select the best doctor and they were tested, only four of them pass the test, Roland and three other married doctors.

 The four medical doctors that pass the test where invited to have a dinner with the president, they alone where to come to the venue without their wives, so they all meet introduce their self to the president they had dinner with the president that day, while the dinner was on, the president began to ask about their family, Rand could not answer alone , he chorus the answer with the other married doctors that their wives are fine and they all spoke together, at the end of the dinner he told Roland and one other doctor that he want to meet their wives and family, Roland said ok as well as the other doctor, the other doctor never knew Roland before, so they were not aware that he was an eunuch, so he and the doctor exchanged pleasantries and they left.

Roland got home that day he immediately called rose and Mack to come to his aid, he explained what the president said and was asking them a way out, they were not happy, they said you would have let him know you are an eunuch, he would have chosen you without necessary test and interview, Roland bid them to help him proffer a solution to the problem on ground, he said there are many day to talk about the past, so rose came up with a plan, what the plan? Let’s hear it said Mack, so she continues I can set my friend to play the role of a girl friend for Roland if he agrees to pay her well, initially Roland didn’t take the deal, but when he was left with no choice he took the deal and promised to pay her any amount she requested. So rose brought Doris, Doris is a very beautiful and curvy lady, she is busty and she has a complete figure 8, the deal was set, Doris came home she was introduced to Roland and she was given enough orientation and she grab every bit of it.

 The day finally came, the day they were to meet with the president, so they dressed up, Doris was putting on a gown the same color with Roland’s suite, they drove down to the Presidential quarters, while they where their, they were taken to a guest house inside the quarters to rest for a while before the president would come and see them, while the president was prepare to meet his guest, he received an urgent call, an he has to travel out of the country, it was so urgent, so he send a message to the other doctor asking him to go back that he was going to choose Roland, when he asked Roland to stay back in the presidential quarters, when he returns he will see him and he will resume his work, everything in the medical aspect was in his charge. 

 So Roland went back to the guest room where he was given, when they enter it was amazing, the rooms, floors everything about the apartment was just amazing. Doris was so happy, they enter but the room was just made for a couple, a single bed, single towel, single bed spread, and a single duvet. Everything in the room was so transparent that you could see the bathroom from the kitchen, there’s no cover anywhere, Roland was to remain inside his apartment till the president returns, every morning the cleaners will come and replace their toiletries, bedspread, duvet etc.

 Roland and Doris went into the apartment together, they were so shy of each other, they never knew they were going to spend more than a day their, so the first night Roland slept in the couch, without a duvet or a bracket while Doris slept on the bed with the duvet, while he perceived that Doris was far asleep, he stood up and tip toes down to the bathroom and have his bath, he rushed and clean himself with the towel and went back to the couch, it was a cold night, he was so cold, when it was morning Doris got up early also and went and have her bath also, Roland wasn’t asleep the time Doris was bathing, but he just focus his attention toward the opposite direction of Doris in order not to see her nakedness, mean while a frame was hanged on the wall were Roland was facing, an it reflecting Doris as she bath, her nakedness captured total attention of Roland as he continues to look, he realized what he was doing then he took his eyes off her, as she finished she came out and cream her body, it was so tempting, Roland was still able to manage and control himself, the cleaners came an took they dirty cloths and used towel, after eating they slept on the bed together, they were not talking, they both faced opposite direction as they slept off, 

 Latter at night, Roland went and bath as usual, he came back to lay down in the couch while Doris lay down on the bed, she was not sleeping, it was a cold night, Roland was almost blocking, Doris observed it an she came an carried him to the bed, she get him a hot cup of coffee, she gave him the duvet while they both lay on the bed without sharing the same duvet, Doris never knew she could see a guy like Roland that doesn’t even want anything from a woman, gradually she began to love Roland, mid night Doris too was cold, she went close to Roland as they shared the same duvet, they were bit close to each other. When it was morning, Doris went to the bathroom to take a shower, during the course she snubbed and fell while she was having soap on her eye, she call Roland immediately, he ran to the bathroom when he got in, he couldn’t close his eye, he behold her beauty, for some seconds, he help her up, as she got to her feet, she thank Roland while thanking him, she was looking straight into his eyes, she made an attempt to kiss him, he gradually repelled, but while they were still passionately looking at each other, Roland kissed her and they hugged, immediately they rush into the bed, they had sex, she was still a virgin, this also contributed to growing the love Roland has developed for Doris. His life took a new dimension and look, it was as if he was never existing before now, they stayed together for two more days before the return of the president.

 The president came back to the country, he held his meeting with Roland and Doris, during the cause of the meeting, he asked them about their card, immediately Roland fixed a date that was so close and promised to bring a copy of their wedding card to the president in person. When they return home everyone was so happy for them both, few months latter they got married, and moved on with life.

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Hey there!! Loved your story! Please notify me every time you write a new one! :)


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Waooo, brilliant writer. Can’t wait for next one


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