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‘Natasha, Will you marry me?’

Natasha was blushing when she heard those words. He was fair and six feet tall. He had clear skin without any blemishes. He had an attractive smile. Overall, He was a Handsome Hunk. He was eagerly waiting for Natasha’s reply.

When Natasha was about to accept his marriage proposal, she heard a voice.

‘Natasha, Wake up Darling. It’s seven in the morning.’

Natasha woke up from her sleep. It was her Mamma’s voice.

‘Wake up, dear. You are getting late for work.’

Natasha sat on her bed with crossed legs.

‘Was it all a dream?’, questioned Natasha to herself.

Natasha was upset when she came to know that everything was a dream.

Eventually, Natasha got ready and sat at the dining table to have her breakfast.

Natasha was busy using her phone. Natasha's mother noticed it.

‘Natasha, Have your breakfast peacefully without any distractions.’, said Mother as she snatched Natasha's phone.

Natasha frowned her face but she knew whatever her mom said was right. She gobbled her food as she was running late for the office.

‘Natasha, I want you to arrive early from the office.’

‘Why, Mom ?’, asked Natasha as she chewed her food.

‘My close friend's son is getting married. She has invited us to the wedding. So, Make it early today.’

Natasha nodded her head, kissed her mother, and departed from the house.

While traveling to her office, those visuals from her dream flashed in her mind. Natasha smiled thinking of her dream.

Natasha reached her office and settled on her seat.

Natalie was sitting next to her, curiously looking at Natasha.

Natalie was Natasha's Best Friend.

‘You are looking different today. So, What made you so happy, Natty?’

 Natasha blushed as she saw her friend, Natalie.

‘Excuse me, Why are blushing looking at me?’ , inquired Natalie with a weird face.

Natasha wanted Natalie to come closer and pulled her chair towards her. Natalie was puzzled by Natasha's behavior.

‘Actually, Natalie you know….’ , said Natasha and started giggling.

Natasha gave her a weird look.

‘Why are you giggling? Is there something funny here? ‘, asked Natalie.

‘Just Listen to me. Actually …..’ , Natasha was blushing.

‘What Actually? Let me know what's the case or else I’ll leave.’

‘Ok, Don’t get furious. Today I had a dream early in the morning. I was getting married to a handsome guy in my dream.’, said Natasha.

Natasha was blushing.

‘Oh, Oh. So, You were blushing because of this, huh? So, Finally, you saw your Prince Charming.’, said Natalie.

‘Yeah. I’m hoping to meet him soon.’, said Natasha.

‘Early morning dreams usually comes true, Natty. All the best.’ ,said Natalie as she started laughing.

Natasha too giggled with Natalie.

It was five in the evening.

Natasha reached home early and prepared to attend the wedding.

Natasha along with her mother reached the wedding venue.

Natasha was dressed in a long white gown.

Natasha smiled as she read the bride and groom's name. It was Rosy weds Michael.

Natasha's mother’s friend invited them in. They both sat down together.

‘Look at the bride. She is gorgeous. I want to see you get married one day just like her.’

Natasha was blushing after listening her mother's words.

Subsequently, Natasha was bored. She wanted to leave the spot as soon as possible.

She started exploring her social media.

‘Look, Natasha. The groom has arrived.’, said Natasha's Mother.

Natasha looked at the groom casually and resumed using her phone.

‘Wait, What did I just see?’, questioned Natasha to herself.

She searched for the bridegroom. Her eyes wanted to see the groom once again. Natasha saw him standing next to the bride.

He looked Happy. Natasha was startled. He was the same guy whom Natasha saw in her dream.

‘Mumma, Are you sure? Is he the bridegroom?’ , asked Natasha.

‘Of course, darling. He is the bridegroom. Can’t you see he is standing next to the bride?’

‘Then, What about me?’, asked Natasha.

‘What about you? What happened, darling.’, asked Natasha's Mother.

‘I will be back, mom. Give me sometime.’

Natasha headed towards the entrance door while Natasha’s mother was startled.

Natasha stood near the door.

‘No, I can’t believe my eyes. What's happening? My dream guy is getting married to someone else. I am confused.’

Natasha stood confused there while she heard a sweet voice of a guy.

She turned over and looked at that person. Her eyes went wide while the guy was smiling wide looking at her.

Natasha was startled. She looked at the guy and looked at the groom standing along with the bride on the stage. The groom and the guy with a wide smile were similar in appearance.

Natasha couldn’t believe her eyes. The guy looked at her.

‘What happened, Miss? Are you okay?’ ,inquired the guy in a sweet voice.

Natasha was stammering.

‘You look similar to the groom. How is it possible?’ ,asked Natasha with a thoughtful face.

‘He is my twin brother. Don’t panic.’, said the guy smiling at her.

Natasha was relieved and smiled looking at him.

‘You were looking tensed. That's why, I approached you. I’m Matthew, Michael's twin brother.’

‘I’m Natasha. Nice to meet you.’

Natasha was smiling at him and eventually started blushing.

Natasha and Matthew’s mothers were friends. They both interrupted Natasha and Matthew.

‘This is my son, Matthew.’, introduced Matthew's mother to Natasha and her mother.

Matthew greeted her with a smile.

‘By the way, this is my daughter, Natasha.’, said Natasha's mother.

Natasha greeted Matthew's mother with a smile.

‘So, you both became friends huh?’, asked Matthew's mother.

Matthew nodded as their respective mothers left the place.

‘Let’s have a seat and talk.’, said Matthew.

Natasha nodded her head and sat with Matthew. They both were talking to each other for a long time.

After a while, Natasha and her mother were about to leave the wedding.

‘It was great meeting you, Matthew.’ ,said Natasha with a wide smile on her face.

Matthew blushed looking at her.

‘Natasha, If you don’t mind can you share your personal number with me, so that we both can be in touch.’, asked Matthew hesitantly.

Natasha looked at him and thought for a while. She gave him her number and got his number too in return.

While heading back to her house, Natasha smiled as she texted Natalie, ‘I met him today.’

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