Kelvin Aguas rushed into his car wearing only his boxers. His suit, tie, socks, and shoes were in his hands as he raced into his car. He couldn't stand the chance of missing his afternoon flight due to what happened the night before. He went to a strip club with his driver and spent the night there drinking and having fun with the ladies. He just woke at 15 minutes to noon and the flight was scheduled for noon.

''Won't you have breakfast? Oooh! I'm sorry, you missed breakfast but won't you have lunch? Just a bite!'' Nanny Gifty Cruz teased alongside with the housemaids who continually laughed at their boss. Kelvin was open when it came to his staff and he had a very close and free relationship with each one of them.

Veronica Heyman was ten minutes closer to Hamburg airport. She turned right to the Ballindamm road and she felt like exploding due to the unusual traffic jam that had occurred.

''That moment you wish you were engaged to The Flash. All thanks to my sweet and too kind mother. If not for her I wouldn't be in this traffic jam and late for my plane. If I miss my flight to Manila, I won't get the job of being the personal secretary of that strict but rich woman because no one would be willing to employ an unpunctual worker especially her. She might even make sure I am internationally denounced. I don't even know how she looks like. Mum calls me a Work Goddess and yet still she dares to put a sedative in my coffee when I was preparing for such an important meeting. Who does that to their child?'' Veronica said angrily to herself.

After spending twenty-two minutes on the road, Veronica arrived at the airport. She was fifteen minutes late for the flight to Manila. Out of tension, she picked up her handbag, locked her car, and raced into the airport. Her flight for Manila had not left but was due to leave. It took her a while to notice that she was not holding her luggage.

''Not now!'' she screamed to herself but the crowd didn't have time for her melodramatic concert. She turned to race to her car for her luggage and just then she bumped into a young-looking man who was as tensed as she was. They slipped and fell to the floor with Veronica's long red curly ringlets all over the man's face.

For a while, they continued to lie on the floor like the whole world had been muted and then Veronica began to laugh.

''If you continue to lie on me I'm obviously going to miss my flight to Manila.'' the young gentleman finally spoke and Veronica remembered the main reason she bumped into the man in the first place.

''I'm also going to miss that flight!'' she screamed and raced out of the airport for her luggage. The man stood to his feet still laughing at the stranger he had just met. He was Kelvin, the son of one of the wealthiest men in Germany. He hurriedly made his way to the flight after going through so many protocols.

''Immediately another person walks in we'll take off.'' these were the words of the air hostess as she stood at the pathway that connected the plane to the airport. After hearing these words Kelvin was reminded of the woman he bumped into. He intentionally complained of back pain to delay time and the air hostess wasn't liking it at all. Then it moved to gum pain and anytime they tried to settle one of these problems of his another miraculous pain occurred. He continued like this till he noticed the presence of the lady he had bumped into.

''There she is, she's my guest. Make sure she sits in the first class I'll take care of the charges.'' Kelvin pointed at Veronica who was still racing to their place.

''My lady, you are very lucky today. Thank your stars. The son of one of the wealthiest men in the country has requested for you to sit in first class and he pretended to feel sick so that you would join the flight.'' the air hostess said pointing at Kelvin who laughed in return. He knew her so well. She was a friend's wife. Angel was her name. The girl who married her high school sweetheart after years apart.

''All that for me! Wow! It's going to be my first time in the first-class seat!'' Veronica exclaimed as she followed the air hostess to her seat.

''I'm Kelvin Aguas.'' Kelvin introduced himself to Veronica.

''And I'm Veronica Hayes and thanks for the first class seat only true friends would be willing to do something like that.'' they stared at each other for a while without saying a word. After two hours of pretending not to notice each other, they finally spoke.

''Can we be friends?'' they jinxed and laughed at each other. The trip to the Philippines was very short and interesting for the duet. Sharing silly comments, laughing at each other, jinxing, speaking about their school life, and private life. The eighteen hours trip made them the closest of friends to Angel's surprise and their surprise as well.

''I'm going to the Philippines because I had a contract from a very strict woman to be her personal secretary. If not for my mum, I might not have met you. Sometimes I wonder if my mum does it right or wrong. Her sedative made me find a friend like you today.''

''I tried to make my first international business meeting to my mother's without my Nanny's help and I walked out of the mansion wearing only boxers...'' Veronica laughed even harder.

''I'm trying to imagine a handsome man like you in boxers. Look at your dark brown side swept layered hair. A fully grown sexy man who is woken up by his nanny. You're such a baby!''

''I'm not.''

''You are,'' they continued to quarrel and friendly hit each other.

''Twenty hours ago we bumped into each other. Each one of us being late for a particular flight.'' Veronica began as she walked out of the plane with Kelvin by her side.

''Eighteen hours ago we jinxed about being friends,'' Kelvin added and they laughed once again.

''And now we are friends. Just promise that you'll stay in touch. This friendship can't end!'' Veronica said as they both walked out of the airport turning to separate directions. In less than a day, Veronica had found herself a close friend.

August 21, 2020 20:07

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05:59 Sep 03, 2020

Great story!


19:18 Sep 03, 2020

I'm glad you liked it.


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Wonderful story, I really enjoyed how you got your characters to interact and become such close friends in such a short time. Well done! ~Alainna


19:16 Sep 03, 2020

Thank you very much Alainna. I tried to imagine a short time friendship which ends up being great and I'm glad you appreciate that.


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17:56 Mar 15, 2021

I love how fun the characters are in this. You made them seem really chaotic, but interesting. Overall, good story!


17:26 Mar 16, 2021

Oh, my Kelvin, always fun but you're right, the friendship between Kelvin and Veronica was chaotic but interesting. Thanks for all the comments, Ethan. I really appreciate it.


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Keerththan 😀
03:29 Sep 09, 2020

Wonderful story. Love your dialogue. The ending is nice too. Keep writing. Would you mind reading my new one? Thanks.


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