Twins and Flowers

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The International Garden Festival was a big event all over Britain, many railways and locomotives were sent to many different railways to participated in many of the flower theme events.

Many railways like The Festival Railway brought many locomotives from the Romney, Hythe, and Dymchurch Railway and the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway, it was a big deal and it could make a lot of revenue.

The tank engine twins Laurel and Hardy were participating in this event, while Rushton, the new locomotive built in China was in the spotlight as the third new steam locomotive.

The theme is related to Garden and Flowers, with that, the volunteers decorated the trains with flowers to make them look pretty and cute.

Many flowers were also displayed around the Hunslet Peter, it made an interesting contrast between the colors of the flowers and the industrial railway type look. It took both the volunteers and the staff at the manufacture to complete this task.

Laurel was excited. "The island is celebrating this expo so much."

"Yes, Roger from The Ruined Castle Branch is operating special flower theme trains," Hardy replied.

Hunslet Peter was deck out with flowers and petals, it was a beautiful sight to be seen and the twins were happy to be decorated as well, even Monarch was decorated for this event as well.

But Laurel's driver didn't seem to be all happy, he was stuck at home because of allergies, so he couldn't make it to the event, many flower theme trains on the island have been sponsor by the Expo for the extra revenue and advertisement.

"It's a pity that your driver has to stay home," Hardy chuckle, "Maybe the flowers didn't like him."

Being in spring, where people can get allergies from the flowers or any other plants, many heritage railways would like to deck out on the flowers and plants to make their railway look pretty, but some heritage railways like the Sittingbourne and Kemsley Light Railway didn't do any of that.

The Ruined Castle Branch has also trying to make this even very nice and worthy, since there's a photo contest on what's the prettiest railways for the expo, it could be both interesting and weird at the same time.

The open day has brought a lot of people to the event, many of the people who visit the All Small Steam Locomotive Society in the past has greatly supported the society for many years now, the Society has always made great events for the community and it helps them built their own coaches and commission a brand new steam locomotive.

Tiny Tim from Tiny Tim's Clubhouse was there to bring people to the event by train and taking them home. The twins like Tiny Tim and were glad that he came, a standard gauge locomotive participating with the narrow gauge locomotives can be very awesome.

Laurel was coupled to the train and set off on the one-mile track which they call home, it was breezy today, and Laurel was careful on to go fast, but the decorated petals on Laurel and the coaches can fly off into the wind.

He could see Monarch with his flower theme train, and it was a beautiful display by the staff of Hunslet Peter. As the trains went past each other, a strong gust of wind has caused the petals of Monarch's train to be swept off and cause a railful of petals to Laurel's train.

The soft and nice smell of the petals covered him and his train, luckily, the passengers didn't get covered, but Laurel was covered from head to wheel in pretty flower petals.

"Well, that's something," Laurel said.

He wasn't angry but thought it was funny, the smell of the petals' was good, and the theme is flowers, so Laurel didn't really get upset. When he got back, both Hardy and Rushton were laughing their wheels off when they saw Laurel.

"You look like a flower monster," His twin had said, "A fragrance monster."

"Haha very funny." Laurel mock his twin, "Besides, it's a flower theme expo, so I'm not angry."

"But still," His twin laughed.

"The kids like it." Laurel smiled.

He was right, the kids were saying hello to the weird creature not knowing that it's Laurel, it made him smile, he likes to make the kids happy.

Just as Hardy was laughing, a couple of young lads with baskets full of petals trip on something and cause the petals to land on both Hardy and Laurel again, with the steam causing them to stick. Hardy was covered in flowers, and Laurel does look like a flower monster, Rushton laugh as well.

"You both look like flower monsters." He chuckles.

"I say," Hardy exclaimed, "I could see why you don't mind this."

Both Laurel and Hardy laugh and agree with him, the whole day they kept looking like that, it made the kids tease them, but with the flower theme expo being a major part of the 1984 season, they didn't mind, in fact, they love it.

The twins enjoyed the event, and when evening came, it was apparent that the flower twin monsters are going to be the talk of the town for a long time.

"You two need a long wash to get those flowers off of you." Their crew laughed.

That night, their crew took a while to clean them off, it was a long process, but after half-hour of cleaning, they were all spotless. Laurel and Hardy smiled and thank the crew for their hard work.

"Well, today's events went well." Rushton joked.

"I know, and we'll be doing more of this tomorrow and a couple of months," Hardy told him, "Not a bad first day."

"And," Laurel said, "You could join us to be both flower monsters, Rushton, it'll be very funny and cool."

"Count me out." Rushton sighed, "I'll just be on display."

But Laurel and Hardy just laugh, it was a perfect event, for a perfect expo.

March 19, 2021 16:51

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