I missed Mr. Bonham more than anything. Why had I not saved him? He had tried to save me…….And he died doing so. 

I walked into the woods the day after his funeral, my backpack bouncing on and off my legs. The empty passageway was dark, just like how I feel right now. Dark and empty. I kept on walking, thinking of ways I could’ve saved him, possibly make him live a little longer. I hated myself. I killed my magic teacher. Now I didn’t have a teacher, and I lost my only friend.

Remember the empty walkway? Well, it wasn’t empty anymore. A tall figure stood about a meter away, but it just stood there, like it was waiting for me to go there. My curiosity could’ve killed me, but at the time I couldn’t hold back. No matter what it was, I was going to find out. 

I got closer to the shadow. It towered over me, but who it was is what surprised me. By a bunch. “Hey dude!,” Mr. Boham smiled at me. I thought he passed away. Why is he still here? He stood in front of me on the empty passageway. I closed my eyes and shook my head. Am I dreaming?

I opened my eyes again. Nope. He’s still there. “Mr. Boham! Why are you here?” I asked “That’s not a very nice way to welcome your friend,” He said, his smile not fading. I was at such a loss for words that was all I could force out. “I’m so-so-sorry, I-I-I- didn’t thi-think about wha-what I-I-I was say-say-saying.” I stammered. I was in freaking SHOCK! Was that really him? 

Magic couldn’t bring one back, could it? As if my magic teacher could read my mind, he said, “Magic brought me back, I wanted to say goodbye and have one last chat.” We walked over to an old stone wall and told each other what happened during the short span of time when he was gone. How I had cried the loudest and longest in the church, how much I had missed him, and how I practiced all the magic he had taught me. 

“Mr. Boham, will you still come back when I need you?” I asked. “Liam, you understand I’m just an old guy, one that would die eventually? Just think as if I had, and yes, I will be there, just above. You will always be looked over, as if I was beside you. You are a handsome young man, so don’t waste your time thinking about me.” I sniffled. I didn’t want to leave him. I hope this chat will last forever.

In my mind were swirling questions, forming uncontrollably as I listened to his words again. Who would teach me magic now? Can I record us talking so I could listen to you every day? Are you transparent? What happens when we die? Is the world above just like Earth? Can I have your hat for keepsakes? Did you miss me? Can I tell anyone about this? Have you visited Mrs. Boham? Why don’t you stay forever? Can you really read my mind?

“Hold your horses, young man, your questions will soon have answers, but first may I ask you, How’s my wife?” “Mrs. Boham is fine, she doesn’t show her feelings, but I can definitely tell she misses you.” I answered, satisfied with my answer. “Tell her I miss her, she’ll understand.” 

We sat there in silence for a while, my heels hitting the stone wall. “Mr. Boham, what’s it like up there? Do you enjoy it?” “I’d rather be down here, but life’s like that. You don’t always get what you want, but sometimes magic can get you closer to perfect.” I sighed. I wanted perfect. Why couldn’t everything be perfect? 

“Who’s going to be my teacher?” “I will. I’ll always be. You have learned the basic tricks. The rest will be easy. I’ll find a way of teaching you.” I looked at my teacher. His pale blue eyes looked down at me, his wrinkles increasing as he smiled. “Can you tell my dad I love him?” “Sure do, Liam, anything to make you happy. He’s been keeping me company up there.” 

I smiled. I had lost my dad four years ago, and Mr. Boham had helped me get through the time, telling me he has had enough time, he would still go anyway, I would see him one day again, and he has been battling cancer long enough. Would I have to go through the same thing again?

I watched as Mr. Boham took something out of his pocket. A little pouch. He handed it to me. “Only open this when you feel like you really need me. It’s for keepsakes.” He winked at me, showing the silver tooth in one of his top teeth. I’ll always remember this smile. I had something too. I pulled out a book from my pack. “This is the book you lent me. I forgot to give it back. Can we read it one last time together? I loved doing that when I was a kid.” 

“A long time ago…………………..”  I fell asleep to the calming tone of his voice. I dreamed us in the magic lab, laughing at the side effects of turning a cat into a mouse. The accident hadn’t happened, and it wasn’t going to. Mr. Boham performed a magic show for me, fireworks here and there, lighting up the dark room, just like how seeing him lighted up my heart. 

“Liam, wake up, I can’t leave you sleeping like this!” I rubbed my eyes. The stars shone brightly in the night sky. The dream had felt so real. I was disappointed that it wasn’t. “It’s time to say goodbye. If I don’t leave before dawn, I may disappear from your life forever. Remember, there’s side effects of a magic trick!” I hugged him tight. “I’ll miss you.” “No, you won’t, you’ll be busy turning into what you were meant to be, and I’ll be there teaching you.” I laughed. “Remember to come when I use whatever’s inside of the pouch, and tell my dad I love him!” “I will!” “Bye Mr. Boham.” “Bye Liam.”  

And with that, he faded away. Though I couldn’t see him, I felt his presence beside me. He will always live in my heart. Along with my dad. 

I set the pouch on my bag. This bag and moment was for keepsakes.

July 31, 2020 18:32

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