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I grew up in a small town with a lot of party hardy families.

We have parties for everything. Coming home parties. Going away parties, promotion parties, retirement parties, coming of age parties, going into the service parties, getting out of the service parties, church parties, hobby parties and just about anything you can think of there is a party every weekend. I do not know what started all the parties but, It was the greatest place on earth to grow up. While the adults did there thing the kids of different ages did there own things. When we were young kids we pranked everybody. Toilet papering trees, whoopie cushions, shock rings, shaving cream and whip cream fights We had more kind of party games than board games. Teenagers were into dancing, music, electronics, and skate boarding. Teens would figure a way to move to a different location which was less supervised of course. Grand parents joined in for bragging rights to the kids they claim as there own. They were the watchdogs for trouble between the groups. I sure it started as a way to make sure nobody was left out. I was a quite kid that always was willing to help. I was at every party every weekend. I was either helping set it up or helping clean up afterwards. This is different than then big cities were the hire help never get to participate. If you were the host or helping the host you were treated like royalty here. No one get left out period.

Now that you know the backdrop of this story let me tell you about my friends that are always called on when there is a party. It all started when we were teens. The town parents figure we were cheap labor and we were not doing other extra school actives. Parents know they can call on us because everyone else is busy. There are 8 of us who really like making parties work.

Jimmy, and Karla; David and Stella: Carl and Belinda: Kelly(Me) and Kellie. We were all close to the same age and had known each other our entire lives She was more mature than me but, younger in age. a lot more daring that I ever was.

Of course Kellie and I were the running joke since we had the same first name. Out of all the couples we were also the only ones never wanted to date each other. We like each other and shared a lot but, found we were too much alike the interest was just no there. We even pick going to the same college and that were things got weird.

The first year of college is a challenge. First you are away from everything you know. The choices of how you are going to live you life seam to be a lot easier. If you do not pick a frat group to be with they seam to come pick you. I got in a group who whole motto seem to be truth or dare. It was on one of those lets drink too much and get as many people as we can to come play this game with us that I found out why (Kelly and Kellie) were never a couple.

The party was going good and the rounds of questions were always about what you did with whom. Fact or fiction people could come up with some pretty kinky stuff. When Kellie came to set next to me her eyes told me she had way too much to drink. Then she was laughing at everything that was said which was not her normal. I was about the same place . Not to say I was too drunk to walk but, maybe to drunk to talk. The question came to us. Why did you too never hook up. Without even thinking about it I said "the truth was we were brother and sister and been adopted by different families when we were babies". Kellie laugh so hard she fell and knock herself out on the handrail leading up the stairs we were setting on. The whole room was yelling dare at this point. So we took Kellie up stairs and lay her out in my room. When everybody left I made sure she was breathing before I fell asleep on the couch.

The next morning with my head about the size of a watermelon the banging on the door sounded like a fire brigade. I open door to find my parent and Kellie parents standing in the doorway. Kellie got up and asked what are you all doing here? My parents were the first to speak. I know you too are friends but we need to share somethings with you. I look at the horror on Kellies Parents face. I spoke up "it is not what you think. She hit her head on the handrail and she sleep here to make sure she was alright. There is nothing else". My mom says thank God. Dad then ask me how long have I known about the adoption? At the same time Kellie and I speak up. WHAT ADOPTION ?

Turns out we are brother and sister. Our parents were killed when we were both babies, Child protective services decided the chances were better if we were adapted by different parents. The parents didn't even know each other until a lawyer showed up this spring with the last will and testament of our parents. They had left us a small estate in the mountains that are aunt had been taking care of.

So our real names are Kenneth and Rebecca Stout.

Our parents Charles and Edith Stout died in a car wreck but, we escape unharmed from seventeen years ago. Our adopted parents were issued birth certificates and had given us there family names.

The name Kelly and Kellie was a random choice. So when you meet that person in your life that you have so much in common with maybe there is a reason you are only friends.

August 13, 2021 20:10

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Francis Daisy
03:17 Mar 07, 2022

Strange twist! I wonder how often these things do happen...because it must, right? With adoptions one would never know if they were hooking up with a sibling or cousin or not.... Great story!


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