The Terrible Age

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Adventure Fantasy Romance

" Ash - ta - ta lum, Ash - ta - ta dum, Ash - ta - ta lum dum bona " recited the witch and began his most important ritual. His name was Eliphas. He was one of the greatest Witch the world has ever known. He decides to fulfill his most ambitious wish to rule the weakling humans. He had evil helpers to do his job. To achieve his ambitious goal, the evil spirits instructed him to create 'vampires' and with its help he would restrain the people to be his slaves. 

"Eliphas!! you have to bath me in your daughter's blood, in order to create a vampire.!!! And to attain tremendous power." replied the evil god.

"But remember that you can create only one vampire in 12 years. If you fail to do it, you must wait for 12 more dreadful years." said the evil god. And also showed him an illustration of a young man named Divino to be his first transformer.

      The very next day, Witch came to Divino's house being invisible. It was the first day of college, he was dressing up, "Do I look handsome?" he asked himself looking at the mirror.

"Aaahh Yes! I do look handsome today!" He said to himself. "Divino, Be careful sweety!!, " said his mother and bid him good bye. "Bye, mom. I'm departing,..Yeah sure mom I will be careful." After closing the front door, the mother rushes inside and knelt down before the statue of Jesus and prayed for the protection of her only son. The words of the monk replayed in her mind at the time when her only son was born,

   "You have to be very careful, at the Time of your child's 18th birthday, It's a crucial age for him, he would he killed or he would kill many.The world may end 'cause of him'!!!. But dont worry their is always a solution. And for him its a girl! But mind it that he should be at his strongest emotional state."

   With fear in her heart, she did her duties. On the other side, Divino reached his new college.

  "Hey Sreedhar, glad to see you here!" said Divino.

Even during Divino's conversation, the witch Eliphas was invisibly near him and watched every moment of Divino. Sreedhar was so happy seeing Divino in the same college.

   "Divino, did you both came together?" asked Sreedhar.

    "What??? What are you blabbering?" asked Divino

    "Oh, you didn't know?, I was saying about Andrea!"

   " What !!!!!! Andrea!!!!!

    Here ?????" asked Divino with exaggeration. Andrea was their classmate when they where at school.

   Divino had an allure towards Andrea from his childhood, but he didn't have the courage to express his feelings to her and made up his mind to do it as soon as possible. Once their chat was over the witch disappeared from that place.

    They both searched for Andrea in many areas of the college. Eventually, they found Andrea walking with her new friends, in the Bsc fashion technology wing. Andrea, was a uniquely talented person. She smiled and moved pass Divino.

   "She smiled......" said Divino happily.

 He was madly smiling thinking about Andrea. Divino didn't sleep the whole day, he was thinking about her and was very eager to her the next day.

  The next day he dressed up and went early to college. The witch Eliphas followed him invisibly. Knowing that Andrea was Divino's saviour, Eliphas made her ill. Divino searched Andrea everywhere in the college.

" Did you see Andrea today asked Divino to Amelia, Andrea's friend.

"No, she is ill," said her friend Amelia

" why ? what happened"? 

" I don't know" replied Amelia and moved.

 Divino was worried about Andrea. He longed to see her. Her absence made him feel for her more. The next Monday, knowing that Andrea will attend college that day,he was eager to see his love. She came and he talked with her as usual and then he decided that it was the right time to express his feelings.    " Andrea" looking at her eyes he said.

Knowing the mood change she asked, " Divino...What happened? 

" Nothing...hhmmm...that is... I need you, I'm in love with you" he said holding her hands.

She was stuck, and said " Aahhh, even i too love you!" He jumped with happiness and his dream come true.

 They shared everything with each other. Andrea designed several dresses for her practicals and it was inspired by everyone. Divino was so satisfied with his life and said about her to his mom, she asked him to bring her home. One day Divino took her to his home and introduced her to his Mom. His Mom talked with her for a while. In his absence beliving that she is the woman the monk mentioned, she said to her ,

 Please protect my son! And informed her about the monk's words. Hearing those words she left the house with a painful heart. That day she decided to be his soul, to be with him in every happiness and sadness. She started noticing every moment of him and his behaviour. 

   One day, on Divino 's way back to his house, the witch Eliphas appeared in front him, caught him by hand and dissapeared along with him to his cave, saying "Ash ta - ta lum, Ash ta - ta dum, Ash ta - ta lum dum bona". When Divino opened his eyes, he saw that he was in a cave, his hands and legs were tied. There were ritual items around him, there was a star like drawing in the middle of the cave, and in the middle of the drawing a small fire was placed, there were skulls placed everywhere in the cave, he understood that something was wrong. 

  In jerk, the witch appeared in the cave with a sacrificing knife in his one hand and in another, he had a young girl child. The person wore a long black robe and also had a terrifying look.

"Daddy!... Please leave me...Please... Daddy... " 

But he gave no ears to the child's plea, tied her along with Divino. Eliphas started doing the ritual. He untied the child from Divino and dragged the child near the star like drawing and without mercy, cut the head of the young girl with the knife. 

" NOOOOO...." screamed the child.

The blood of the innocent child, spilled everywhere, the drawing was drenched in the child's blood, few on the robe of the witch, some fell on the fire, blood turned to vapours producing 'hhhssss' like sound, few drops fell on Divino's face. He was totally taken back by the act of the child own damn father. He was totally agitated by this scene, his adrenaline rushed, something was happening was happening inside him. He knew he was changing, he is forgetting what he is, the eyes of the witch is slightly becoming captivating. As time goes, he is now fully in control of the witch. The witch let him free so that those who he bite will be just like him and there by be slaves to him. After few hours he met Andrea. Looking at Andrea something in him was fighting, Though he wanted to bite her he wasn't able to cause of his true love. Divino fought with himself he came near Andrea's neck and withdrew himself. . Andrea looking and analyzing his appearance knew something was wrong. She touched his hands, felt something different. She bid bye to him and moved.The words of his mom repeated again and again in her mind.

       She read out many books. Analyzing all the behaviour of him and with the details given in the book she came to a conclusion that he has became a vampire. And was relived that their was also a solution given in the book, a rare flower which blooms once in 12 years, Kurinji which will found in Nilgiri hills. She searches in the net about this flower and looks at the details in it. She looks in the web about the last bloom of the flower and was happy to know that it blooms that week after a long gap of 12 years. Not knowing what to do, she informed the details to Divino's friend Sreedhar. They made a plan to somehow restrain Divino and to bring the flower. Sreedhar took the job of restraining Divino. After studying the weekness of Vampire he used blood as a bait and lured him to a room and looked him in their untill Andrea returns. Andrea on other hand, leaving everything behind set her travel to the hills. Getting bit by leeches and ants she makes her way to the blooming flower. Half way to the mountain she falls down. She decides to give up but the thought of loosing her other made an immense pain in heart which made her strive furthur . The more she goes towards the flower, the more excruciating is the journey. But he will never gave up. For her love and for the world she strives forward. On the midnight, without giving a rest to herself she reaches the top of the mount. On the glowing moonlight she sees a blue hue in the deep of the mountain. Moves forward with much enthusiasm she reaches the flower. She sees the most beautiful flower. She plucks it , there is a energetic flow in her body. She is hyper. With the same hyper in her system she comes back to her place. Knowing that Divino wont hurt her, she goes inside the room where Divino was locked. The moment the door was unlocked Divino jumps on Andrea and waa about to bit her to death, but the eyes of Andrea stopped him. There was an internal struggles going inside Divino. Andrea silently takes the flower's portion in her hand and places it on Divino's lips. He licks his lips out of thirst for blood. Suddenly he looses his balance and falls on Andrea. Andrea tries to wake him up, but he is unconsicious Sreedhar helped Andrea to stand, then they both carried him to his home. His mother was worried sick of him. Only after seeing him she waa relieved. But she was schoked to see him in unconsicious state. Andrea explained everything to her and the mother cries, " Thankyou Jesus for protecting my child".

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