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The rain pour outside, droplets falling heavily on to the window ledge, it was just a typical April morning, the day before was bright sunshine, but the following day, the rain drizzled lightly in the morning then it began to get heavier. Each person arriving into the warm reception area, were satisfied that it was warm and dry enough, the receptionist greeting them before escorting them into the waiting area. There was a long corridor with pictures on the wall of famous composers, and chaise lounges heavily embroidered at each corner. They both walked in, to see them all seated, not a word coming out of their mouths. She walked in and motioned for her other half to follow. It wasn't that full, there were plenty of seats, but the she chose the two seats nearest the door.

"Why do we have to sit here, there's plenty of seats over there?"

"Ssh, we are sitting here and that is that."

"But we're going to be in everyone's way."

"Ssh, we are going to sit here," was her stern voice.

He had no choice but to give in to her. Trevor and Margaret were not your ordinary couple, she wore the trousers when it came to any decisions to be made. It was her decision to come to this place, he just wanted to leave it at that.

"I don't know what you're worried about, if it doesn't bother you then why should you worry," Trevor would complain to her and she would respond by,

"If I don't worry, then who would, If I were not here to worry, where would you be?"

To be sure it was better for Trevor to give in rather than argue about any situation. So, this day was when she noticed a strange mark on his back as he got out of the shower, which is why they are at the new doctor's surgery, recently opened. Little did Trevor realised, his wife had already transferred their details from the old clinic to the new one. The thing was, the newly opened surgery was about five miles further than their original surgery, where they had been with for almost a decade. Trevor only realised on the day that his details had already been transferred as soon as they reached the reception where she over took him,

"It's alright, I have our details, you don't need to do a thing."

"I don't believe you sometimes, this place..."

"Yes, this place is more us."

Inside the waiting area, were cushioned chairs all around the room, and a coffee table with a selection of magazines. While they sat near the door, a few feet away was a younger couple, next few feet away from them was a young woman and a small child, and the opposite direction was an old man. Trevor decided to get up to look at the magazines, not necessarily take one, but just to look.

Margaret, on the other hand was trying to get his attention, and each time she tried, she would get stares from the other people in the waiting area, it wasn't until Trevor became bored of looking at the magazines, then he began to walk back to his chair next to Margaret.

"I was trying to call you."

"I didn't hear you, what did you want?"

"Well, you're here now so it doesn't matter."

"Why were you trying to call me?"

"If you must know, I didn't want you to hover over the magazines, I was trying to tell you to get me one."

"If you want to get a magazine, just go and get one."

"If you were a gentleman, you would have brought a magazine for me."

"Well I'm not that sort of gentleman."

"I don't wish to get into an argument, you know this place is where the elite go."

"Really! I would never have guess."

"Oh, you wouldn't know these things."

"No dear, because I let you think for me." Trevor replied with a chuckle.

They sat in silence, the waiting room was filling up, only to get out of the rain and mostly because they had appointments. Moments pass when the nurse would come from one of the doors to announce a person's name, it was,

'Mrs Williams, the Doctor will see you now.'


'Mr Nero, the nurse will see you now.'

Each time a nurse came out, Trevor would look at them up and down, and then glance back at his wife,

"I know what you are doing."

"I'm not doing nothing."

"I know what you are doing, you cannot fool me."

"It is all in you mind."

"I'm watching you."

"I know you are, dear."

The names were being called, as everyone of them went their separate ways to the doctors' surgery, some reading magazines, others on their phones, and most were striking conversations with each other, but only Trevor and Margaret's names were not called. As they watched as all the people who were with them, have now been seen to and new people have entered and they were still seated, nearest the door.

"Are we in the correct surgery?" questioned Trevor.

"Do you think I would just turn up to a new surgery without checking in?"

"Yes, it is what you do best."

"I don't believe you, sometimes, you never give me any credit."

"I'm just concerned that we have now been waiting here for at least an hour now."

"I'm sure you will be next on the list."

"When someone comes out again, I am going to ask them about my appointment."

"No, you cannot do that."

"Why not!"

"It is not the way, this place is for the creme de la creme."

"All the more reason for me to ask them about me."

"You would do that, spoil the reputation for me."

"I just want to get out of here."

"But you have a fungus that needs attention."

"According to me it could be just a rash from...say...washing powder."

"You are not the expert... leave it to the experts."

July 10, 2020 17:53

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