Adventure Crime Suspense

This story contains themes or mentions of physical violence, gore, or abuse.

3 years ago, I was a doctor. I absolutely loved every bit of it. Everyone in the town came to my practice. I admit, it wasn’t a very big town. So compared to top doctors in those enormous cities, I would have a significant amount less than them. But still, I had an ample amount of patients come thru. And I can brag that they loved me so much that no one opted for the big city for any procedure. My office stayed rumbling with the sounds of the townsfolk. If a baby was due to be born, I was the OB-GYN and the Pediatrician. I was the cardiologist for some citizens and the neurologist for others. And would you believe, I also dabbled in the dentistry world when the dentist wasn’t available. The whole town trusted and loved their local doctor, Dr. Stan. I tell you, I was the doctor of the people. It was an amazing title that I wore with pride. But one can’t be the doctor of the people if there are no people.

Whatever life I brought into this world, it snuffed out. Whatever life I helped elongate to enjoy the fruits of their labor, it shortened and stomped on those fruits. They called it the “Butcher of Yimi.” It came through and decimated my town with extreme prejudice. And by some sort of sick and twisted fate, the doctor was left to view and examine the multiple bodies. I examined the clean slices across necks and the multiple holes that must have come from the monster's immaculate sharpened nails and teeth. As the potent scent of blood started to cover my city, a new rage emerged in my core. I have never felt so much anger at any particular being in my life, until that moment. 

I needed to see justice for my city, so I waited for a highway patrolman. As soon as I spotted one coming into the city, I ran into the street to stop him. He first drew his gun on me. I guess I spooked him by running into the street with blood on my shirt., which is understandable. I’m sure I looked like a madman. But I explained to him what was going on, and how I found the bodies. Afterwards, I showed him my office which was fairly close. Inside, there was a group of victims sitting with slash and teeth marks. His face turned milky white as he viewed the blood oozing from the victims. He then demanded that I stay inside while he goes and contacts back up. I complied, but I re-live that moment over and over as I pin that memory as one of my many regrets. I wish I had told him to stay, because the monster was still lurking, still hunting, still issuing chaos. I made the choice in that second to stay, because I figured that his weapon was enough to protect him. But I was wrong as another scream echoed through our abandoned streets. 

With tears in my eyes, I watched the blood stream from the new victim of the butcher. He must not have seen him coming, because his gun was still in the holder as he stared into his new destination. As I closed his eyes, I didn’t know how anybody could stop such a monster, but I also knew that I had to at least try before anybody else was hurt. And to complete my task, it was necessary to kill the title of Dr, and construct the business of hunter.

The first year was very difficult. I would be on the trail of the monster, but always one step behind. By the time I reached the destination, the deed was done. The monster would have struck, and I would be left looking at the scene painted red and smelling more potent fresh blood. As a doctor, I have smelled that scent on numerous occasions. But it never enraged me like it does as a hunter. It only made me desire the blood of the monster more. As that year went by and the second year entered, my skills for hunting increased. I came a step closer as I found myself in the same place a few minutes away from the butcher committing its heinous acts. I did have a setback in year two admittingly. I was so close to catching the butcher, that I decided to alert the cops to my location. I figured maybe if I brought in some help, the extra manpower would allow me to apprehend the monster with ease. But it was total chaos. They were shooting everywhere. I was hit twice by friendly fire I believe. There were so many bullets I’m sure a couple of their team was hit also. I’m certain the monster was hit a couple of times too. But I couldn’t find the body, so I knew he also escaped. 

After that chaotic mess, I decided to work alone, again. I know this may sound weird coming from me, but I was actually glad they didn’t kill the monster. Though yes, it deserved to be shot down, I was hoping I could continue our adventure a little longer. And then when it’s all said and done, I would be the one who takes him down. I’m sure there is some type of award for his head, but I do not want it. Getting my revenge and taking that monster off the street would be my reward. 

Now let me fast forward to today. You know the butcher of Yimi? Well, I found him. That monster that wiped out so many of my friends. That monster that has unleashed chaos across this land. That monster that I have dreamed of fighting for the past three years. That monster dubbed the butcher of Yimi, I have found him. I enjoyed our adventures, but I have grown tired of chasing him. Judging by how we are sitting together silently at this pond, he must have grown tired of running and killing too. 

As we sit, no word is spoken, and no threat is made. Just a silent agreement that we have reached the end of the road. I thought about asking him why he killed all those people, but I decided to let the memories fade just like the ripples in the water. In this serene moment, we were not the hunter and the butcher, we were just creatures enjoying nature. To an untrained eye, someone may think we were friends just enjoying the water. But my enemy cannot sit in my presence for long. He must pay for what he has done. But, maybe he had a reason. Maybe someone did something to set him off. I enjoyed the people of my town, but I cannot say they were all saints. Maybe he grew tired of watching the sinners sin. Maybe he had a divine cause. Maybe. Or maybe he is just the monster that people said he is. Maybe people had told him that since he was younger, and he just became what they said. Or maybe he just wanted to silence the noise. Maybe this is his truth because in this silence he seems so peaceful.

I look into his eyes as he looks back into mine. I don’t see much going on. I can’t say I see sadness in his eyes. But I also can’t say I see rage. I can’t say I have an answer for why he did what he did. And I’m guessing that as he looks past the mirror of the water, he doesn’t know why I did what I did either. But I do see him, and he sees me. In unison, we take a deep breath as a loud crack echoes across the water right before the source of the sound strikes its target.

I love the silence…

September 16, 2023 01:17

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