Drama Fiction Mystery

I am in trouble! I am caught up with her in this unavoidable situation. Though she is calm, her dark eyes are scary as hell that she would burn me with her fiery sight! I must confront her with confidence and make her believe that it wasn’t intentional and I have no idea about this circumstance which is not pre planned.

How am I supposed to do that when she is not even giving any reaction? She is sitting in that couch for an hour without moving like a statue with her eyes fixed firmly on me!

I feel awkward to move around freely or to just sit comfortably on this king size bed with her eyes on me!

She must trust me, I must somehow convince her that I am a man of integrity! I should prove it to her! Somehow, despite her blazing stare of distrust.

‘Hi.. I am Steve!’ I waited for her response.

Her gaze blunt!

‘Look I know this is unpleasant but we are left with no choice but to get along!?’

The blunt gaze turned into a doubtful stare, she squinted her eyes as if she learnt my motive!

‘I just wanted to have a better time, to feel free from the stressful environment around me! I had no idea that I would end up with you like this!’

She moved her head to the right, looked at something and turned back to me again.

I could not catch up on her gesture I wonder if she tried to tell me something! What could it be? I looked at her right, the white blinds on the open window fluttered.

' Damn, what’s with the blinds..!’ I moved up and marched to the window, the breeze was cold and it became dark suddenly and I closed the window and returned to my position.

She wasn’t there!

‘Oh Gosh, where did she go and why does it feel so eerie?’ I said aloud in fear.

“You are afraid of darkness?” a voice from behind suddenly made me tremble.

I turned to see her unpacking the bag she brought with,arranging the dressing table near the bed with her cosmetics and accessories.

‘Oh you can talk?’

“Not just talk, I can sing too!” She said in a raspy voice.

‘Uh huh, not interested, I need rest today, so please don’t start!’

“…” She giggled.

‘Are we getting along?’ I asked her and she stopped giggling and turned her face.

Man, that was rude, I thought to myself and sat on the couch. I took my phone out of my pocket and looked for the itinerary for the vacation.

I looked up at her without moving my head to check on her and she has already changed into her night dress.

She walked to the landline on the table and dialled, “what would you like for dinner?” she turned to me.

‘Ah, cheese sandwich?’

“Okay!” She held her thumbs up. “Hello, I would like to have two cheese sandwiches and a cup of tea!” She stared at me again gesturing if I want tea!

I shook my head, ‘No’

She kept the receiver down and walked to me.

I watched her come closer clueless. She picked up her phone from the teapoy and sat opposite.

It was almost an hour and we waited for the dinner still!

‘I’ ll call again, ‘she said.

“Wait, I will talk!” I moved up and dialled for room service.

“Hello, we’ ve ordered dinner and waiting for an hour,” I said.


“What?? That’s okay, two cheese sandwiches and a cup of tea! Yeah.. Yes..!”

I looked at her, she raised her brows like ‘what happened?’

“He said they didn’t receive any orders and he asked for the order again?” I slowed down realising something that’s not right.!?

She looked at me with her eyes widened.

I ignored the thoughts and fell on the couch.

After some time, the door was knocked and the employee arranged the table with the food and waited for the tip.

I gave him some and asked if anything happened today.

He rolled his eyes and rushed out without telling a word.

‘Strange!’ I shouted.

“Steve.. Leave him, let’s eat!”

‘I don’t understand anything about this Hotel, they made me share this suite with a stranger, a woman and they are not providing food in time and when asked they’ re trying to escape! And this guy is unbelievable. '

“What.. It was your fault to bargain the rate for the Hotel suite! And what’s wrong with me huh? What do you think of me? Stop being so senseless!” She shouted and shoved the sandwich in her mouth.

I was taken aback by her yelling and sat down quietly on the chair and ate my sandwich.

Something felt odd. I kept chewing and took a peek in between at her!

She was munching quietly as if nothing happened.

Everything seemed like a puzzle… An unsolvable puzzle!?

How I ended up here in this suite with her?

I had a hectic work life and a boring personal life where I had no time for myself. A sudden holiday for a week made me go crazy and I had to book a cheaper vacation which I bargained with my dealer and he made me get a suite at this Hotel. That felt like a greater achievement for me then! Little did I know that I would end up with another person in my suite after reaching! A beautiful cold hilly region with a bigger hotel was a fantasy. The sight of the hotel gave me chills and excitement. Though the hotel looked magnificent, the employees were all rude and had scary faces.

It all looked enigmatic. Even the woman I am sharing the suite with is inscrutable. I wonder how am I gonna have a rejuvenating vacation in such an environment!

‘Steve…. Steve….!’ She shook me.

My train of thoughts derailed.

‘Lost in thoughts? What are you even thinking of?’ she questioned me.

‘Eh?’ she raised her brows.

“Nothing!” I said.

She looks normal when she talks and daunting when she looks at me with her big eyes.

‘Should I tell her the feeling I have about this hotel? Is it the hotel that’s alarming or her? What am I supposed to do…!’ I thought.

She was already getting ready to sleep, I was confused and lost in thoughts still holding onto the platter.

Man, I should sleep early to go trekking tomorrow, I need to rest well I told myself wiped off the sauce from my mouth and fingers, washed my hands, changed into night pants and jumped on the bed to sleep.

She was reading some book on the other side of the bed without sleeping. I ignored her and slept peacefully despite the baffled mind.

I had nightmares in the middle of the night and groaned. I was calmed suddenly by a feathery touch and dozed off again.

The morning was fresh and bright. I took bath, dressed up and got ready for the trekking, she was ready too with her trekking pants and other stuffs like first aid kit and water bottle, matches, candles and etc.,

We walked down the stairs to the restaurant and had our breakfast together. We gathered in the lobby to join the trekking team. We were then taken to the place in a car.

The guide asked us to stay together and stay aware of the surrounding as there will be wild animals.

We started climbing the mountain and it was tiresome.

She asked, ‘How are you feeling now? Was it a nightmare or what?’

“Damn.. How did she know?” I shrieked.

‘You cried like a baby!’ she added.

“The touch… It was her… Oh my…!” my mind freaked.

‘You alright?’ she asked again and her voice bit concerned.

“Better!” I said.

‘I used to have nightmares too, I overcame the fear and now I don’t!’ she smiled.

“You look better with a smile.” I said.

‘Thank you!’ she smiled again.

Somehow we managed to reach the top and settled making our tents.

She suddenly felt closer to me than strange now, “Are we getting closer?” I wondered.

She extended her water bottle to me. I drank from it. She smiled.

“Am I falling for that smile?” I questioned myself.

We took selfies and many pictures together and had a great vision with cloudy cool hill top. We cooked our own food there and ate in the nature’s beautiful site(sight).

We spent the whole day watching the hilly area, made a campfire pit, sang and danced around it.

Everyone ate the fruits we brought for dinner and winded up in their tents.

We both had to spend our night together in the same tent as she was the only female and she felt comfortable to stay with me.

We talked for a while before sleeping.It looked like we got along well. We slept.

The morning we were taken to the falls and washed ourselves.

We cleared the place, the tents, the garbages and started moving down. We stopped by at a coffee shop halfway down and rested for a while.

I felt relaxed and happy about the trekking and was even more excited that I met her and I wanted to tell her that!

‘Hey..! '

“What? "

' I just felt like telling you how happy I am! But.. I wonder I didn’t know your name! '

" Tessa. . "

' Beautiful name, Thank you for that night, I dozed off again after your help! ' I grinned.

" What’s up Steve, you are acting weird!”

' Just felt!’

" Cool. “She said and started our trekking down.

We all managed to reach the downhill and drove back to the hotel.

Everyone went back to their rooms to rest.

I felt like giving a surprise to Tessa proposing to her, so I tried to talk with the hotel manager.

I waited half an hour to meet him and before I talk he rushed, ‘Sorry Mr. Steve, as we said early, the person you need to share the Suite with has met with an accident on her way to the Hotel! And she has been admitted to the hospital nearby! Can we talk later!? ’ He said.

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Laura Fanning
23:17 Mar 11, 2021

So suspenseful and I loved the trick ending. I did know she was a ghost or a presence but I liked the way you kept it vague until the very end. Nice story!


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13:57 Mar 10, 2021

Couldn’t stop it anywhere. Good experience reading this.


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13:57 Mar 06, 2021

The story was intriguing...Superb..Best of luck..


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