The first time I saw him, he was wearing surgical pajamas, with a stethoscope hanging from his neck.

 He touched a lady's knee, and patted it.

 She logically complained of pain.

 He helped her stand up, took out a notebook from inside her pocket, and handed her a sheet written by hers.

 "It must be the foreign doctor," he concluded when he saw the scene, at the door of the volunteer service, in front of the square, a few steps from the stall selling national and international magazines and newspapers of Ernesto, my boss and friend.

 There I stayed, for all the eternity of the moment so as not to accept seeing him disappear in the side corridor of volunteering, where the free medical and dental offices were.

 Desire caught me looking for him with the eyes of anxiety that he asked:

 - Will I see him again? - with a hint of nostalgia in my heart, now broken by desire, that shadow that doubts even of himself, although not of the good faith of a man with a frank smile like he showed on his lips pink like a seashell, an orphan as I was as a child.

 Suddenly, I felt a touch of hands on my shoulder, with a risp voice like the tobacco that I smoked from time to time.

 - It can only be Ernesto! - I thought before turning my head to hit the mariachi mustaches and Ernesto's inseparable cap, to cover his bald head.

 -     Hey ! - And I pushed him, wanting to get rid of the annoyance of the question whose answer could compromise the secrecy of my feelings hidden by the hardness and coldness of the mask of insensitivity - so fashionable - that covered my personal integrity.

 - I saw you very interested in the gringo.

 -     who? me? You are delirious!

 - Yes, yes, ma'am! I saw your lewd gaze on that skinny man - making fun of me, where has one of those things been seen! - ok I just thought, or else, Ernesto could get angry and throw me out of work for a just cause!

 - - here are the copies you ordered!

 -     Thank you! - and we took a few more steps towards the post.

 and kindness in his gaze framing that smile that little by little took over my eyes, that they didn't want to leave there, conquering the idea of ​​being his.

 -     one moment ! I think I'm too interested in abroad, it can't be! - in full denial of what was beginning to emerge because of my rampant hormones, which did not even notice the noise that the volunteers made in the center of the square, arranging the tables with their respective chairs, where the inscriptions for the training should happen.

 - get in line! - coordinated Verito, the right hand of Dona Anastasia, the Russian leader of the volunteers, with an icy look like Siberia.

 My anxiety made my gaze travel all over the square, turning away from the people gathered there, with songs and flags trembling in the wind of a leaden afternoon with the bombardments that took place not far from there.

 When, suddenly, my eyes caught a lingering smile.

 It was the stranger, standing under the century-old palm tree.

 Betrayed by my legs, which step by step approached the palm tree, I saw myself face to face with him.

 However, one of the volunteer tables got in my way.

 And I lost sight of it.

 And now? Where did he go? - He asked, stretching my neck until I could no more, in search of his smile.

 - Are you going to volunteer? - asked Ernesto, my boss friend, whom I helped to arrange the publications, clean, buy bread and bring them coffee for breakfast, as well as soft drinks to errands, and help sell and collect.

 - Until the idea is not bad - he answered without thinking twice.

 - Well, so be it. You can do it! if you want you can! - Ernestito encouraged, from under his military cap - argh! Doesn't match his plaid shirt.

 From that time, I went directly to the registration table of the volunteers

 He was behind six people.

 And Ernesto appeared, with an envelope under his arm.

 - Here - he said to me, serious as a weapon of war - are the copies I gave you.


 -    The copies. They are the proof of your volunteer work in the position, signed by the union secretary, the lady whom your love attended the other day.

 That was the rudest thing I had already heard, that she took me by surprise and it took me a lot to understand everything.

 - you're going to need it!

 -     Thank you ! - I could barely thank, with a question mark etched on his face and a yellowish smile on his lips.

 - Exactly at that moment, a volunteer gives us some papers, where she said personal data and previous volunteer work experience.

 - And I looked with joy at the copies delivered by Ernesto.

 "It's going to be fast," I thought, spying on those ahead.

 It is when the foreigner appears in front of me, with a pile of papers in his hand.

 And he looked at me like no one had ever, with all his soul and all his feelings.

 He made every cell in my body tremble, and every sigh spilled.

 But the truth was that I did not know him.

 How could he be passionate about a complete stranger?


 Well, my soul connected to it, like a link in the body of an e-mail.

 I was trapped.

 And, I swear, I did like to be trapped by him, who had the power to take me out of the real world, full of debt and pain, and took me to a different world, where his smile gave me the peace that I did not had inside of me.

 That's how I saw it and that's how I felt it.

 He wanted his lips on mine, yes, his smile on my soul, and his body on my hands.

 one moment!

 What happens to me? - and I rubbed my eyes, with all my might, “to see if I wake up, because surely I find myself dreaming. I opened my eyes at the touch of a hand on my shoulder.

 I opened my eyes, and the one behind me nodded at me, as we had already advanced.

 It is when a soft voice interrupts the lyricism:

 -     you want to help me? - taking me by surprise, which brought me back to reality.

 -     Of course yes!

 - I need help with the transcription of these documents

 Do you know how to transcribe?

 - ah, that! Yes - I answered, floating in the cotton candy of my thoughts.

 -    Take. I take a long time. I do not write in your language.

 You, yes, you can do.

 - Perfect ‘if I didn't ask him how much he would pay me!

 Here you go-and he handed me the papers he was holding in his hand, a list of his patient records.

 - Copy the names

 -    Okay. I will do it!

 -Thank you, volunteer - he told me, to which I thought of telling him that she was not a volunteer yet

 Although, to tell the truth, the misunderstanding saved me twenty minutes in line - but not training, a quick one, with practical explanations of what we had to do - like patient care - and what we didn't have to do - like eat while working.

 What I remember is that that same afternoon, they gave me an apron, aqua green - with two pockets! - to address the battalion, where I should start volunteering, at the battalion on the northern border, a block and a half from the plaza.

 I just said goodbye to Ernesto, with a bear hug.

 I just said goodbye to Ernesto - after all, I had been helping him with the chores of the job for more than five years - giving him a big bear hug, and a recommendation:

 - don't be very unfaithful!

 And we laugh like two children, ending the farewell with the classic:

 -     take care of yourself!

 And with a backpack on my back, I reached the battalion, heading to the tents at the back, where the wounded soldiers arrived on the battlefield.

 The first fifteen minutes were dedicated to getting used to it, through observation and inspection of the place where they will work.

 Button up my pink overcoat.

 At that very moment, a firm and strong male voice made me turn my head, to know where and who it came from.

 And there he was again!

 Radiant like the sun.

 My sun.

 -     your help ! - the voice told me - not just any voice, but your voice

 He wore an ID around his neck, which taught me that his name was Park, he was the chief physician and that he was on duty that day, for twenty-four hours.

 -     Hello ! - I greeted, trembling like one of those leaves sewn with the wind.

 - My name is Elenida, an incommunity and trembling Elenida offered her hand.

 (Tall, slanted eyes, straight hair that fell over thick and red lips. Slender legs. Proportional trunk. Button of the open shirt. Yes, yes, yes. Interesting-Elenida said still shaking from talking to a man. believe: I speak with a nice man- but, in my heart, it would have been better to have seen him without a shirt, with his body wet under those buttons that I could very well take off in a jiffy. Was it a dream?

 Do not.

 He was there.

 Would you dare speak to him? On what pretext?

 -Ai, ai, ai, I'm clumsy- and she greeted him, offering her hand as it is customary to do in the West.

 - Park-, to which he looked at his hand and after a second he realized that he should also shake hands, which he did not used to do in his land. My name is Elenida - he repeated, unable to coordinate his words, nor his gestures, of so much emotion.

 - Park Yes. Park.

 - Taste. Nice to meet you - I couldn't articulate the words either.

 He kept the sweetest smile in the world, while he washed his hands with turril water, and without soap.

 He looked at my uniform and, smiling, he asked me:

 Your help.

 -     Yes! - He replied, with the soul that did not fall into the ecstasy he felt.

 - You bring plaster - ordered the stranger, without loosening his radiant smile.

 -    Good.

 - Now, your cast.

 -    Me?

 -    Yes. You already know. Your plastering.

 -    But but but.

 - I said: you don't be afraid.

 -    OK right! You win, as almost always.

 Assistant out. I was. Your plastering.

 I went to get the plaster and the water. Upon my return, the volunteer with blue eyes and light hair was holding the leg of that soldier, who was screaming intensely in pain, and the fat volunteer ate one more donut - the fifth that afternoon.

 Lis days passed, in a whirlwind of wounded and dead.

 Each patient he attended was thinking of him.

 And every thought he had was for him.

 -I was single, and was a virgin, and I would not like to lose her for free, but with someone who would value me as that doctor so educated, so kind, so respectful, so intelligent that I liked him and that he would be the perfect partner for any woman in a world full of taboos.

 And I, she was full of them.

 I decided to be a little more direct and asked him an even more daring question:

 Do you like me as a woman?

 Park approached me, stared at me for a moment, hugged me around the waist, pulled my hair back, stroked his hot face waiting for an answer that I didn't know what could be, and kissed him first on the forehead , then on her cheek, and she went towards her mouth, when I, already trembling with happiness, told her that she wanted him to kiss her.

 And the foreigner, he kissed me, saying "there is no love without hatred, nor hatred without love, I can only give love, that is what I know .. I do not know hate and I never give you hate"

 In that instant, I realized that he was the man of my life.

 He had hard nipples and rapid breathing.

 "What is that? Why am I like this?" I asked myself, confused with the ocean of emotions that flooded my heart.

 At the same time, he began to understand what it was, deciphering my most intimate being through the love that made me imagine that we were in bed, loving each other, as I think was true.

 I no longer knew what reality was, I had lost myself in that

 love that sometimes seems to get out of hand, but not before breaking your heart with the fear of losing it.

 And how much joy I felt with the smell of him, warm and penetrating from him, to stimulate my desire.


 I felt it inside of me.

 She was crazy, in love!

 However, the bliss of encountering happiness is not eternal.

 So, on a beautiful afternoon without many patients to attend to, Park showed me his passport.

 "Go back," he told me, head down, and for the first time without a smile on his face.

 I had understood it, but had not accepted it.

 Therefore, I put the question mark back on my face.


 -    Return. I go back to my country. I have family. Sick mom

 I understood it, as if I had to mourn the loss of something that I did not know.

 He made a lump in my throat.

 The doctor had received a last minute cable from his father, an ambassador, whose profession required constant travel but this time, they had to return, due to the state of health of his mother.

 -Go back to my country - I have to go back to my country because my father asked me.

 - your father? I asked, not really being able to believe it.

 "Are you going to come back?" I asked him, opening my ears and my eyes wide, to see if that was really what he wanted to say.

 - return.

 The simple fact of seeing me alone, without his caresses, kisses and company, of him left me unsafe, and made me lose my mental balance

 I was abandoned, an orphan.


 Not wanting to lose it, he insisted:

 - Will you come back to me one day? I asked him with wet eyes.

 - Do not know.

 I started crying uncontrollably.

 That infatuation had gone deep into my heart.

 He hugged me, kissing my face, staring into my eyes.

 As a goodbye, me and Park stayed together.

 He was reporting on him.


 I transcribed them.

 After two months. Park had to go back to her country.

 It was the worst two months of my life.

 He couldn't make time pass.

 But the evening before Christmas, the doorbell rang.} It was him.

 -Why did you make me wait so long?

 - I promise. I come. - and we hugged for a long time, without letting go.

 I cried on his shoulder with emotion, I kissed him on every millimeter of his face and his mouth, caressing his jet-black hair.

 On the side, the tsmbien kissed me, caressing my body, my hair.

 We parted ways for a second, and he handed me a box full of fish, shrimp, octopus:

 -! your help! - He told me, smiling.

 -     To help?

 -     let's cook 

 -     What do you say? - Without understanding anything he was talking about, but putting on my apron and lighting the fire with a saucepan full of water on top.

 "Go back," he said, smiling with the dry voice of a cold autumn.

 -    What do you say? - unable to believe what she had just heard, terrified.

 - Return to my country ..

 -    You? Again?

 - Me, ambassador.

 - Are you an ambassador now?

 - Yes. To travel.

 - Are you going to travel again? I asked with tears in my eyes.

 - We.

 - How? What did you say? -

 The food was ready.

 We serve it.

 As we ate, Park served the glasses with soju, a fermented rice drink that we had found in his backpacks.

 -     come 

 - Do you want me to go with you?

 -    Yes. I want to be with you.

 My eyes, rejoicing, said yes.

 My soul, without the threat of farewell, was relieved, regaining its breath of life.

 Smiling, I grabbed his hand.

 He took me into his arms, kissing my neck, undressing my thirsty chest for his caresses and his lips, at the same time that I unbuttoned his shirt and licked his chest until I reached his horny organ, and sucked him with all my greedy mouth. ..

 He sat up, and put me on top of him, while I moved, until he finished, with a relieved face.

 And so we did, the whole night… ..

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