Lesbian LGBTQ+ Coming of Age

CW: Polyamory and some adult content


“You are not to see those girls anymore. Do you understand, Genevieve? I will not have our family’s reputation tainted by your behavior any longer. It is unacceptable. Your mother and I have had to clean up your mess and do damage control for the last time.”

Tick, tock. Tick, tock. The clock on my father’s desk was the only noise in the room until the thrum of the air condition kicked on. It saved the wretched thing from being swept off the desk onto the floor. Its only purpose was to serve as an intimidation piece. It just grated on my nerves.


“Excuse me?” My father reared back in his leather chair and stared at me in confusion. 

“I go by Genesis, not Genevieve.”

He stood and leaned across his desk. The vein at his temple throbbed as his face reddened. “Enough!” He pointed at the door. “Go to your room and don’t come out until dinner is ready. The Millers will be here at seven with their son, Josiah. You will wear a dress, and you will act like a lady and behave yourself or so help me, I will freeze your trust fund and void the lease on your apartment. As a matter of fact, you are to stay here until further notice.”

The only thing missing was the bang of a gavel on his desk. His final word was law.

He sat back down and began typing on his computer, effectively dismissing me.

My younger brother stood by the door in the hall when I came out. My father wouldn’t stop until he had a boy to carry on the family name, and now poor Jamie paid the price. “Well, what did he say?”

“I’m banished to my room until further notice.”

He followed me out the front door and to where I’d hidden my motorcycle behind the horse barn, afraid my father would see it and have it carted off. 

“What are you going to do?” he asked as I put on my leather jacket and helmet.

I knew my brother would never betray me. He and I were as close as any siblings could ever be, with only one year separating us. “I’m going to the apartment, pack my things, and then I’m going home to my girls.”

***Six months ago***

The event planner had outdone herself this time, and I had to admit the vineyard made a beautiful venue. 

A soft, slow tune played over the speakers as the bride and groom danced their first dance. The song spoke of love and forever. They stared into each other’s eyes and shared a kiss. I knew it was all for show.

I wanted the real version of that, but I’d resigned myself to being alone. My desires didn’t conform to society’s norms—nor my father’s.

My parents had set me up on dates countless times. Men in all shapes, sizes, and colors lined up, jockeying to win the hand of the Williams’ infamous wayward daughter—to be the one who tamed her.

What they didn’t understand was men had the wrong parts. Maybe if my father had thrown a few of the elite females in there, I’d have been a little more agreeable. But the real problem was no one else understood the urge to share my heart with more than one person. I’d tried to date, but each time I’d broached the subject of adding a third, they’d hit the door so fast I hadn’t even gotten to say goodbye. So, I stopped.

I clapped with everyone else when the song ended. A new tune started, and the bride shared a dance with her father—our father—and the groom with his mother. The photographers snapped dozens of pictures, and everyone smiled and hammed it up for the cameras. I rolled my eyes. The next wedding would be grander because everyone wanted to outdo the other.

The designer chiffon bridesmaid dress mother had insisted the bridesmaids wear scraped against my skin, and I resisted the urge to hike it up and scratch. It wouldn’t go over well. Father had already warned me to be on my best behavior.

I eyed the large table of appetizers and decided a drink was in order. My parents had spared no expense for this wedding. They had plenty of friends to impress, after all. As soon as I could escape, I would. It was not that I was opposed to weddings; it just brought to the forefront the reality that I was alone. I didn’t even have a plus one; It wasn’t allowed.

Plate and drink in hand, I searched for a table in the corner tucked away from everyone. Considering my sister was the bride, it would be in poor form for me just to leave, but I could hide away here until the chance came up to slip out.

“Excuse me. Would you like some champagne?” a soft feminine voice asked.  

When I looked up, my breath stalled in my chest. Wisps of black hair framed a heart-shaped face and a pair of stunning blue eyes.

She left me speechless.

“Are you okay?” Her brows drew together in concern.

“Oh, uh, no.”

“You’re not okay, or you don’t want any champagne?” She pursed her lips as if trying not to smile.

“No champagne. Thank you.” I mentally shook my head. Leave it to me to sound like an idiot.

“Okay. I’ll be back around in case you change your mind.” As cheesy as it sounded, her bright smile lit up the room. I had to know who she was.

“Wait! What’s your name?”

“Silva.” She gave a slight bow and another smile before turning to circulate the room with her tray.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off her for the rest of the night.

As the guests thinned, so did my patience. Even though I’d picked the most obscure corner, men still came to my table and stopped to chat or ask for a dance. If my father got wind of my rudeness to some of them, he’d have my hide, but I didn’t care.

For most of them, it was only a game. Who would be the one to break the wild child, to win her affections or just pop her cherry? I had news for them all. None. I wasn’t interested in men. Never was, never would be, much to my father’s dismay.

When I’d had enough and no longer spotted Silva, I plotted my escape. None of the guests even glanced at the kitchen. The help were beneath them. They didn’t care where the food or service came from, only that it kept coming, so I waited until some of the wait staff came out with more trays and slipped through the door.

The tone in here eclipsed the one on the other side of the swinging doors. Dishes clanged, and silverware rattled. People bustled around the kitchen, but it felt more festive with the cheerful banter and smiling faces than the frigid wedding outside. No one noticed me at first as a chef called out an order, and people hurried to do his bidding. They worked like a well-oiled machine but had fun doing it.

I spotted Silva whispering to another girl in the corner, heads pressed close together. Silva reached over and pushed the other girl’s dark hair behind her ear in an intimate gesture. My heart sank. Of course, someone like Silva would have a girlfriend or lover.

As if she felt my eyes on her, she turned, and her face lit up. She whispered something to the other girl. She took her hand and led her over to where I stood frozen.

“Hey. Did you need something?”

“Uh, no. Well, yes, I was looking for the exit.”

Silva laughed. “Had enough already?”

“You have no idea.”

“Well, our boss just told us things were winding down out there, so we can go if we want to. You’re welcome to come with us. We were talking about heading to a new bar down on Fifth Street.”

I looked down. “I don’t think I’m exactly dressed for a bar.”

Silva ran her eyes up and down my body in an almost physical caress, and I shivered. “Actually, I think we’re about the same size. I might have something you can wear in the car.”

“Okay.” I followed them to the parking lot. 

Silva unlocked a red Jeep Wrangler. “Oh, and this is Alejandra, my girlfriend.”

Alejandra winked a hazel eye at me. “And you are…?”

A flush worked its way down my body from my head to my toes. Somehow, I knew my life was about to change.

“Genesis. I’m Genesis.”

***Two Hours Ago***

I ran my fingers through Silva’s hair, loving the silky texture. Her head lay in my lap as we relaxed on the couch watching a mindless show and enjoyed each other’s company. 

Sundays were our rest days. Sometimes, I’d take each of them for a ride on my bike, but we usually hung around the house. Silva and Alejandra’s boss allowed them to take every Sunday off unless he had some big event and needed their help, but that wasn’t often. We’d use the day to lounge around and do nothing. Well, it usually ended up in the bedroom doing something. It was my favorite day of the week.

“Alejandra! Come lay down with us.”

“I’m coming.” She walked into the living room, arms ladened down with popcorn and beer. “We needed snacks.” She set everything on the coffee table. Silva picked up her feet for Alejandra to sit down, then plopped them in her lap.

I leaned over and placed a soft kiss on Alejandra’s lips. “Thank you, baby.”

“Hey! What about me?” Silva poked out her lip in a pout.

I bent over and popped two quick kisses on her lips, causing her to laugh.

I’d never been happier in my life than when I was with them. We’d hit it off right away, and as some would say, it was meant to be. It hadn’t taken long after the first night we met at the wedding to realize they were looking for a third, and I was looking for them.

Occasionally, we’d go out on a Saturday night to a nightclub or bar. People were always watching me, and I’d ended up on social media on more than one occasion; the rebellious daughter of the Williams tycoon seen out kissing and hugging two other girls. I’d even made the news once after punching a guy who thought we’d be into fulfilling one of his orgy fantasies. My father hadn’t been happy. I couldn’t care less.

The doorbell rang, and Alejandra jumped to her feet. “I’ll get it.”

I continued running my fingers over Silva’s scalp. She hummed in approval, and a flush of heat went through me. Maybe I could talk them into hitting the bedroom a little earlier tonight.

“Uh, Genesis. There’s someone here for you,” Alejandra called from the front door.

Silva sat up, and I walked to the foyer. Bruce, my father’s driver, stood in the doorway, glaring at Alejandra.

He didn’t waste time on pleasantries. “Your father wants you at the house immediately.”

I sighed. Whatever it was this time, I’d rather get it over with and get back home. I had an apartment I hardly ever stayed at anymore. Alejandra and Silva already had a house when we’d started dating, and I’d rather be with them. Moving in was just a formality.

“Tell him I’ll be there in an hour.”

“Your father has given me strict instructions, and I must insist you come with me.”

My temper flared. I was tired of being told what to do and who I should be. “I don’t give a shit about your instructions. I’ll go, but on my terms.”

He huffed and turned, pulling out his phone before he’d even reached the bottom step, no doubt telling my father of my refusal to ride with him.

Silva wrapped her arms around me from behind. “I don’t like it, Genesis. Let one of us go with you.”

“No. I don’t want either of you exposed to that toxic, dysfunctional mess. I’ll go, see what he wants and be home before dinner.”

Alejandra wrung her hands. I pulled her to me. “Hey, it’ll be okay. I promise.”

“I’m just afraid this will be the one time you’ll decide we’re not worth the trouble.”

“Hey, now. Don’t say that. I would give up the world for both of you. There’s nowhere I’d rather be.”


My father stood on the steps as I rode past the house, his red face and clenched fists a testament to his anger. I revved the engine and smiled. It was time I lived my own life without the shadow of being the disobedient and headstrong Williams’s daughter. I was going to live the way I wanted, and with whom I wanted, whether my father liked it or not. As I rounded the curve, I shot up my middle finger. 

My name was Genesis, and I didn’t ask for permission or forgiveness.

October 19, 2021 13:47

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Echo Sundar
22:04 Oct 23, 2021

Wow. Just wow this was absolutely amazing. The world needs more queer characters, poly characters more characters who don't fit the mold. This was so fun to read.


Katie Ingold
22:36 Oct 23, 2021

Aw thank you❤️. I hope I can provide at least a little representation of queer characters on here.


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Veronica M
22:38 Nov 30, 2021

Awww this is so sweet. I hope her dad leaves them alone.


Katie Ingold
23:16 Nov 30, 2021

Thanks! I can assure you he does lol.


Show 0 replies
Show 1 reply
08:48 Oct 26, 2021

I really enjoyed it. I can't get enough of the story.


Katie Ingold
11:33 Oct 26, 2021

Thank you! It's hard to keep it down below the maximum word count because there's so much to tell.


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Don Green
23:56 Oct 24, 2021

Really nice job. You have a way with painting a picture and drawing the reader into your character's motivations. Phenomenal. I read some of the other comments, and while I don't disagree that having diversity in representation is a very good thing, it only captures part of the point. I'm a middle-aged straight guy and this was just as relatable to me. My takeaway was the importance of having the courage to remain true to oneself, even when outside forces are trying to pressure you into doing otherwise. Haven't we all experienced that? If I ...


Katie Ingold
11:42 Oct 25, 2021

Thank you for your comment. It gives me hope that I'm doing something right by creating characters anyone can relate to regardless of our many differences and hopefully creating positive representations of diverse people who often go overlooked as well.


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Lisa Neuvelt
02:00 Oct 24, 2021

Wow. I don’t know what else to say. That was a great story.


Katie Ingold
11:09 Oct 24, 2021

Thank you!


Lisa Neuvelt
12:04 Oct 24, 2021

You’re welcome


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Akshara P
17:26 Oct 19, 2021

This was so fun to read! A great take on the prompt, with wonderful detailing and descriptions. I just wanted to keep on reading, and my smile dropped when I finished reading!! 💗


Katie Ingold
18:25 Oct 19, 2021

Thank you!


Genesis Martinez
13:43 Oct 21, 2021

I loved it


Katie Ingold
13:59 Oct 21, 2021

Yay! Maybe I can come up with something else on another prompt later.


Genesis Martinez
14:37 Oct 21, 2021

my girlfriends are happy and proud


Katie Ingold
16:55 Oct 21, 2021

Aww. I'm glad!


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