Fiction Mystery Adventure

      It was like any other day after work. A’ja would pull in her drive way, sit in the car and whine down from the hustle and bustle from that day. Her surrounding neighbors didn’t understand why she sat in the car for an hour or more. When she would go inside her home. It reminded her of all that had to be done, where she was in life, and some of the life time mistakes that couldn’t be changed only by the impossible. That day she sat for thirty minutes in the car. She gets her things from out of the car. She walks to the mailbox. She opens it just see the regular bills. She takes a deep sigh, as she goes through the bills. Then she stops and sees a letter from an insurance agency. It looks like a check! She hurries into the house. She put her things down. She washes her hands and pour a glass of water. She sits down at her kitchen table. She opens the letter. It reads, Lou Anne Christoff Burgeon has passed. You are the next person in line of the generation to pass her inheritance. A’ja was confused! She doesn’t know anyone in the family with this name, even from the family tree. She continues to read. Lou Anne is your royalty decent great Aunt.

      A’ja drops the letter. She gets up from the table. She walks around the house in disbelief. She holds her head, rub her eyes, and splashed water on her face.

      She goes back to the table. She slowly sits, wipe her face and finish reading the letter. The rest reads that you have inherit the kingdom, the riches, palace and the other benefits. As she continues to read, it read that if she didn’t want to take over the palace, someone else will be appointed. Here is a check for two million dollars.

      She was just thinking about all the opportunities that both could give her. One of her first heart’s desire is to go to law school. This opportunity to be the law maker for a country, to make lives better and safer. That is a huge responsibility!

      She thinks and ponder for days, then weeks. Until, she got a knock on her door. She opens the door. There stands a tall, slender gentleman who you would think he was a butler. “Hello, are you A’ja Hillingworth Round?”, he asks.

She pauses for a minute before answering. She wasn’t hoping that it wasn’t people from the palace. She knew it was them. The posture was too straight, they way he spoke was too precise. She steps back and answers, “Yes, I am”.

      The gentleman blinks and grabs A’ja. These people blind fold her. She feels them putting her in a car. She feels the seats. It felt like expensive leather, the smell was clean with a unique texture of a custom-made leather seats. While I was afraid and enjoying the blindness of pleasure.

      Across the street from my house is my neighbor Taylor. She wasn’t home earlier that morning. She would come by time to time. It seems like once I received that letter I didn’t get to see her any more. Mrs. Perculberry left on a long vacation to visit her son and grandchildren. Which this was out of the blue because her son usually doesn’t want to be bothered with her. Anyone to call to inform the police of anything is not home. I wonder if this was a set up!

      After feeling like an hour drive, I was told to get out of the car. I could feel the heat from a jet. I was led up this narrow staircase. They made sure I couldn’t understand any of the conversation from the pilot to the other staff. Once the jet was in the air, the blind fold came off. The first person I saw was Taylor.

“What are you doing here?”, I screamed. She sat there quietly, smile and didn’t say a word. I’m glad my hands were tied. “Heifer, I know you hear me!”, I demanded and became louder and louder until they put the blind fold back on with duct tape. She continued to smile. We flew for hours. I eventually feel asleep. I know how in this state? We flew so long that I am going to be ready for a bath not a shower, but a good tub semi steaming hot water. Oh! Bubble bath a course, as I am thinking of all of this! Here comes the tall slender man leans in my ear. “A’ja you will be home in thirty minutes. I know home is back at 222 Magic Court. Where am I going? I know the palace. Will the people of the country accept me? How will the staff like me? Will I be able to just be naked in my room? I know around the palace is out!

      It was the longest thirty minutes; we finally touch down. The tall slender man says “ are you calm now?”, in a distinguished voice. I just nodded my head. I was pushed into the limo. When the limo began moving, the staff wanted to play ring around the roses with me. I pinched the hell out of some fine body. He had a body, without the six pack. I did it hard enough I could find out who it is? That body was fine!

       Once we all get to the palace, I was taken to this room. Someone took off my blind fold, untie my hands and closed the door so quick, I couldn’t ask or do anything. I looked around the room, my mouth dropped open. It was like I was in a movie. The walls were so elegant of the 1700’s with the handmade cherry wood furniture, with the tall canopy bed with the delicate white silk curtains draped on each end of the bed. On the bed is a bath robe, evening gown and a pair of fuzzy socks. They must have been studying me to have a pair of fuzzy socks. I see a book case, it had law books about this country. This is going to be my reading pass time. I rush over to these double doors. I open them. It is a bathroom so grand that I felt like a celebrity. The custom antique clawfoot tub was so glamorous that I didn’t want to take a bath in it. Then I see next to the tub my favorite bubble bath, bath towel and cloth. Well, I am home. Once I finished looking around, I turned on the water in the tub. When it was filled where I wanted, I grab the bathrobe off the bed. I placed it on the hook by the shower. I step in the tub. It felt so good that I wish I had the fine body in this tub with me so I could make it up to him.  I was so relaxed in the tub. I feel asleep. I put myself to bed the next day I woke up was 11:30 a.m. my time back home. Their time it was late in the afternoon, time for the kids get out of school. When my feet hit the floor, the bodyguard came in gave me this look. The sun reflection of his crystal blue eyes made me get wet. I couldn’t believe I was feeling this way. The maid came in with a tray of food. I went to brush my teeth. She gave me a quick greeting, made sure I didn’t need anything else and out the door. I grab a law book off the shelf, ate the food and began to research their law schools in the area. The rest of the day I relaxed and explored the palace. I made an appointment to meet someone at the law school to show me around. I was curious why the bodyguard with the crystal blue eyes wasn’t with me this morning. I didn’t ask where he was. This guy today could have been my dad or my uncle. No sexy to look at while I am today. Oh well! Hopefully tomorrow. While I waited for the car to come around, I finished reading a page of the law. Their law and rules are strict, in some areas. The love for people is important when it comes to law. As I continue to study the history of the people, the land and law. The bodyguard open the door to let me know the car is ready. We walk downstairs to the car. During the ride, I enjoyed the views of the hills and mountains. This country was beautiful! When we got there, the campus was unreal. We entered this building of the campus where the students have practice real case issues. As I was passing by the classroom, I saw those crystal blue eyes. Our eyes connected; he lost his concentration so quickly that his professor ask him was he ok. I continued to walk and listen to the guide as she was giving information about the law school program. I learned that I had family to graduate from this institution. I knew they wanted me to run this country. I didn’t know the people or the country. After the informative tour, we went back to the palace. Now, the law book I was reading I had more of an understanding. The next morning, I went downstair for breakfast. The real truths were revealed. The tall slender man finally introduced himself as Whitford. Whitford was my great aunt confidante and butler. He shared things she did for people that was unimaginable. As I learned more about my Aunt Lou Anne. I started to like her even the more. Whitford told me the story of how her name was approved by my grandparents. Anne was accepted in the royalty names. She was known in the palace as Anne. When my aunt learned of me and that I loved law. She told me that I would be a great fit to rule this country. The plan is that you go to law school. While you are in law school the we have an interim, that Queen Anne appointed before her death. “What is my time to finish law school, Whitford?”, she ask. He smiles.

“Can’t get nothing by you, A’ja.” He paused, take a deep breath. “You have one year.”

“What?!” Whitford walks out the door. He knew from his experience with Lou Anne how they have to get their emotions out. He came back later that evening. “Are you ready to talk?”, he asked.

“No”, she replied. He close the door. He knew what A’ja was feeling were everything that Anne felt when her parents had put the pressure on her. She didn’t know what it was like to just live at your own goals or requirements. A’ja experience what she didn’t. The next morning, Whitford entered the room. “Good morning, Whitford.” He smiles and nod his head. “Good Morning” She puts the law book on the shelf. They sit down in the seating area of the room. “Whitford, thank you for sharing this information with me. I was mad! About everything, but I realize I have been given this opportunity that I’ve dreamed of for a long time. And yes, I will rule this country.” Whitford jumps up. When he realized what he did. He composed himself. She chuckled. He walked out of the room. He turned to open the door quickly to reply “You will make an excellent Queen.”

      As days passed, I began to get to know the staff and the people in the country. It was that day, those crystal blue eyes connected with me. I woke up as usual, brushed my teeth, put on my bathrobe, went downstairs to have breakfast. I tripped up the stairs as I was going back to my room. Those crystal blue eyes caught me in midair. Our lips touched like a gentle kiss from a movie. I thought he wasn’t going to let me go. “You okay?”, he asked.

“Yes, I am fine, now”. He smiled and walk me back to my room. Before I closed the door, I apologize for the pinch and bruise. He lifted up his shirt.  He says, “Lifetime proof”, starting to walk away and tuck back in his shirt.  I invited him to sit and talk with me, after his shift was over. I learned my Aunt Anne had a huge part why he was working here at the palace. Our relationship flourished quickly. We made sure we didn’t make things obvious when we were in public. At the palace we would study together. Whitford inform me on the laws. I wasn’t able to marry him. Once I was Queen I could change laws. I did just that! We waited until he had his law degree, practice law and established his career. I seized my window of opportunity in law and love. Everything went as planned, we were married.

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