I opened the door and Bate Fowler called out from the kitchen, "Kit. Can you grab the cookbook?"

"Yeah." Bate wasn't too great at cooking but he was the second closest thing I had to family, I walked in expecting to see some form of an explosion.

I laughed shocked at the cleanliness of the kitchen.

"It's takeaway, don't tell your uncle." I chuckled with Bate and then I took a seat at the kitchen bench and pulled out my laptop. I opened my emails and scoffed as I read English Assignment Due at 8:00 pm tonight. I only had my second draft completed, I glanced at the 24-hour time on the bottom corner of the screen. I opened my draft and started editing it, I received a text from Abigail Stonefell, one of my close friends at school. It read, how are you guys going with the essay? The screen flashed again Ria Slater responded with- what essay? I typed my message, haha, just finished.

"That smells really good." I looked up from my screen as my uncle came into the room. He placed a hand on my shoulder and glanced at my screen.

He seemed vague and distracted, "What's wrong?"

He snapped back into reality, "Huh, oh I'm fine."

"Your pupils are dilated, and your head is tilted back slightly. So what's wrong?"

"You don't miss a thing."

"What can I say, I was taught by the best." I stole a glance at one of the many photos on the hallway table of our adventures, this one in Morocco.

"Come on, you two, dinner's ready."

I stood up and grabbed two of the plates and brought them to the kitchen table, I placed them gently and went to grab the third. I couldn't remember when it wasn't just the three of us, or when my parents were still alive. I felt no remorse towards them, seeing as I never actually knew them. I had been with my Uncle and Bate for longer than I could remember.


He sighed and picked up his fork twirling the pasta around his fork. "Just some things at work. Annoying people and all." I nodded my head having met some of his colleges. We ate dinner in an odd silence which was very unusual.

"How was school?"

"Yeah, it was fine."

"I got a call from them earlier."

"That wasn't my fault. Some kid was being shoved around."

"I see. I did try to tell them that you probably had a reason."

"The people who run that place are a bunch of tossers." Bate laughed when I said this but stopped when Uncle Coyln gave him the look.

"Don't use that language."

"It's true." I raised my hands in mock innocence.  

"Phone." he raised his palm skyward waiting.

"What!" I said in bafflement, "But I didn't do anything." Grumpily I fished out my phone from my pocket and gave it to him. His own phone vibrated in his pocket and he pulled it out and answered it.

"Kyron here." He waited, nodding, "I'll leave now." He got up and Bate arched an eyebrow at him, he sighed, "Work."

We nodded and he left, taking my phone with him.

Later that night we got a call. My uncle was dead.

I heard a swift knock and Bate, bleary-eyed went to the door to answer it. I thrust a tissue into my face wiping my eyes dry. I looked through the living room to see who it was. A spark of recognition flew through my head, it was some of my Uncles colleges.

They followed Bate through the living room and into the kitchen where I was standing.

"I'm sorry for your loss, it seems Coyln Kyron went drink driving and had a car crash."

I looked up into the eyes of the speaker, "My uncle wouldn't have even considered the two things in the same sentence."

He tilted his head back ever so slightly, "Well it seems you didn't know Coyln as well as you thought you did."

An instant of rage flooded my head knocking down any sense of calmness I had left. I stepped forward but I felt the hand of Bate on my shoulder, he did that the night he died, put his hand on my shoulder I mean. I opened my mouth and then paused, "Can you at least tell us where he crashed, so we can go there and mourn?"

"I am very sorry for your loss, but they are still cleaning up." he blinked, voice unwavering. "If there is anything we can do for you, please let us know?"

I looked at Bate in confusion and scoffed, unbelievingly. "How do you know he was drinking?" Bate asked, the man looked awful, although so did I.

"Forensics report."

"Can I see it?"

"I will have it mailed to you." They made their way towards the door.

"What about the car insurance?"

The man grimaced, "Yes, we will take care of that through the company."

"Thank You." The door shut behind them and I sank onto a stool.

"They lied, he would never." I hung my head in my hands and cried.

The doorbell rang shortly after they left. This time I went to it, Ria and Abbey were there. I heard Bate shuffle upstairs behind me. "Hey Guys," I didn't get to finish my sentence as they bear-hugged me. We sat around the kitchen table as they tried to make me feel better.

"How's Bate travelling?"

"Not too well."

In the end, we moved all the furniture out of the way, so that Ria could show us a move she claimed to have learnt.

The next day I got the report, I read it and the information they had told us was true. I still didn't believe it, he would never have done that. I slammed my fist into my bed and sat up. I saw something on the corner of the page, a name, Delta LAB. I grabbed my laptop from my desk, just hoping I was right. My fingers shook as I typed the two words in, I waited as it loaded my eyes darting around my room. No matching search results came up. I bounced off my bed remembering something, I ran to Bate's room. "Bate!" I knocked on the door. "Can I go to Abigail's house, Ria's there!"

"Sure," he called from his room. I didn't actually know if she was there, but she always was so I just assumed. I grabbed my bike and pedalled across the road, looking carefully for cars. I put my helmet on as I rode.

I chained my bike to the street light outside her house. I knocked on the door and Ria and Abigail answered.

"Where is your phone? I need it!"



I stood in the hallway and opened the find my iPhone app on her phone. "OMG, GUYS COME ON!"

Abigail grabbed my shoulders, "Woah there Bessie. Where? What are you talking about?"

I steadied myself. "The day he died," I swallowed, "he took my phone or something and he must have left it in his car." Their faces lit up.

"So if we go to that location we will be able to unravel their lie."


We grabbed our bikes and rode over, it was a warehouse, the front closed off. We got off our bikes and hid them around the corner. We crept around the building, I signalled for them to halt. I went on ahead Abigail's phone was still in my grasp. I tried to look over the metal construction wall, with no luck I remembered what was in my hand. I Lifted the phone over the wall and took a video.

"Let's wrap this up, people. Remember it's the same old cover story." I heard a new voice. I recognised it, as one of my uncle's colleagues. But what would an accountant be doing there?

I looked more closely at the video, there was something fairly large on the ground.

I heard footsteps outside of the warehouse, I whipped my head around just in time to see someone approaching.

"What are you doing here, your not supposed to be back here." He reached forward to grab me, I thrust a right hook, quickly followed by a blow to his chin. He stumbled back and I kicked his ankle pushing it upwards, knocking him over.

"Kit, come on let's go!" I looked up to see Ria hovering around the corner. We ran back to our bikes. A black car left the warehouse, "Guys, go back to Abbey's house and email this video to all of our laptops, I will be there later."

"Where are you.."

"I'll meet you there!" I took off on my bike down the road desperate to follow the car. Adrenaline pumped through me as I pedalled down the road. The car slowed and I jumped off leaning my bike against a building, I watched as the garage opened for the massive building. I caught myself in thought and I saw the gate slowly shutting. I ran to it, at the last second diving to the ground into a tucked roll. I picked myself up dragging my feet slightly on the ground.

"Is it finished?"

"Yes, director."

Director? My heart thumped at the title I poked my head up trying to get a clear vision of the man who murdered my Uncle. I followed them inside, "Halt." I felt the nose of a gun pressed against the square of my back. I spun around twisting the gun up with the palm of my hands and pulled her arm towards me, bringing my knee up into her side. I pulled the gun out of her grasp and aimed it at the shocked director.

"Let's think very rationally about this now." The director breathed very carefully. I stepped closer and said, "You killed him and you're going to pay for that."

"Kit, I haven't killed anyone." 

 "How do you know my name."

"Let's put the gun away and discuss it." I thought about it, for a brief moment. "I have men who will be here at any moment now, so I say this again, put the gun down and we can talk."

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