Inspirational Christian Fiction

Athena is the youngest of all, she wants to be an aspiring writer because she wants to inspire others. She was longing to be part of the world who gives light to others as a way of encouraging that everything she do will be worth it in the end. She was living an ordinary life but in a very unique and meaningful way. She was seeking for love and found it in a mysterious way. She accepts the love that she always receive but she never knew that something great is coming to her. She reads hundreds of message and books, seeking to understand everything and then there she finds her purpose. She observes the life of the people she sees because in that way she learned and create a wonderful stories. She was amazed with each stories, giving her wisdom and learnings throughout the journey she had. She felt every emotions she could have in that long span of time. Believing that she would achieve her dreams in life.

“Athena where are you?

“Aren’t you joining in a camp today?” her mom ask her.

“I’m coming mom, I just need to fix my bag”.

“Alright, make it fast, so you won’t miss the bus.”

She was going on a camp to refresh her mind and to write something new. She will write a book and she wish that it would be a hit in the market. She packed her clothes and she decided to have a three day camp. Her mom gave her the food she needs in the camp. She was going out when her mom shouted.

“Athena, wait for a while your medicine, you need this, just in case there’s an emergency.”

“Ohh! Thank you so much mom, you’re the best!”

She get the medicine and hug her mom, she then run outside to get to the bus. She saw her friends at the bus stop and she went together with them. When she was inside the bus, her friend approach her.

“Athena, can I sit beside you? I love to sit with you”

“Sure, no one sits here, feel free to do so”, she smiled and give her a wink.

While they were in the bus, Athena was asleep and when they arrived her friends wake her up and they were mesmerized with the place. They set the tent to an open place and Athena shared her tent with one of her friend. The place was beautiful and there you can see the pond and the grass were green and tall. The sun is shining bright and they enjoyed the scenery. Athena started to think on what to write and she come up with the idea and she made the title “Somewhere down the road”, she sat in a small wood and think of the words she wants to write and then it comes to her mind one by one until she created a paragraph and put all the words into an amazing story.

“What’s that?” one of her friend yell.

“Ohh, it’s a beautiful bird”, isn’t it beautiful? Athena said.

“I wanted to take it at home, such a cute bird”

Lunch came and they prepared everything .They set up a table and made their lunch. They were happy and enjoying. Night came and they had a campfire. Everyone sing and after singing they had a game. They played the “whisper game”, the fun begins when that person quietly whispers the message to another person. This secret message is passed from one person to another until the last person announces it to the entire group. They were laughing with their errors. As the night ends, Athena prayed for a better weather for tomorrow and she slept.

Second day came and they plan to go to the mountain, they will hike and luckily Athena was able to bring her extra shoes for her friend who forgot to bring it. They take pleasure in the beautiful trees and scenery as they climb the mountain. When they reach the top of the mountain, they saw the peaks of the mountains were like harpoon tips. They were shrouded in ghost-grey mist. The air was chilling and numbing. They took pictures and when they go down, they were satisfied and they end the night with a joyful heart.

The last day of the camp they prepared something, they come up with the ideas of sharing their life during the campfire, Athena shared that she wants to inspire others through her writing, she thinks that it was her purpose and she wants to create something different, a master of art that would influence others. She said that she write because she wants to capture the hearts of every one that reads.

They went home and Athena and her family celebrates the New Year. She had a lot in her mind and she can’t focus on what things to be done and what she wants to accomplish as the year end. All things mess up but she knows she can do it. She started to list the things she wants to write and she wants to finish it one by one before the day ends. She has a fighting soul and giving up is not her option. She started to arrange things in order and doing it one by one felt like success in her part. She doesn’t notice that every part is done appropriately. She was brave enough to finish the journey of her life for the year 2020, she might missed some of the part but the best part is that she accomplished some of it. It’s not important if she missed out some of the things but the most important things are those achievement she had. She chose to see it in a positive thing because she knows that she did her best. At the end of the day she can say “Good job” on her part. In the end, she live by the words and that’s the most important thing.

January 01, 2021 14:12

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