Uhmm excuse me, can we move it along here? I have less than 15mins before I have to get back to work

Cashier: I'm so sorry everyone for the inconvenience, one of the cashier's got sick and the now who is supposed to be in for 2nd shift is running late. I'm deeply sorry.

Older woman: oh honey, just as long as I'm getting good customer service I'm good. I'm sure she'll be here soon...

(I softy taps the older lady on the shoulder)

Amanda: hi (generously extends my hand to the older lady)

Older woman: (turns around) oh well hello there sweetheart, I'm Ella. You finishing up your Christmas shopping? (Glances in Amanda basket)

Amanda: hi Mrs. Ella, I'm Amanda. Why don't you say, we just leave our things and I'll treat us to some rum and coke... What ya say?

Mrs. Ella: (looks flatter, yet uninterested) well dear, as appealing as that sounds, imma have to pass. I don't drink. Plus I really don't mind waiting... (Gave Amanda a smirk indicating that she knows what she's up to)

Mrs. Ella: Listen, dear(places her hand on her shoulder) if you're in that much of a hurry, then why don't you ask that nice looking young man if he's in a rush.. He looks like he's available for dinner and maybe dessert (she laughs)

Amanda: I like how you think Mrs. Ella (smiles back) you know what I think I will (saw the other cashier come in)

*Amanda gently steps out of line to talk to the young gentleman that’s over by the toys*


*a roll of wrapping paper falls out of her hand, the young man saw Amanda struggling and decided to come over and help her*

Young man: excuse me Ms., I believe you dropped this( hands her the wrapping paper)

Amanda: (turns around) Ohhh gosh I'm such a klutz, uhmm thank you.

Young man: no problem, I'm Jason (extending his hand)

Amanda: Nice to meet you, I'm Amanda.

Jason: Last min... (Amanda immediately cuts Jason off mid-sentence)

Amanda: Do you come here often, I haven't seen you before?

Jason: Oh well, you don't waste no time know do you? I don't actually, I'm shopping a little bit for my niece and nephew. My sister just had twins like 2mins apart, just last week. Although she says she don't need anything, I can out a little bit...

(Amanda cuts off Jason again)

Amanda: I don't mean to cut you off, but you wanna get out of here get something to drink?

Jason: (looking very confused) uhmm no, is this how you ask someone out?

Amanda: Look at this line, (points to the line) the 2nd cashier that came in didn't help at all, so let's get out of here, and go to a much more upbeat pace...

Jason: Listen, you seem like a very nice person; but if you knew you had shopping or "last minute" shopping to do, then why are you waiting until the last minute... And trying to sweet talk your way into meeting someone, because you're miserable? Wow, your name isn't Amanda… its "The Grinch." Have a great rest of your evening (turns abruptly to stand in line)

*After they finished talking, or better yet after Jason finished saying his share, Amanda was left standing there in her own thoughts*

Mrs. Ella saw Amanda standing alone in her own thoughts and thought that maybe she needed some encouragement.

Sometimes you just gotta understand that you have to stop and smell the flowers, or coffee or whatever it is you young folks do... Meaning stop trying to make things happen, let them happen naturally. I hope to see you around. (She goes in for a gentle soft hug and leaves into the cold air.)

*Amanda, reluctantly goes to get back in the long line behind Jason, she was soo flustered that she didn't even realize that it was him*


Amanda: I've been gone for only 5mins and the line has went nowhere! The 2nd cashier didn't make it any better because it's like we're back with one only cashier... Like some of us are in a hurry and have other... (Jason immediately turns around not realizing it was Amanda)

Jason: Listen lady! (Soften his tone just a bit when he realized it was Amanda) you need to take your Grinch attitude and leave!

Amanda: I'm in line like everyone else (with sarcasm)

Jason: Well be quiet! (Turns around with frustration)

*10 minutes later, it was Amanda turn at the register

Cashier #1: good evening ma'am, was you able to find everything okay?

Amanda: Yes, thank you (starting to feel a bit embarrassed from her impatient behavior)

Cashier #1, Okay your total will be $15.49

Amanda: (hands her a $20)

Cashier #1: $4.51 (hands her the change from her purchase, and also gives her a gentle smile not bringing up the embarrassment she caused on herself)

*Jason and Amanda arrived at the door exit at the same time, even though Jason is disappointed in her behavior the gentleman in him still allows Amanda leave out the door 1st*

Amanda (immediately feels the need to apologize)

Amanda: Jason I'm (Jason cuts her off immediately before she could get any other words out)

Just save it! I don't wanna hear it!

We all want what we want. I get it we all have needs and places to go, but how do you think the people that are serving you feel?

*starts to walk away, but Amanda gently tugs at his arm*

Amanda: it's not that (thinks about her words)

I've been waiting for nearly 2 hours...

Jason: It wasn't that long, you're just very impatient... Goodnight Amanda! (Said in a very stern tone)

*once again Amanda was left in the cold with her thoughts *

The Next Day

*Amanda was too tired to even check to see if the size sweater she got for her mom was correct, it's like Amanda be glutton for punishment, because of course she’s ready to cause another scene again about the lines being soo long*

Amanda :( mumbles to herself) we can't be serious! Like I have to be somewhere... (Looks at her watch) in 15mins (let out a deep sigh)

Jason: (Turns around) We meet here again I see, and yet I see you still didn't learn your lesson from yesterday!

Amanda :( feeling embarrassed, yet bold with what she's going to say)

I have things to do! I can't be in this line all night and day.

Jason :( shakes his head and turn back around in line)

Cashier #1: hey, did... (Realized that Amanda was back again) Oh you're back, did something not fit?

Amanda: Well unfortunately, I grabbed the wrong size sweater for my mom.

Cashier #1: oh no, did you wanna get something else or just an exchange?

Amanda: No, just the exchange (sounding disappointed) I need a size medium and end up grabbing a large by mistake

Cashier #1: Okay let me check to see if we have the size you're looking for.

*cashier comes back with a disappointing look on her face*

Cashier #1: I'm sorry, unfortunately we don't have the size you need

Amanda :( nearly burst into tears) first I have to wait in this long line, and you tell me …YOU DON'T HAVE THE SIZE I NEED!!!! AHHHHHHHHH (cries hysterically)

*people starts to look at Amanda, who at this point is laid out on the floor crying*

Jason :( gently touches her on her back, softly comforting her) it’s okay, I'm sure she love what you give her either way

Amanda: she cries even harder, nooo (talking through her tears), she needed that gift before her surgery!

*with an even more concerned look on his face, he then decides to see what the root behind her outburst is *

Jason: Tell me what's really going on, let's take a walk outside (takes the merchandise and places it on the counter)

*All the customers in the store carry on to what they were previously doing

*they find a bench that's not too far from the store and she let's all the stress out, like releasing the air from the balloon, she never realized just how much tension she had inside of her.

Amanda :( slowly takes a deep breath) Okay, here goes. My mom hurt her hip a few weeks back, she told me about it, but failed to mention just how bad it was... Well I guess it wasn't that bad, until she told me she had to have surgery... She told me that just a few days ago, so I'm scrabbling to make sure I can get my gift to her in time... And I don't think I can (starts to softly cry)

Jason: Oh Amanda, (pulls her closer) when is her surgery?

Amanda: it's in like 30mins, which was why I was being a brat in the line. I'm sorry Jason!

Jason: We, can still make it! I can take you!

Amanda :( looks up with eagerness) really?! Yes please!!

Jason: Okay, let's go.

15mins later, they arrived at FairSide Hospital

*Amanda walks up to the receptionist desk,

Secretary :( gave a warm smile) how can I help you?

Amanda: Uhm yes, I'm looking my mom, she name is Margaret Harrison, she’s having hip surgery tonight.

Secretary: OH yes, she in room 108, you can take the elevator that’s over that to it (Points ahead)

Amanda: Thank you ma'am

*Amanda motions for Jason to come with her*


*When she got to the room, she saw her mom sitting up watching TV

Amanda: Mom! (Runs in to hug her)

Margaret: Amanda honey (kisses her forehead) what are you doing here?

Amanda :( breaks down crying again) I thought I missed your surgery and I had a sweater to give you, but it was too small an....

Margaret: Honey, calm down! You fine, I'm fine you didn't miss anything. See, this is why I didn't tell you anything because I didn't want you to worry yourself (hugs her daughter even tighter). However I have my surgery in 30mins

Amanda: (immediately looks up at her mother!) Wait Hu?

Margaret: I know you, you're my child, I knew you would be here (glances at Jason) and who's this handsome young man?

Amanda: Oh this (starts to smile)

Jason: Hi, I'm Jason (extends his hand for a handshake, but Margaret goes in for a hug)

Margaret: Sorry sweetheart, imma hugger. How you two know each other

Amanda: Long line

Jason: Long story

*They all laugh *

A few minutes later, the nurse walks in the room to let her know that the doctor will be there soon

Dr. Spencer: Good evening Mrs. Margaret, I'm Dr. Spencer, I will do doing your hip surgery. All set? (The nurses starts to wheel Margaret out the room)

Margaret: I love you sweetheart, I'll be fine (kisses her cheeks)

Amanda: I love you too mom!

2 hours later

Dr. Spencer came into the waiting room to let them know that everything went well with the surgery.

Amanda: Thank you Dr.

Dr. Spencer: My pleasure, you both may see her now if you would like.

Jason: Thank you (gently touches Amanda's back)

Amanda :( gently speaking) hi mom (softly sits on her bed) how are you feeling?

Margaret: Hi, sweetheart I'm feeling good actually. (Looks over at Jason) Just because I’m in the bed doesn’t get you off the hook, so back to the task at hand. What's the deal between the two of you? (Give them a playful smirk)

Jason: Well it all started when we were waiting in line, she was soo impatient and just causing chaos (starts laughing at her)

Amanda: I admit I wasn't pleasant to be around, but the next day was even worse... They didn't have your size sweater and I just burst into tears... I was stressed and didn't even realize it until Jason really talked to me to get me to calm down. (Starts smiling back)

Jason: This definitely have been a holiday to remember (he says with a smile)

Amanda: I would say so too... (Smiles back)

2 weeks later, Amanda's mom is home just in time for Christmas.

*Ding Dong*

Amanda: Oh I Jason (happy to see him, but in shock)

Jason: I hope you don't mind, your mom invited me over for dinner.

Amanda: OH (in shock, but still excited) no that's fine. Come on in (motion for him to come inside)

Jason :( hands Margaret a gift)

Margaret: For me? (Confused)

Jason: (nods yes) yes!

Margaret: (opens the gift, pulls out the sweater that Amanda was trying to give to her)

Amanda: It's the sweater!!!!!! (Nearly screaming)

Margaret: It's beautiful! (Holds it up to her, thank you both)

Jason: Merry Christmas Mrs....

Margaret: Just call me ma, and Merry Christmas to you as well

Amanda: How did you? (In disbelief)

Jason: (he never answered, but indicates that he pays attention) Merry Christmas Amanda!

Amanda: Merry Christmas Jason!

Margaret: look up

*they both look up the see mistletoe hanging from the doorway*


They kiss and lived happily ever after!

December 11, 2019 05:29

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