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My name is Zack William; my job is a bone chilling job. I hunt ghosts, inspect paranormal activities and visit haunted houses to see what’s going on there. Most of the houses I visited had some common ghost sighting, (things flying off, seeing a shadow person, tiny orbs flying around the house, etc.) but the last house I visited was one of the scariest haunted houses.

First of all, “How did I become a ghost hunter?” Ever since I was a kid while living with my family, ghosts and poltergeists had really interrupted our family for 2 years straight. Fire alarms went on in the middle of the night, a shadow person, papers burnt (especially my homework), furniture flipping over, etc. So, that’s why I work as a ghost hunter. I want people to live by themselves without any interruptions by the ghosts.

Anyways, the story begins with a knock on the door of my office room.

“Knock, knock.” Someone knocked the door. “Come in, the door’s open!” I shouted as soon as I heard the knock on my door. The chief came in with a clipboard in his hand.

“Mr. William, I have a new case for you!” The chief said handing over the clipboard to me. “I’m always ready to help people chief, you can count on me!” I said without looking at the details on clipboard. “This isn’t a common haunted house. 5 of our teams rejected after 30 minutes there, but if you insist.” The chief said and left the room. I grabbed the clipboard and look at the details on the clipboard.

Name: Robert Jefferson, doctor, age 34, Emily Jefferson, doctor, age 33, Danny Jefferson, Student, age 13

Address: 702 Columbus RD.

Paranormal activities: *CODE RED*

Background history of the house: Last family of 4 went missing

Recent location of Jeffersons': Nearby hotel

I haven’t seen a code red as long as I can remember. Maybe because of it never happened. I packed the gadgets and gears I need and went to the van where I will be living until the case is over. I went to the entrance door with a backpack full of stuff. As soon as I touched the door handle, the chief called out to me.

“Mr. William, before you go I wanted to say something.” The chief said. “What is it?” I asked. “When you get there, you will find your coworker. His name is John Watterson.” The chief said. “I will be sure to meet him sir.” I left as I said that.

--2 hours later—

After 2 hours of driving, I felt tired. I got to the house and saw another person there waiting for me. He called me as I parked the van.

“Are you Mr. William?” He asked. “Yes, I am. You must be John.” I replied. “Yes, pleasure to meet you.” He said and we shake hands. “So, how long have you been here?” I asked John. “A few minutes ago actually. I found this note on the floor.” John said as he gives the note to me. It reads” Stay out of here. If you come in, you will regret it.” It was written in bad hand writing.

Before I go in, I take a look around the house. It was a 1 story house made with wood planks which are painted white. There is only one door which is at the front of the house. There are pieces of paper scattered around the lawn. The old tree at the front of the house has no leaves. From the two windows at the front of the house, I can see the living room and a kitchen. I asked John to come with me and help.

We opened the front door, it made a squeaking noise as we opened it. “John, switch on the lights while I plant cameras.” I whispered to John. I don’t want to make any noises in this house.

We can see the living room on the left and a small kitchen on the right. There is a long hallway leading to three doors. The master bedroom, another bedroom and the bathroom. It’s a small house.

I planted the cameras and sound detectors in every room of the house as John came with me turning on all the lights. “This is the last room John, turn on the lights.” I whispered to John. The lights started to flicker on and off as I planted the last camera. We both looked back at the front door as the wind pushed the door open, carrying the pieces of paper we saw outside. The papers formed into a word on the floor saying “I warned you!” The lights turned off and the windows are closed. we can only see the front door which is reflected by the sun light.

“Run John, run!” I cried. We both run to the van and drove it to down town. I started the engine and drove as fast as I can until we got to down town.

“Mr. William, are you okay?” John asked. “I’m fine, you?” I asked. “I’m fine.” John replied. “That was one strong spirit. I’m not going to give up that easy.” I said to John. I'm completely terrified, but I still want to clear that house. "I’m a bit scared, but I will give it one more try, I guess.” John said.

That night, we came back to the house. We parked the van on the other side of the road. The right side of the van was facing the house; from the front and the back of the van, we can see the dim light road.

“It’s 9:30, we can get a closer look on the ghost and maybe even hunt it down.” I said to John. John was looking at the cameras and the sound detector. I can see he was really concentrating on catching the ghost on camera.

The wind was cold outside and very dark. I was at the front of the van fixing the thermal camera. Minutes later I saw a man walking across the road. I took a closer look at the person and found out he was a soldier with a firearm. He walked pass the dumpster which covered his whole body. I waited for minutes to see if he would come out but he never did. So, I decided to check it out.

“John, I’m going to that dumpster over there really quick!” I said to John as I put on my coat and made my way outside the van to go and investigate. I stepped out of the van and felt the cold breeze of the night. I felt cold and scared; I slowly made my way to the dumpster. As I approached to the dumpster, the street lights began to flicker and turn off. I felt something touching me from behind so I quickly looked back and saw nothing. I quickly looked back to the dumpster and found a man standing one leg. He looks like a normal man but only has one leg. I froze in fear, he was jumping right to me with his only leg, I quickly turned around and run for my life.

I didn’t look back, John was shouting at me, telling to come inside. He saw the creature behind me. I made my way in the van and I start the engine. “Step on it!” John cried. The one leg man was in front of the van, pointing behind us and quickly hopped away. We stared at each other and looked back to see a giant 9 foot tall man crouching inside the van, covering our only exit. John pounded the front windshield of the van to break it open.

The man was getting closer, I give the windshield a hard pound and it broke to pieces. We jumped out of the van and run to a safe place.

 After a few days, I went to my office and went into the chief’s room. I opened the door without knocking. “What is it Mr. William, everything alright there?” The chief asked. “I have bad news, can I quit the Job?” I asked and never returned after that bone chilling experience.

July 22, 2021 07:42

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Aung Bhone Myat
06:06 Dec 14, 2021

I really love the story! And I also like your other story The choices I make. But I like this story more. Keep it up!


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Ye Wint Aung
07:44 Jul 22, 2021

The ghost sighting in this story are real ghost sightings my family and I encountered. Anyways, thanks for reading!


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