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“How do you mean by that?”

“Not how do I mean, never me?. I tell you what they said is the route they are on now in this madness”

“But why are people so dumb to this extent, even if you are a kid, you can tell A from B in the situation of this nature?”

“Who will be the one hearing that your A from B eh? Do you think those saying that nonsense and those hearing them don’t know that all are bullshit?- they all know but knowing doesn’t favor them or able to put food on their table in the manner they have been corrupted since this guy came on board”

“The way to handle things of this nature is to turn the table around for only three months or five and see how mature, and disciplined those guys are”

“Discipline?- since when has that one entered their dictionary if you are their member and voice out those kinds of words often to their hearing, they will offload you like a leper”

“Why are people not talking then?- who are they to be the alpha and omega in the same case they are being regarded as a suspect too”

“Who are they?- they are who they are bro. If you want to know how the country is being run, stand in their way in this issue, and see things for yourself. Their strength is not coming from the uniform on their person or what they claimed to be in their heads but from one office up there. That is the reason they are the alpha and the omega in their case”

“ This nation belongs to all the law-abiding citizens and no one breaking the law should be allowed to hold the law abiders hostage. It must not be encouraged”

“You are beginning to sound like who you are. Who is going to enforce that?”

“ You see why I like military rule to this quasi-communist rule ”

“ What you like or not like doesn’t cut it. The reality is what we are witnessing now. Accept it”

“No, really, I think that police mess up more than the military guys. Think back and judge for yourself. Both block roads and extort money illegally from the poor masses but the military rarely kill at the rate officers do”

“military rule will be the same but nowadays, I am in favor of calling something, something. The equation has changed”

“ How has it changed? The military is still better by far”

“ In this country, the police have more powers and more money than the military. Are you not following events?”

“Following events how?- how and where in the human world does the police have more power than the military” 

“ Human worlds?- well, the events in the country will tell you that maybe, we are not part of the species you are referring to as humans, whether we are sharing the same planet or not. That must be the reason our ways are always different from the rest of humanity”

“I still don’t understand your line of thought and point”

“ These days in this country, civilians are even killing militaries and the military are bowing and kowtowing seriously with visible fear written all over”

“ Killing militaries or ministries?- Do you mean Boko Haram guys and their west African counterparts, those guys are killing the priests now like craze?”

“ No, I mean the civilians like your president and his tribal men. They are afraid of Boko Haram but good in eliminating top military guys and label them coup plotters. One funny thing is that after killing these military top guys, they shower, frown, sigh loudly, and went to another state for a wedding”

“You mean those guys that died in a helicopter in the capital the other time?”

“Sure, those guys that has gut enough to act”

“ But they visited the families and paid their condolences”

“ Good to see your memory has not deserted you entirely. The thing is that they did not go to the family for a condolence visit. They went there to indirectly threaten the wife and her children. To spite their sorrowful faces”

“ But truly, were they the ones that crashed those guys’ copter?- what has the military done to investigate the death of their colleagues? I mean it is not a good thing to hear if that is true”

“ Well, it is true and it is also true that they have not done anything, and from the look of things are too afraid to do anything apart from scrambling for the vacated seats”

“It is pitiable If true even though plotting coups are not a tea party but civilians having the gut to be threatening and killing the military and the military cowering did not depict good news to the entire nation's security”

“ Entire nation?- Do you mean you put your trust in those boys scouts before? You still have a lot of waking up to do. They handed Cameroon over our land when Cameroon sent them to the world court. Do you think they can defeat this tiny Ghana here?- man, we are giants in the name only. No one is watching your back but you. Don’t forget that”

“ God help us. If our oil dries up, we are finished. Nobody is at home”

“Good to hear that from you bro. If you truly want to know if anyone in the name of the military is at home, shout and mention World court and see some in the uniform shaking like Christmas goats”

“ I always believe that we balance as a nation in that regard at least in Africa. But if all these permutations are true, no one is truly at home. It is not good news from any angle”

“ Now you know why the police are the alpha and omega in this country. They are the left-hand man, right-hand man, and the center man of those in the offices responsible for the killing of the military guys that are so angry with how issues are handled and managed here, but they are too chicken to crow to the hearing of those guys managing events here and police became who and what they are today”

“ I think we have to curtail the excess of these men in black uniforms by balancing the power they wield between them and the military”

“ You mean dividing the military weapons among the two?”

“ No.That sounds crazy. I mean teaching due process to both”

“ Due process?- What follows due process in this nation? The education sector, security, politics, policies, religion?- has anything coming from your federal level ever followed due process?”

“ That is more reason reeducation is urgently needed on those leaders, bro”

“I think we have to end this discussion here. You are beginning to sound like yourself again. I thought you have woken up but it seems the longer we are at it, the more you relapse. See you next time”

February 18, 2023 04:15

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